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Anyone who suffers from dark circles and bags under their eyes knows that they would do just about anything to stop the comments about “looking tired” or “out late again?” What they may not know is that dark circles are actually tiny amounts of blood pooling under the eyes caused by leaky capillaries. The skin is so delicate under the eyes that the blood pooling shows through looking almost like a bruise.

So what if there was a new breakthrough non-surgical solution, based on a proprietary formula using the latest science from independent laboratories around the world, with ingredients that have been seen to erase under eye circles and bags? What if this product also helped to visibly erase fine lines and wrinkles? What if it was available as a risk-FREE trial?

Now you know the secret behind why Hydrolyze Revitalizing Under Eye Treatment has quickly become a word-of-mouth phenomenon and built an unbelievable reputation in the prestige anti-aging skincare market practically overnight. What’s the secret behind this amazing product? Science. Hydrolyze is produced in small batches uses three lab-tested ingredients uniquely formulated in a proprietary combination that has never been done before.

Product Details

It seems that Hydrolyze will help to visibly erase those dark circles, bags, fine lines and wrinkles that both women and men are plagued with some their whole lives, thinking it was just genetics and they couldn’t do anything about it. By providing a real solution to what many thought was a “family curse”, Hydrolyze is revolutionizing the skincare industry giving men and women relief from the embarrassment of ugly dark circles and bags.

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Ingredients In focus

Dark circles and under eye bags are often thought to be caused by stress or tiredness, but the truth is that blood actually leaks out of the capillaries and pools under the skin, causing these unsightly circles and bags. While many creams and products have supported and promoted the assumption that these dark circles and bags are caused by tiredness and stress, few are able to address the real problem like Hydrolyze. This product contains three patented ingredients that caught our attention:

1) Biophytex™: This complex ingredient combines yeast and and French botanical extracts to strengthen capillaries and maintain micocirculoation in the tender eye area. This improves the look of dark circles.

2) Eyeliss™: This ingredient helps fight under-eye bags.

Dermox SRC: Has been shown to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

By enhancing the body’s own ability to get rid of unwanted discoloration as well as increasing skin density around the eyes and cooling down the accompanying inflammation, this three fold effect creates such exceptional results that study participants said they such saw visible reduction in dark circle and bags that people were complimenting their “new look” in no time.

Hydrolyze Revitalizing Under Eye Treatment also incorporates Matrixyl 3000® into its formula to ease wrinkles, another all too common problem around the eyes. Matrixyl 3000 is an advanced Peptide that seems to increase Collagen production, strengthen the skin and prompt the skin to begin its own self repair, all of which works to reduce the formation and appearance of wrinkles. In studies, Matrixyl 3000 was shown to reduce the appearance of visible wrinkles by up to 68 percent, while increasing skin firmness in two short months. And with the massive testimonials page on the official site, we have little doubt that the company’s confidence and reputability is well above the majority of other skincare product manufacturers.

The Truth Behind the Advertising

If you’re visiting this page, you’ve no doubt seen the ads on television and the Internet for Hydrolyze and are looking for more on this unique product. While we hope to provide a great deal of information, we feel the commercial covers most of what consumers should know about the product. However, we encourage our readers to look into the product’s website to get even more information. We feel that the official Hydrolyze website provides high quality information in an easy to read format. Real women with real result. No big celebrity, no gimmicks only the facts. They appear ready to offer consumers a wide array of information on the ingredients used, as well as information about why dark circles actually occur under the eyes. This kind of information gives consumers a better idea of what is going on and how it could be combated.

We were also happy to see that this website posts an extensive testimonial section. Consumers have told us, time after time, these real life experiences play an important role in determining whether or not they will try a product. The glowing testimonials and word-of-mouth recommendations for this product indicate that many consumers, who have suffered with dark circles under their eyes for years, have achieved some rather extraordinary results when using this product. One consumer wrote, “This is the best under eye product I have ever used…Plagued with under eye circles since the age of 10, I had almost given up.” And another wrote, “in a week I noticed a decrease in wrinkles.”

