InfiniteAloe Review

InfiniteAloe offers skincare solutions for men and women for everything from dryness to aging. You can look at the ingredient list, which does come with a definition for each. There’s no information on when the business started, but the website was purchased in 2004. We found the line for sale direct and through outside retailers.

What is InfiniteAloe?

InfiniteAloe is a line that offers moisturizers, cleansers and anti-aging treatments. You can find a complete list of ingredients for each formula. We are concerned about the use of fragrance and several of the formulas look nearly identical. Usage instructions and clear, but we found nothing about how long you’re supposed to use the products before noticing results.

Quick Facts on InfiniteAloe

  • The base ingredients across formulas appear to be the same.
  • Fragrance is added to many products.
  • There are some clinical references on the official website.
  • You don’t have to buy InfiniteAloe products from the official website.

What’s the Skincare Editor’s take on InfiniteAloe?

“There are some good things about InfiniteAloe,” says our Skincare Editor. “What customers have to consider, however, is that aloe is mostly water. In many cases, experts suggest it is just a fancy replacement to fool the consumer.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

Two common themes came up time and again in customer reviews – price and reactions. The cost for InfiniteAloe products is just too high for some, especially when the users took results into consideration. There are also a number of people who experienced irritation.

Prices were a problem for some:

  • “Too expensive for such a little difference.”
  • “Overpriced. I’m certain there are more affordable brands that will get the job done.”

For others it wasn’t an issue.

  • “I know people look at the price and think it’s expensive. Honestly it’s not.”
  • “Price per cost ratio for use as face moisturizer is lower when compared to sensitive skin care line product.”

Irritation was another complaint we found more than a few times.

  • “I used this and anti-aging products for two days and got my skin all red and wrinkled.”
  • “After two weeks she developed a bad rash.”

There are also users who noticed no negative reactions.

  • “It moisturizes, restores elasticity, soothes irritations.”
  • ” It is less irritating…for sensitive skin.”

Are We Convinced About InfiniteAloe?

Well, we can’t dock the company for using parabens, sulfates or animal testing, because they don’t. All ingredients are listed and some may be beneficial, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have reservations. There are far too many complaints about irritation to ignore. This could be due to the fragrance added. Plus, it bothers us that so many formulas are similar.

What Do We Like Better Than InfiniteAloe?

We’ve reviewed hundreds of products in 2016 and the one we like the best is BioGeniste. There are clinically tested ingredients in a product that users claim works in amazing ways.

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15 thoughts on “InfiniteAloe Review”

  1. Thank you for the information. I purchased $310.00 worth of products at a local warehouse store from a vendor of infinitealoe. I have not been happy with the results. I was told about the 100% money back guarantee and I think that’s probably what sold me on it. I was told you can use it all and send back the empty containers and still get a refund. I thought, that sounds great, must be a fantastic product with that guarantee! So even though I had a hard time justifying that amount of money, I went ahead and charged it. Let this be a lesson….make sure you know what their guarantee is all about. Maybe some see results with their products but still what unethical practice for a company. It’s shameful to charge what they do and then conceal their true policies. Thanks Again!

  2. I don’t know where you are getting your information from about Infinite Aloe’s pricing. I was at Costco yesterday and purchased 4 large jars, 2 med jars and 8 travel size jars for $158 Canadian. At Costco I can bring that back any time. Please get your reporting straight before posting.

  3. I don’t know where you are getting your information from. I was at Costco Saturday and purchased 4 large jars, 2 med and 8 travel sized jars for $158 Canadian. Please check your facts before posting information.

    1. MI is correct- she paid more, because she got the Infinite Aloe GOLD, like I did, at Costco. Very expensive. Not sure it’s worth the price. I was going to return it (yes, a definite benefit of purchasing through Costco) because I”m not crazy about it yet, but I decided to use it for a month before deciding. The consistency of the Gold version is like Jason’s vitamin C cream, which I didn’t like because of its consistency! However I must say, Jason’s can be bought for under $8 for a large jar, so it there are similarities in these products, that would make Jason’s cost about 1/100th of Infinite Gold! Either way, I won’t buy Jason’s again anyway- both leave kind of a dry, matte feeling on my face which is taking some getting used to.

    2. Are you talking about the infinite aloe original that is in the white jar? They are different from the anti-aging one which is in the green jar.

  4. I purchased mine at costco, where the product was sold as a packet: 2small jars and 2 medium jars for $260. Total. I only tried it because it was a road show at Costco and I know I will get a full refund.
    I am not impressed with the product, and will return it. Not much product in the jar and it does not work differently than standard creams. For the price point, spas have better products that work….. Results are what I look for

  5. The product in the small beige container clearly states that it is a sample & is NOT FOR RESALE . How is it ok to include 10 of this size ? When I return to Costco it will not include these “samples” even though it says on my receipt 15 piece set , just to make it clear the legality of such packaging.

  6. The product in the small beige container clearly states that it is a sample & is NOT FOR RESALE . How is it ok to include 10 of this size ? When I return to Costco it will not include these “samples” even though it says on my receipt 15 piece set , just to make it clear the legality of such packaging.

  7. I also purchased the Infinite Aloe Gold at Costco. I bought the large set for 459.00 and it feels like putting wax on my skin. The skin under my eyes looks worse than before I started using the cream and it burns my eyes when I use it too close. I am going to return it. I feel it’s not as good as other products I’ve used.

  8. On the road show at Costco I tried the exfoliator on my hand, it was amazing. My hand went from look dry and discolored to radiant. I am impressed with one try. I will buy it this weekend to try on my wrinkled hands. Unfortunately the type of work I do, leave my hand dry at the end of the day. My plan is to take a before and after picture to determine the benefits.
    Will Keep you posted. Don’t get me wrong the product is costly.

  9. Saw the product at Costco roadshow. I decided to buy a sample on eBay and try it out first. Made my skin break out. And it’s way way too expensive !

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