Hylunia Review


Hylunia is marketed towards people with very sensitive skin and claims to be the safest and most effective line of skin care products currently available. Hylunia’s founder set out to create products that could be used by his children, who had very sensitive skin. They would experience allergic reactions to the preservatives and fragrances that are staple ingredients in many skincare products.

According to the Hylunia website, 99% of the skin care products available today are full of ingredients that can cause irritation and inflammation. These side effects may not be visible, but they work at a cellular level and may eventually lead to premature aging of the skin. To prevent this from happening, Hylunia makes products that are very soothing for the skin while still limiting the effects of environmental pollutants.

Hylunia offers many different skin care products and seem to have all the bases covered. You can find cleansers and toners, moisturizers, and an anti-aging line. Each category has a few products listed but only one is in the “Age Defying” category. This product is the Beyond Complex C. Unfortunately, there isn’t even a description about what this product does or what it might contain.

Product Details

With no information available on the official site, we are forced to check out many third party sites to see what they have to say. Hylunia Beyond Complex C is actually a “bioactive” serum that uses some type of micro-encapsulation technology as a delivery mechanism. What does this mean? It’s a moisturizer that uses microscopic spheres filled with age-fighting ingredients such as anti-oxidants and peptides that release after being absorbed into the skin.

At $69.99, Hylunia’s Beyond Complex C is a little expensive for a product that lists no details or ingredients on its official website. It only says it allows great absorption of Vitamin C better than other products.

The Good

  • The official website is extremely thorough at explaining it’s mission and history. Many ingredients are analyzed in depth.
  • Testimonials are available on the official website.


The Bad

  • You must buy Hylunia from an authorized dealer.
  • Finding the exact ingredients for some of the Hylunia products is almost impossible.
  • Not all of their products are listed on the official website.
  • Product return policies and/or the existence of a trial sample for first-time users are not discussed.

The Bottom Line

Hylunia’s website is very informative in a few key areas. This website has one of the most thorough breakdowns of various ingredients we have ever seen and offers many pages of history and reference information about the company. The problem comes when you start looking for information on the actual products being offered. Most companies will at least have a small paragraph describing what the product is supposed to do and how the product ingredients make this possible. The information on the official Hylunia website is limited to a picture of the product along with the name and size available. That’s it. If you have sensitive skin, it couldn’t hurt to give some Hylunia products a shot but with so little information about the products themselves, we can’t give them a positive or negative review.


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