Hydropeptide Review


Hydropeptide is a line of products developed through Azure Cosmeceuticals. These products have been developed using peptides as the main ingredients, which the website claims yield better results that Retinol or Vitamin C. Peptides are cell messengers that Azure Cosmeceuticals claims send messages to different tissues in our skin to nourish, repair and stimulate collagen production. Peptides are naturally occurring things, but in Hydropeptide’s products the synthetic peptides used have been lab-enhanced for safety, efficacy and stability.

Product Details

There are 8 products in the Hydropeptide line. They include:

  • Hydropeptide Anti-Aging Infusing Cleanser.
  • Hydropeptide Stimulating Toner.
  • Hydropeptide C-P4 Intensive Delivery Anti-aging Peel System.
  • Hydropeptide Cellular Transformation Growth Serum.
  • Hydropeptide Eye Extreme Dark Circle Concentrate.
  • Hydropeptide Full Body Anti-Aging Moisturizer with Stretch Mark.
  • Hydropeptide Instant Corrective Peptide Enzymatic Treatment.
  • Hydropeptide Concentrate Anti-Aging Corrective Cream.

While there are no full lists of ingredients, some of the following active ingredients in the Hydropeptide C-P4 Peel System are: 15% Vitamin C, 5% Lactic Acid, and 4 collagen amplifying peptides.

Some of the active ingredients in the Growth Serum are: 16% Restalox-a peptide relaxation complex, Hyaluronic Acid, DMAE, and Alpha Lipoic Acid.

The Good

  • The website provides lots of information on Peptides and what they do.
  • Azure Cosmeceuticals seems to have done their homework. There are more than 4 independent labs that have tested at least one of their products, the Transformation Growth Serum, with good results. The results are listed on the description page for the Serum itself.
  • There aren’t a lot of products to buy, so the ease of working them into your beauty and skin care routine seem simple and easy to stick with.

The Bad

  • As with many companies, we do not find a full list of ingredients. This can deter any consumer with skin sensitivities or issues with certain ingredients. Many consumers wish to be more informed about what they are using.
  • There is no distinguishing between sensitive skin or any other combination of skin differences. These products could possibly irritate sensitive skin users.
  • While peptides are currently considered to be on the cutting edge of wrinkle fighting, we see proven wrinkle fighting peptides such as Argireline are absent from the ingredient lists we could find.

The Bottom Line

This company seems to have done the necessary research behind their products, but only time will tell. Without a complete list of ingredients we cannot determine whether or not the products contain parabens, a potentially irritating type of cheap synthetic preservatives. We could not determine on a preliminary search of the website if the company or any of the labs they used tested any of their products on animals. This does not mean they do test on them, we just couldn’t find the information readily that claimed they do not, which can be a major concern for some consumers.

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