Jafra Review

Curious about how Jafra really works?

Jafra is a large line of skincare products with options to cleanse, moisturize and treat. The company behind Jafra was started in 1956. The official website sells the products, but you can also purchase them from third-party retailers like Amazon.

What is Jafra?

Jafra is a beauty company that offers skincare solutions. Some of the ingredients are listed for each product, but you do not have access to the full list. We didn’t see any instructions or mentions of how long you’re supposed to use the formulas before seeing results.

Quick Facts on Jafra

  • You only have 30 days from the purchase date to return.
  • A complete list of ingredients is not offered.
  • There is only a contact form to reach Jafra customer service.
  • The company has more than 50 years in the business.
  • You can buy fragrance and makeup in addition to skincare.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s Take?

“We have to approach every company the same way,” says our Skincare Editor. “With Jafra, we’re concerned that the ingredient list is not complete. There could be irritants in there.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

The two problems we found time and again deal with texture and lack of results. It’s always difficult to wrap your head around a product based on reviews, because there are always good and bad.

People with texture issues said:

  • “If you have oily skin this would work, if you have dry or very dry forget it because this has firming stuff in it that zaps the moisture right out of your skin.”
  • “It comes out like Vaseline.”

Oiliness doesn’t appear to be a problem for all.

  • “It goes on light, doesn’t make my skin feel greasy.”
  • “This does not leave an oily residue on the skin.”

Results were another concern.

  • “Have not seen a change in my skin yet.”
  • “It is not as good as the original formula.”

Others did see the results they were looking for.

  • “It leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft.”
  • “This product was up to my expectations.”

Is it Time to Order Jafra?

Should we head over to the website to buy up Jafra products? Well, there are some good ingredients in the formulas that can smooth and fight the signs of aging, but we are hesitant to recommend the line. We didn’t find all the details on what’s inside, so there could be irritants. We’re also concerned with the negative reviews and the lack of results experienced by some.

What Do We Like Better Than Jafra?

Our top pick in 2016 is an anti-aging product called BioGeniste. This formula is packed with clinically tested ingredients and the product reviews are amazing.

Click here to learn more about BioGeniste.

38 thoughts on “Jafra Review”

  1. Hi,

    Im Jafra customer. If the customer has questions on what is it they are placing on their faces, all they have to do is just ask their consultant. They would be more than happy to explain what is it that the product contains.

    1. Thank you, Aileen! You are right! That goes along with answers to the money back guarantee. Just ask! Jafra created this business with high quality products so that women could stay at home with there kids. There wouldn’t be much of a business, if everyone could just order off the interenet. That’s why we do parties. It’s more fun and personal anyway. But the most important thing we stress is NOT to pressure anyone to purchase anything! So, I don’t know what consultant you had, or where PL got this info, but that is certainly not true.
      I hope that in the future, the writers of this article have a MUCH better experience with the Jafra products, and more importantly, with any Jafra consultants! I, for one, would LOVE to answer any questions. 🙂

      1. Guinot is essentially a skin care line that was developed with spa treatments as a model. These products are focused on anti-aging and youthful radiance. Although they offer a considerable amount of skin treatments for the face and body, their official website is lacking. Potential customers will not only have trouble acquiring the products without going to the spa anyway, but they can’t even see what sort of prices they’re sold for in these “finer” salons and spas. Another downfall of this website is the fact that it lacks ingredient lists and testimonials. There is really nothing for consumers to go on other than the notion that Guinot has been in the business for over 40 years. In the end, it may be wise to choose a skin care regimen that offers more information and a money-back guarantee.

  2. Hi, Jafra is not Botanical its Ayurvedic- focus on harmony and a bodily balenced system. Moreover I’m afraid its not at all old news, in fact you forgot to mentioned Jafra’s key Product line- ROYAL JELLY which is used to maintain a youthful appearance by working directly with your skin’s cells in oder to keep them behaving younger! Avon or Mary Kay does not offer Such unique product line, nor do they offer an amazing infant care line, adolesence skin care line , and Man skin care line all which JAFRA DOES Offer and MORE! There’re plenty new school in Jafra, Just Find out More, start by trying it out! xoxox

    1. AVON does in fact offer an anti-aging line called Anew which is in itself broken down into families by skin needs. They have 4 families plus a Clinical version and ALL are cheaper than the Royal Jelly treatment. Plus they actually show you the years of research, testing, and ingredients are listed on the back of each item.

  3. I tried selling AVON. Within the first 5 months of doing it, I was the 5th TOP seller in our district. I could NEVER make any $$ because I had to invest every penny I might have made, into selling tools. It ended up costing me more than $1000. My family NEEDS extra income, not to have something COST US!! How is Jafra (by the way, I have never herd of the company before!!) any different?

