Juice Beauty Review


Juice Beauty was created by two women from California who have a passion for organic juices and who believe that following an organic lifestyle shouldn’t just apply to what you put in your body, but what you put on it as well. Juice Beauty products claim to be up to 95% certified organic and to use a “powerful patent pending organic juice base”. Juice Beauty’s team of researchers search every corner of the world for pure organic ingredients that are full of anti-oxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and hydroxy acids.

The Juice Beauty website is very information oriented, which we like, and aims to answer any questions you may have about organics and the beneficial claims associated with them. There is a lengthy question and answer area as well as many testimonials from previous satisfied customers.

There seems to be a very good return policy in place but it is only valid for a two week period. The products aren’t extremely expensive and they can be purchased directly from the official website, so you won’t have to find a special store or authorized dealer like some other products require. A handy feature of the Juice Beauty website is the “Product Solution Wizard” which will recommend a 4-step treatment program based on your skin type and the results you are looking for.

Product Details

Every product that is for sale on the Juice Beauty website comes complete with a product description, usage instructions, and a complete list of ingredients. Though it’s hard to find an actual anti-aging product from Juice Beauty, there are many products that appear to be beneficial for the skin. There is a full green apple line that consists of facial peels, eye creams, and anti-oxidant serums.

Some common ingredients in Juice Beauty products are apple, lemon, and grape juices as well as DMAE, hyaluronic acid, and hydroxy-acid. Many of these are known to have anti-aging properties for your skin and contain tons of beneficial anti-oxidants.


The Good

  • All natural and organic ingredients are used in all the products.
  • Very informative site that explains organics very well.


The Bad

  • The return policy is only for a two week period, which is a short time to evaluate most products.
  • The manufacturer recommends using a 4-step regimen which quadruples the price and can be very time consuming.
  • The product solution wizard doesn’t have room for very many options.

The Bottom Line

Organic products are gaining appeal every day for their beneficial anti-oxidants, as well as lack of pesticides and other chemicals. Juice Beauty capitalizes on the current organic trend nicely by offering some interesting products that are almost 100% organic. Juice Beauty products do contain some proven wrinkle fighters but it’s unknown just how well they work together, especially with so many other ingredients present in the products. If you are into organic skin care, it’s hard to beat Juice Beauty but if you want a very powerful wrinkle solution, you might keep looking around.

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