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Ilona takes the original Hungarian formulations and spreads it out in the form of skin care, makeup, and fragrance products. Their skin care products consist of two lines which are the Pro-Firming and Anti-Aging. Because Ilona offers a wide variety of products, it may not fully bring full focus to their skin care line of products. Ilona does things differently by branching out a single formulation into several in hopes of reaching out to audiences with different demands. Their main website doesn’t have any sections that contain money-back guarantees if the product fails or any free samples available.

There are plenty of competitors that offer similar products and Ilona fails in describing how they are different. There are also no claims of clinical studies that support how well the Ilona products do, nor are there any testimonials made by customers that have actually tried the product. The descriptions of each Ilona product are quite vague and the active ingredients aren’t listed in all of them. On top of that, the full list of ingredients is completely lacking.

Product Details

It is tough to figure out the ingredients found in Ilona’s skin care lineup. There are some descriptions that indicate that there are hints of vitamins and alpha hyrdoxy acid. Some of the clinically-proven ingredients that make anti-wrinkle products so effective are Matrixyl 3000, collagen, and Argirlline. None of the Ilona skin products have descriptions containing these specific ingredients.

There are two major problems in not including the full ingredient list for Ilona’s skin care products. The first problem is that consumers will never be able to find out the true quality of the product’s ingredients. Some of the skin care products try to keep the costs down by including inferior filler ingredients. The second problem is that people that have skin allergies and other sensitivities will never figure out if the product has ingredients that will trigger these allergies. Several of the average classed skin creams contain chemical preservatives known as parabens and these fall into the allergens category. There is a possibility that these products also have synthetic fragrances and dyes which contribute to allergies.

The Good

  • Products can be purchased directly from the website.
  • Possibility of the ingredients having moisturizing qualities.

The Bad

  • There is a lack of the significant ingredients for anti-wrinkling like Matrixyl 3000 and Argiriline.
  • No indication of money-back guarantee.
  • Full ingredient list is absent.
  • Questionable effects to people with allergies.

The Bottom Line

Ilona is all about making big products and big promises, but fail to include the ingredients that back up the claims. All of the best products with anti-aging benefits all have the same proven ingredients like Argirlline, collagen, and Matrixyl 3000. All of these ingredients combined are crucial for boosting the production of collagen while erasing wrinkles and fine lines. The companies also take away the worry by placing a money-back guarantee on every product. This literally means that less expensive skin care products or clinically-proven products are better alternatives.

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