Integra Face Care System Review


The Integra Face Care System is marketed by Amstrad, a British electronics company that is best known for its television and satellite products. At first glance, this looks like an unlikely pairing until you realize exactly what the Integra Face Care System is. The basis of the Integra Face Care System is a machine that transmits galvanic micro-currents to the facial muscles, stimulating them and, supposedly, toning them. According to one of the online retailers’ websites, it also increases blood flow and collagen and elastin production.

Along with the machine come two skin care creams: the Hydrovitality Infusion Complex and the Skin Sculpture Cream. We will examine what might be in these creams below. The Integra Face Care System appears to be available online at many discount retailers. Before purchasing, consumers should make sure that the Integra Face Care System is not in the process of being discontinued as the product requires the ongoing purchase of pads that cover the machine’s probes.

Product Details

Using electronic stimulation of muscles is nothing really new in the skin care field. Many salons provide this treatment. There appears to be some support for the benefits of this type of treatment. However, with so little detail provided by Integra, it is difficult to assess whether this particular product is effective. There are no links to clinical studies showing actual results using the Integra Face Care System.

The Hydrovitality Infusion Complex claims to feature a unique blend of twelve moisturizing and skin conditioning agents. Three of the included ingredients are Vitamins A, C, and E, according to the company. Vitamin A, usually in the form of retinol, has been shown to provide anti-oxidant benefits when ingested but there is still little research available on its effect when applied topically. Vitamin A can also increase photo sensitivity. Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant but is unstable in solution without special treatment. Vitamin E does have regenerative properties. Without knowing how much of these vitamins are in the cream or what else is in it, it is very difficult to assess whether this product might help reduce wrinkles.

The Skin Sculpture Cream is a microdermabrasion product that uses Aluminum Oxide crystals to abrade the upper layers of dead skin. There is no apparent description of how well this ingredient works or what else is in the cream.

The Good

  • May produce salon-like skin toning results.
  • Available through online retailers.

The Bad

  • No links to clinical studies supporting the effectiveness of the products.
  • No apparent money-back guarantee.
  • No full list of ingredients is provided.
  • Produced by an electronics company, not skin care professionals.

The Bottom Line

There are many different approaches to reducing wrinkles and firming aging skin. This type of electronic stimulation is one of them. However, it is difficult to recommend a product like the Integra Face Care System when so little information is provided by the manufacturer. The best skin care products are developed by skin care professionals and include full ingredient lists, clinical studies, and customer testimonials. If you are seeking a skin care product that will have anti-aging benefits, look for one with proven ingredients like collagen or hyaluronic acid. If you do choose to purchase the Integra Face Care System, keep in mind that you may not be able to get your money back if you are unhappy with it.


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