    1. Yes Jafra is a lot much better, I tried Avon myself and It did’t work for me, I am a jafra consulant now, with Jafra you make 50% profits, Be your own boss, choose your own hours, earn fantastic income, work from home, earn rewards and trips, it is amazing, during May 1-31, 2011 we have 2 Great ways to join jafra our starter special for just $35 ad the $60 entre opportunity The #1 way to turn dreams into realityis through Jafra Parties. The regular entry provides the party essentials and the complete Unlock Your Dreams Trainin Kit.

      1. Mary, I have been out of JAFRA for close 10 yrs. I would like to find out what changes have they done since the purchase by german owners. I can not find that much info on the internet neither publications. do they still offer the wonderful carrying/cosmetic bags? I appreciate your info. thanks

  4. Things have changed a bit with Jafra! We now have two starting kit, a $99 starting kit, which include everything you need to start your business, and a $49 kit (this is mostly for old consultants that have not been active for a while). The products are wonderful! I really recommend Jafra! The Rewards Are Endless
    As a JAFRA Consultant, not only will you earn extra income, but you’ll have
    the opportunity to earn fabulous trips, amazing gifts and attend world-class meetings.
    You can also turn your JAFRA activities into rich rewards, by selling JAFRA products,
    sponsoring others, and promoting to leadership, your personal transformation is endless.

  5. Jafra has worked on the wrinkles around my eyes like nothing I’ve ever tried before. And I’ve tried products which are far more expensive. Also, they have a 30 day money back guarantee, and are very forthcoming about it, so you should correct your mistake in this review.

  6. I recently used the •Hydrating Moisture Replenishing Cream SPF 15 and it has burned my face. It has been 6 days and it is still red. I have never had a problem before, and i use your moisturizing cream nightly. Did they change something on the cream? I am very upset….

  7. I have been a JAFRA Consultant for 5 months now and love their products and how the company offers incentives but is not in your face to sell/recruit.
    Also, like Laura, reader 3 said, I was with Avon for 4+ years and I never made much profit because you are constantly having to purchase brochures etc.
    JAFRA’s seasonal brochures are good for 60 days and the main brochure with complete product line is good for a year! And they are very affordable.
    While JAFRA is working on implementing a new e-commerece system, overall I am thrilled to be a part of the JAFRA family and I’m not alone.
    Most consultants stay with JAFRA for decades, not months so I know I’ve made a great career decision and I feel proud to offer JAFRA products. Plus I want to build a team with JAFRA, something I never even considered with Avon.

    I hope this helps potential customers and/or those interested in joining a direct sales company make an educated choice.

    Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance!

  8. I have been a Jafra Consultant for 32 years and know the product quality is much higher than others. I have tried others periodically and have been allergic, getting itchy blotches. I am happy with the texture and look of my skin using Jafra and using Royal Jelly for 33 years now. No one ever guesses my age. These products speak for themselves. This is what made me decide to become a consultant way back in 1981. I will be a Jafra Consultant till I am 90 or pass away, whichever comes first.

  9. Hello All,

    Thank you for your comments and feedback. JAFRA has a 56-year history of creating innovative, quality products that are backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee. Our company is built on an incredible history and we are dedicated to our marketplace, our products and our commitment to excellence.

    The global direct selling industry is sized at over $132 billion in estimated retail sales, generated by over 87 million individual direct sellers around the world. One of the benefits of shopping through direct selling is the ability to try products before buying, in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Even better, customers can ask for tips and ingredients information from knowledgeable personal consultants.

    JAFRA is a member of the Direct Selling Association, which requires companies to abide by a strict Code of Ethics that’s designed to protect consumers and consultants from unethical business practices and consumer service.

    Our mission is to enable women and their families to realize their full potential by sharing unparalleled personal development and income opportunities, quality beauty products and our passion to serve our customers.

    Best regards,

    JAFRA Cosmetics International, Inc.

  10. I’m in my 70s and use JAFRA daily. My skin looks so soft and smooth because it is. No alergic reactions. Excellent products reasonably priced.

  11. I have tried to submit information to a consultant but it keeps telling me the “code” is incorrect! I was a Jafra Consultant 30 years ago but list track of them when I had to quit to go to work full time. I live in Colorado and would like a consultant close by to contact me.

  12. Hi I was recently introduce to jafra products by a consultant. She showed me the products for the face to help with aging. I asked for samples to try for a week or two to see if the products really work before purchasing. I am one of the millions of women that can’t really afford to purchase the product if it doesn’t work for me. She said she’s been using jafra for years and yes her skin was soft and she was pretty but she was young. My question is does jafra have samples of the beauty products or a trial package that I can afford before I buy at full price. If someone can help me with this I would really appreciate.

    1. Fabiana, I have been using Jafra since I was 18 years old. The trial sample is a 2 week supply. I think you will see results with a trial sample but I truly believe that anyone who buys skin care products needs to stay with product for a long time to life, not just going from one product to another. The girl that introduced you to Jafra, if SHE stays with the product will look the same with being gently aged. I am 61 years old and no one believes that!! Having skin care products in your life is a life long deal like buying water and food. So you must budget if you want to be beautiful like I am in my 60’s.