If you’re still not sure of what this product may be capable of doing for your skin, we suggest viewing any one of the ads commonly found on television. These ads are able to show off the dramatic and extremely visible results that Hydrolyze is able to produce in just 60 days.

The Good

  • You can try it Risk-Free for 30-days before you have to pay for it. If you don’t get results you can return it within your 30 day trial period so you don’t have to pay for it.
  • TV ads show off the amazing and visible results this product is able to produce in just 60 days.
  • Created by an industry experts based on leading edge research.
  • Hydrolyze is so effective because it uses three well researched ingredients in a proprietary formula.
  • Informative website posts a comprehensive ingredient guide and extensive testimonial section.

The Bad

  • This revolutionary product that works to make your eyes appear younger and brighter may only be purchased on the official website and is not available in stores.

The Bottom Line

As seen in the NY Times, LA Times, Woman’s Day, U.S. News and Ladies Home Journal, not to mention the several television spots on some of your favorite channels, Hydrolyze Revitalizing Under Eye Treatment seems to have a great deal to offer consumers. With its proven track record of producing visible results, we believe that Hydrolyze has made a great name for itself in the industry. Hydrolyze also has received an overwhelming amount of positive response from customers, which can be seen by the testimonial section posted on its website and by the fact that 98 percent of those surveyed said they would recommend Hydrolyze to a friend. If you call instead or ordering online, be sure to inquire about special promotions, as they seem to run frequently.

We feel Hydrolyze is simply a great value because it works! Considering its breakthrough formula that includes both Haloxyl and Matrixyl 3000, its no surprise that Hydrolyze has been proven to be extremely effective in diminishing the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes. Consumers who are in the know about what really works for the skin often seek out these two ingredients, and now they are available in one revolutionary formula for your benefit. Click or call to order your risk-free trial of Hydrolyze today!

21 thoughts on “Hydrolyze Review”

  1. I like this for my eyes. I thought it might irritate, since this is very thing, sensitive skin, but it seems to be working well. The cream feels very light.

  2. I too have rosacea and would like to know how this product would work for me.
    Thanks for your answer.

  3. i hate looking like a raccoon all day!! even when i get a good night sleep. my sister in law gave me a jar of this after i complained to her, and i love it finally people dont ask me if im getting enough sleep.

  4. it works, i see a big difference and with tinting my lashes and brows, i dont need makeup on a daily basis.

  5. I have puffiness under my eyes. How well would your product work in helping to remove some of this problem?
    Thanks, Glenda

  6. Ive noticed that my dark eye circles are worse in different lighting, mainly low light. Can your product help diminish the purple, red discoloration right beneath the eyes?dedities

  7. Kim: IT WILL WORK!!! I have the same issue, and I am happy to say that it does diminish the darkness under the eyes. I use it morning and at night.

  8. I have a reddish purple color under my left eye and a very slight one under the right. My age is 60+. Cam this product help me. Price is a big factor.

  9. i would like to try this product but i live in the uk. although the original website says it sjips to england its not giving me the option! Help!

  10. I have had under eye discoloration as long as I can remember. I also have fine little superficial veins over my face, cheeks mostly. Would this product help with the cheek problem? I was told by my Dr. that is was hereditary, and laser treatments would be the only option..or 3 layers of foundation! Yuck..I despise wearing foundation, as my skin is 46 years old & oily with large pores on cheeks. HELP!

  11. does it really work?im in my mid 30’s and i have dark circles starting and in my line of work concealers and foundations sweat off during the day so i really need something thats gonna fast

  12. Where is this product available in India? and how do I source it, if not available in India?
    Also what is the cost for the product Hydrolyze?

  13. I have always tried to take good care of my skin using it in natural way by avoiding to much exposure of the sun or just using my UV umbrella to avoid it and eating right of foods specially fruits and vegetables to my diets and keeps your skin looking young and preferred exercise.

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