Intaglio Skin Review


Intaglio Skin has a large line of skin care products. This company was formed in 1994 and one year later expanded to several other countries. It is currently available world wide. The basis of Intaglio skin care line focuses on a combination of their products to produce desired results. The Intaglio skin care line of products range in cost from $29 to $90. The Intaglio Skin website is no longer functioning and has claimed for some time to be under construction. The only information on this one page website is a number to call for a representative to purchase Intaglio Skin products.

Product Features

The science behind Intaglio skin care products is the use of AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid. This product produces results similar to chemical peels. It sheds the top layer of the skin to reveal newer skin. The use of this product can cause temporary discoloration and irritation to the skin. This will have your skin looking worse during the initial use rather than better. This product may work to have the skin looking younger and more radiant, but does has little effect to reduce or prevent wrinkles. The average customer of Intaglio uses 5.5 of their products. The lowest priced item of this line is $29. Adding up the total cost to use Intaglio skin products makes this line unaffordable to most consumers.

Intaglio has a number of products that they offer. These products include Therapeutic Cleanser, Purifying Mask, Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion- SPF 15, Intaglio Vitamin C Lip Emollient, Intaglio Ultra Moisturizer-2, Intaglio Soothing Cream, Intaglio Recovery Gel, Intaglio Exfoliating Liquid Luffa, Intaglio Beta & Alpha Hydroxy acid 10%, Intaglio Antioxidant Rejuvenating Mask, Intaglio Antioxidant Hydrating Moisturizer, Intaglio AHA Glycolic Hand & Foot Cream – 20%, Intaglio AHA Glycolic Astringent -8, Clear Sal Cleanser-2, Clarifying Essence, Antioxidant Vitamin C Emollient, Antioxidant Vitamin A Emollient, Antioxidant Replenishing Toner, AHA Glycolic Revitalizing Cream 10% ,AHA Glycolic Resurfacing Gel-15, AHA Glycolic Lightening Gel, AHA Glycolic Facial/Body Cleanser, AHA Glycolic Day Lotion-10 SPF-15 (for dry skin), AHA Glycolic Day Cream-10 SPF-15 (for oily skin). The ingredients are not listed on the website for Intaglio skin and very little information can be found on the contents of these products even on third party websites.

The Good

  • Intaglio Skin care products offer a variety of products to target certain problem issues.
  • Each Intaglio skin products is affordably priced from $29 to $90 depending on the product.

The Bad

  • Intaglio skin products can become rather expensive since the average consumer uses 5.5 products. This can become expensive when you add the total cost of the products together.
  • Intaglio skin products can make the skin look red and irritated before making it look better.
  • Intaglio products do not contain products known to reduce and improve wrinkles. These products like Matrixyl 3000 or Argatensyl are not included in this brand of product.
  • There is not a working dedicated website for Intaglio Skin. There is very limited information on the ingredients included in these products.

The Bottom Line

Intaglio may work great as a chemical peel, but has little applications as a wrinkle fighter or rejuvenator. The fact so many of the Intaglio skin care products are recommend for one individual, to produce results in with this line of products makes it rather expensive.

Intaglio skin does not have a working dedicated website and the list of ingredients for these products is also not available. An effective wrinkle reducer should contain a product like Matrixyl 3000 or Argatensyl. These products help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Both of these products have proven test results which can be found online.

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