  13. I would like to know why I never received a response back regarding your products in a trial package. Before I purchased for the full price I would really like to try your products. Thank you.

  14. I’m highly interested to selling Jafra make up and would like to know more about the foundations and how well they cover.

  15. i bought 2 containers of the baby skin cream, well i thought i was getting the same thing i got before, but my daughterinlaw and daughter w/ the new baby said, mom we can hardly get this stuff out of the tube??? i had no idea, it’s been over 2 months since i purchased it, from a director no less, i don’t know where she obtained it, i can’t find her again online don’t remember her name. this is what i do not like about this thing, i think people buy products that might sell fast and stock up, it sits on their shelf and then they sell it, there is no exp date, therefore you never know do you, now i have to find a way to track her down, obviously i can’t even exchange because it’s been 60 days, my relatives thought it was supposed to be that way, and i looked and it isn’t, that’s why nothing was said to me, well all i know is i spent close to 40 dollars which included tax and probably shipping and they’ll never use it again, she’s never called me, to see if i liked it, do i want more product and she’s been doing this she had said about 18 yrs, i wish i could remember i guess i’ll have to use my minutes and try to track her down by calling the company and see if she knew these containers were old, so embarrassing

  16. Fabiana they have a trial package with their different skin type line. It comes with cleaner, toner, night creme and morning mosturizer. I did two kits and now Im hooked 🙂 the kits are sample travel size.

  17. I used the day moisturizer (used to be called Royal Moisture Creme) for 40 years. They took it out of the jar and put it into a little tube. Supposed to be the same amount but looks half the size, and there is waste when tube gets low. Is there any chance they will correct this, put it back in the jar?

    1. Yes, the royal moisture cream which they took out of their line is replaced with a new formula day cream in a tube. I have complained about the tube packaging to my manager. I hate any of their products being in a tube. Of course it will be less unless you do what I do. When you get at the end you do not throw it out. You cut the tube in half and you will see that there is over 2 weeks of cream left. Even though this is a pain to do, I put tin foil over the cut tube and put it in a plastic bag so the product doesn’t dry out. Use and enjoy the rest of your cream until Jafra gets it back in the jar!!

  18. I use Jafra, and sell a small amount. I like most of the products but have been frustrated by the overuse of fragrances at times. I gave gifts of baby products only to have the parents mention they were too fragrant for their little one. Now the Balancing line has somehow changed some of their fragrances – I have to use the “Soothing” instead, when the Balancing is better for my skin type…. Its hard to increase business with these sorts of issues popping up.

    1. Judy W. , I couldn’t agree with you more! I’m going through the same issue with the “soothing” toner vs the “balancing” toner also due to the fragrance. I have also found that I can’t use the “appropriate” skin care products for my age group (over 50) because of the fragrances. I was so glad they had sample/travel packs so that I could try those out prior to investing in the regular sized items. In this day and age, I would certainly think that the fragrances would be left out or left to a minimum!

  19. About 20 year’s ago I was a Jafra Consultant but they discontinued it in Canada. Would you please let me know if It is back again. I love the products, I recently found a bottle of Jafra Day Lotion & Jafra Rediscover Alpha Hydroxy Complex,I didn’t know I had.

  20. I have used Jafra for nearly 40 years. My skin is smooth, soft and nearly wrinkle free. I am nearly 60 years old, and I look younger than my sibling 5 years younger. All the negative comments are Heck, I look younger than my nieces. Alot of comments are simply not true. As a former Mary Kay consultant, I can honestly say, the quality and results of Jafra skin care far exceeds it’s competitors. The natural and organic ingredients, that are used today, especially constant changing formulas and NEW organic ingredients used in certain lines, are completely different than 40 years ago. Jafra is cutting edge and their products pass through laboratory testing approved by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and estheticians before they hit the market. I have a lot of allergies, and Jafra is the least troublesome of any product I have used. I have been a Jafra consultant for 29 years, and am proud of that. No where else can I get the best anti-aging products for the money. Most cost 2-3 times more and are not as effective. The Royal Jelly Milk Balm is the main product that Jafra is centered around. Many other Jafra products have Royal Jelly also and it is patented. All the products are 100 % guaranteed. You can find a consultant online , just go to the website Jafra.com. Ingredient lists and research testing information is also available on their website. It has never been a secret. Jafra and their consultants are proud of the products they use and sell. There are no big agendas, the product sells itself. There are no requirements and no pressures, and no territorial sales. I have never sold the product to anyone that did not LOVE the product and once they switched to Jafra they never switched back to any other company. I can afford to purchase any product I want, and I wouldn’t change for anything. One last thing…I went through Chemo a couple of years ago. I diligently put layers and layers of different anti-aging and hydrating moisturizers on my face daily, as my skin was SO dry. When it was all over, I was complimented that I looked 10 years younger than I did before the chemo. The chemo itself nearly killed me. Amen

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