Jamieson Laboratories Review


Jamieson Laboratories is a long established Canadian Company that was founded in 1922. This brand manufactures a wide range of skin care products, as well as general health vitamins and supplements. The Skin Care Pro Vitamin range by Jamieson Laboratories includes a number of anti-aging products, such as the Retinol Night Renewal Cream, and the Jamieson Laboratories Anti Wrinkle Eye Contour Cream. The official website for Jamieson Laboratories gives product details on all of the anti-aging products within their range.

Product Details

The anti-aging skin care products within the Jamieson Laboratories range cannot be ordered directly from the official website. The website does, however, provide links to online shops from which you can order their range of products. There are no price details given on the official website.We are, however, given some product information. We are told that the Jamieson Laboratories One Hundred Per Cent Vitamin E Cream will renew and protect the skin. Certainly we do know that Vitamin E has beneficial qualities for the skin. We are given no information, however, as to what distinguishes this product from the whole host of other anti-aging products for sale which contain Vitamin E.

The official website tells us that the Anti Wrinkle Eye Contour Cream contains Pro Collagen Peptides and Botanical Extracts and that it will improve the skin elasticity around the eyes and reduces wrinkles. We are not, however, given any precise information regarding the precise in the cream, nor are we given the exact name of the botanicals present. We do know, of course, that peptides play an important role in the synthesis of collagen, however there are now a whole host of other anti-aging products for sale that contain peptides. Another product in the Jamieson Laboratories anti-aging range is the Retinol Night Renewal Cream, which we are told is fortified with Vitamin A to stimulate your skin and aid cellular renewal. Of course this is not the only anti-aging cream available which contains Vitamin A.

The Good

  • We are told that the products in the Jamieson Laboratories range are 100% natural.
  • None of the products contain parabens.
  • There is an official website.

The Bad

  • There are no price details given.
  • Some products lack precise ingredient details.
  • The anti-aging products that contain Vitamin A are not suitable for those who are pregnant or suffer from any kind of liver disorder.
  • The Jamieson Laboratories anti-aging products are not the only natural anti-aging products available in the broad anti-aging market.

The Bottom Line

Those who are searching for 100% natural anti-aging products may be attracted by those in the Jamieson Laboratories range due to the fact that it is a long established brand. However we have no evidence that they are superior to other all-natural anti-aging products for sale.


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