Imedeen Review

Is your curiosity peaked when it comes to Imedeen?

Imedeen offers a unique take on anti-aging. They sell supplements that are supposed to affect skin health from the inside out. There are three options to choose from. This is an international company, but we know the US website was purchased by Pfizer in 2002.

What is Imedeen?

If you want to take control of the aging process in a different way, you may be interested in this line. With products like Imedeen Prime Renewal, Derma One and Time Perfection, you have a few options. Common ingredients include fish protein, tomato fruit extract, grape seed extract and polysaccharides. You can buy from the company or websites like Amazon.

Quick Facts on Imedeen

  • The company is owned by Pfizer.
  • There are no ingredients listed on the official website.
  • Some formulas can take three months or longer to see results.
  • The prices are extremely high – some in excess of $150 for three months.
  • There is a contact phone number for consumers hidden under the Healthcare Professionals tab.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Imedeen?

“There’s no doubt that what’s on the inside of your body does affect how your skin looks,” offers our Skincare Editor. “However, there’s no research presented by Imedeen that proves this combination is better than a traditional multivitamin or fish oil supplement – both of which are much cheaper.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

As is the case with all anti-aging products, people are concerned about whether or not the formula works as claimed. With Imedeen tablets, the price is also a potential issue.

  • “I have used this for one year to really give it a chance. The results have added up to a big zero. No change.”
  • “Just started my 4 month and unfortunately I don’t see any difference!”

Other users did see a change that made them happy with Imedeen.

  • “I been using this product for only two weeks and I can really notice the difference in my skin.”
  • “My skin is fresher and younger now after 2 months of using.”

Price is another topic of debate – some say too much and others say just enough.

  • “I really want to love this product but it’s expensive and doesn’t do anything,”
  • “It is very good and I love it, except the price, that is too expensive.”

Imedeen was affordable and rightly priced for some customers.

  • “It’s great that Now I can easily purchase this item online and at such an affordable price.”
  • “A good product for a reasonable price.”

Have We Decided to Give Imedeen the Thumbs Up?

Well, we have to look at the whole picture and with Imedeen we have some reservations. Some of the supplements cost upwards of $150 for three months. While that breaks down to just $50 a month, the formulas are not exceptional. There would have to be some third-party research that showed it worked better than a traditional multivitamin and fish oil supplement.

What Do We Like Better Than Imedeen?

We’ve reviewed hundreds of products and, in 2016, our top pick is BioGeniste. We found clinically tested ingredients and numerous comments and testimonials from people who’ve seen fantastic results.

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