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Hymed skin care products are advertised as “Therapeutic Skincare Products”. Their claim is “healing through hydration”. Hymed does have a dedicated website, but the website is currently under construction. There is information on the Hymed skin care products online through third party websites. There seems to be little information available as to what is actually included as ingredients in the Hymed Skin Care line.

Product Details

Information available on the Hymed skin care line of products through third party websites shows that there are a large number of negative customer reviews of the Hymed skin care line for anti-aging results. These negative reviews are enough to raise concern as to the effectiveness of these rather expensive anti-aging products from Hymed. Hymed is listed as an all natural approach for anti-aging. They offer a large variety of skin care products from anti-aging wrinkle reducers to skin toning products. Information obtained from government documents shows that Hymed has used bovine material for their source of collagen, which may be a concern for some consumers.

Hymed does have a dedicated website but products are not available through the website. It also appears that Hymed produces are only available through spas and dermatologist or plastic surgeons. These products are noted to be rather expensive on third party websites. Prices could not be found online for these products nor was there a specific product list which leads to the question as to whether these products are still available or in production. It seems from information available that Hymed not only produces anti-aging products, but also products to aid after laser treatment. The fact that these products are used by dermatologist and plastic surgeons may speak for its abilities and the fact that it is claimed to contain hyaluronic acid is a positive.

The Good

  • Hymed skin care products may contain hyaluronic acid.

The Bad

  • The official website for Hymed products is currently not available.
  • It does not appear that Hymed products are available for purchase online.
  • A full list of products or ingredients are not available for Hymed products.
  • The cost of Hymed products is rather expensive, especially since the list of ingredients or proven results are not available.

The Bottom Line

The Hymed line of products has many negative reviews online and very little information available for these products. These products are not available for purchase online. They may only be available through spas and dermatologist or plastic surgeons. Consumers looking to affordably reduce their wrinkles and fine lines should invest their money into products which have been proven to work like Argatensyl or Matrixyl 3000. These products have both been shown to be able to greatly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is also important to use a product that has a money back guarantee or a free trial offer. A full list of ingredients is also important so that an informed decision can be made by the consumer.

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