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Innoxa is a skin care product developer based in Australia. According to the company’s philosophy, “First Do No Harm”, Innoxa does not test its products on animals and uses only hypo-allergenic ingredients. The Innoxa line includes skin care, makeup, bath & shower, body care, and fragrances. The number of different products produced and marketed by this company suggests at first glance that they are not committed to their anti-aging skin care line exclusively.

Within the skin care line, Innoxa has products for different skin types and an anti-aging line. We will focus on the anti-aging products for the purposes of this review. Innoxa’s anti-aging products include: Triple-Action Gel Wash, Intensive Moisture Boost, Line-Defying Eye Cream, Radiant Skin Moisturizer, and Line-Defying Repair Serum. Innoxa recommends using all of the products in this line, which can seriously boost up the cost of your skin care regimen. Innoxa products are not available for purchase on the company website but are available at select stores in Australia and New Zealand. This may make it difficult for North American customers to test it out.

Product Details

There are several active ingredients in the various anti-aging products offered by Innoxa. The Radiant Skin Moisturizer contains Matrixyl 3000, which we like to see. Matrixyl 3000 is a collagen-boosting peptide that has been clinically-proven to help skin regenerate itself. The Line-Defying Repair Serum contains several patented ingredients which are not explained thoroughly on the website. It also includes a wrinkle masking ingredient that reflects light to make wrinkles appear less severe. We prefer products that correct wrinkles and don’t simply hide them.

The biggest problem with Innoxa skin care products is that the company does not provide a full list of ingredients on its website. This means that those with skin allergies and sensitive skin will struggle to assess whether the products contain ingredients that will affect them. Even though Innoxa claims that all of its ingredients are hypo-allergenic, those with skin sensitivities should exercise caution until they can review a full list of ingredients.

The Good

  • Company has official web presence.
  • Some products contain Matrixyl 3000.

The Bad

  • Difficult for North American customers to purchase.
  • No full ingredient list provided.
  • Cannot purchase from online site.
  • May not contain effective wrinkle-reducing ingredients.
  • No money-back guarantee offered.

The Bottom Line

We like the fact that some of the Innoxa products contain Matrixyl 3000. However, the most effective product lines include not only this ingredient but complementary ingredients as well, such as Argiriline or hyaluronic acid. With the many proven effective formulations on the market today that do include these ingredients, it is difficult to recommend Innoxa when the company does not stand behind its products with a money-back guarantee. Keep in mind that if you do purchase these products and are unhappy with them, you may not be able to get your money refunded.


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