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Dr. Jurgen Klien, a scientist and naturopath. Along with his wife, Ulrike, who is a horticulturist, he founded the Jurlique company in 1983. Jurlique is a natural plant-based arrangement of products that relies on herbalism, aromatherapy, and homeopathy for their different combinations.

In order to produce pure and organic products, the Kliens have two different organic farms. Both of these farms are located in Southern Australia. The products are available on line as well as in over 15 countries. The philosophy of Jurlique, as a company, is posted on their website: “Purity, Integrity and Care.” This is the image that Jurlique, as a company, wishes to project.

Product Details

At the heart of Jurlique is a five-step plan. The company does recognize that some people might be in a hurry, and these five steps can be reduced to three if necessary. This can be a good thing if you live a busy lifestyle.

The five-step plan is cleansing, balancing and hydrating, exfoliating, tone and hydrate, moisturize. For the purposes of this article we will focus on the products that complete this five step regimen.

First step: Cleansing.

There is the Foaming Facial Cleanser for all skin types. This cleanser is to be used on face and neck, but avoid the eye area. There are no lists of ingredients for what is in this product.

Second Step: Hydrate and Balance.

There are several different Aromatic Hydrating Complexes (AHCs). We will be using the Rosemary and Sage AHC for our sample product. This product is a water-soluble essential oil that is a pre-treatment prior to deep cleansing.

Third Step: Exfoliation.

Face Wash Cream. This cream is for gentle exfoliation of the face.

Fourth Step: Tone and hydrate.

Rosewater Freshener. This is a spritz that has aloe and rosewater in the ingredients. You should use this prior to moisturizing.

Final (fifth) Step: Moisturizing

Day Care Face Lotion. This lotion has herbal extracts like Calendula, daisy, and horsetail. It contains unlisted botanical extracts as well.

The Good

  • These products are all available on-line and in retail stores.
  • The focus of the company is natural and balanced skin care.
  • A scientist, not just an entrepreneur with no scientific background, developed the line.

The Bad

  • The website does not give us the chance to view the full list of ingredients for each product.
  • We can’t be sure if it was a website problem or not, but when trying to locate some of the items, they did not come up on the screen for viewing.
  • It takes a while to navigate through the website to find exactly which products you want. This can be arduous.
  • While the three-step regimen is offered, it can be frustrating to think you’re not getting the best possible results from this product line. However, five steps is definitely a lot to ask from a busy user.

The Bottom Line

We like that Jurlique cares about the environment and is organic. There is a lot to be said for products that are based in plant and botanical extracts. However, a warning flag does go up when a company males “all natural” claims but does not disclose their full list of ingredients for each product. We’d like to see if they uphold their philosophy about natural products in their full ingredient lists. This is important to many consumers. Jurlique does offer a lot of information on the founders and specifics about their organic farms. Jurlique could be an alternative for those searching specifically for organic and natural products.

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  1. I have a question is it same to use Jurlique new pure white skin brightening cream if you are not caucasian. I have a black mum and a white dad but I do have some dark spots but I’m worried that the cream will cause pigmentation.

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