Jiaoli Night And Day Cream Review

Are you curious about the details surrounding Jiaoli Night and Day Cream?

Jiaoli Night and Day Cream is a popular product with no dedicated website. You can purchase it through obscure websites and there’s information on Facebook, but you don’t have much to go on. There is no guarantee from the company, but we did find a refund policy for one website selling the cream.

What is Jiaoli Night and Day Cream?

Also referred to as Jiaoli Miraculous Cream, this Chinese solution is aimed at promoting the overall health and look of skin. Ingredients include xiong guo gan, fruit acid, crocus, pearl powder, pollen, the placenta element of sheep and essence of aloe. This is clearly not a complete list, so we’re not sure if there are any irritants or parabens in the mix.

Quick Facts on Jiaoli Night and Day Cream

  • There is no official website.
  • The product may not be made in the US.
  • It looks like it is only sold via international companies.
  • A complete list of ingredients is not available.
  • One ingredient, the placenta element of sheep, leaves us leery.
  • There is a strong fragrance.
  • May cause burning and irritation.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Jiaoli Night and Day Cream?

“This one causes us hesitation from the start,” says our Skincare Editor. “There is no complete ingredient list, it contains something from a sheep placenta, it is not sold from the US and no mainstream beauty websites sell it. These factors are more than enough for us to throw the red flag.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

The only issue we found mentioned in customer reviews and product literature deals with skin irritation. There are very few testimonials or comments to go on.

Based on customer experiences:

  • “When I apply this cream I feel some stinging, burning & some peeling of the skin.”

One retail website says:

  • “You may feel a slight hot sensation, tingling, tightening, or reddening in areas where you have applied the cream. This is a normal phenomenon, a sign that the Jiaoli cream is taking effect. You may take Vitamin C and E or anti-sensitive medication if it is serious. Or you may cover your face with a cold wet towel.”

Are We Sold on Jiaoli Night and Day Cream?

The simple answer is no. There is too little information and the utter lack of reviews leaves us questioning whether or not the product actually does anything. There’s also the warning of skin irritation from websites that sell Jiaoli Night and Day Cream. If the product description includes a warning, that’s not a good thing.

What Do We Like Better Than Jiaoli Night and Day Cream?

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17 thoughts on “Jiaoli Night And Day Cream Review”

  1. how can we determain if the jaoli is fake or not fake. who are the officials ditributors in this product.

    1. There seems to be alot of fake jiaoli around. The original sellers have stopped selling this product. Does anyone know of a website selling the originla product. I recently purchased it, but think it maybe fake as it is not working.

    2. I been ordering it from Skin perfect essentials and I’ve seen extremely great results. The box will have a sticker with a code when you peel it, it should read GENUINE. Just google Jiaoli and it will explain.

  2. I want to use jiaolo night and day but i am scare cause of they contain mercury is that true. please confirm or prove me. PLEASE

  3. I buy this product but there is no translation in english which one is for the day and which one is for the night,two jars, one is white and one is yellow.

  4. How would I be able to know which one is for day and which one is for night? have anyone confirm that mercury is an ingredient in Jiaoli cream? How would I know which one is the real product?

  5. the cream is available in jeddah. i bought it for 20sr (like 5 dollars) it works like magic. I am however scared of the mercury risk so I will discontinue use.

  6. What would happen if pregnant women used Jiaoli cream?I am a pregnant woman and had used this cream during my preganancy. So, i worry for my baby. How this cream can effect my baby?

  7. I’ve tried to use it for a month. I was religious in applying it day and night. At first, I felt the burning sensation right after I apply the cream but I don’t mind it anyway because maybe that was the expected effect of the product. The Night Cream was of color yellow which will make your skin hepatitis looking after the application and it was sticky and thick in texture. Haha. A month after using it, I felt nothing has changed! I just noticed that creepy black heads suddenly popped out anywhere! For some they said it was effective, but for me I wouldn’t give it a try again. I recommend to use kojic soaps and cream. Those were safe and effective.☺

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