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Hormeta products have been produced and shipped exclusively from Switzerland for over 50 years. All products have the Swiss Cos label, which guarantees that the product is authentically produced and shipped from Swizerland and not an imitation or bootleg product. The Hormeta website does not give us any background story about the company itself.

Product Details

There are several different lines of beauty care in the Hormeta line such as Dry to Normal, Oily and Acne Prone, Mature Skin, and Sensitive Skin. For purposes of this article we are going to focus on Hormeta’s Anti-Aging skin care line.

The products in the Hormeta Anti-Aging skin care line are as follows:

  • Beauty Cleansing Milk.
  • Skin Freshener Toner.
  • Peeling Scrub with Exfoliating Micro-beads.
  • Eye Contour Gel.
  • ARL Revitalizing Cream.
  • ARL Revitalizing Serum.
  • ARL Revitalizing Mask.

The active ingredients listed for the Beauty Cleansing Milk are: Corn germ oil, wheat germ oil, and ionized mineral solution.

The active ingredients for the ARL Revitalizing Cream are: Vitamins A, C, and E, English Ivy Extract, rutin derivative, ascorbyl palmitate, St. Johns Wort, Yarrow, and Chamomile.

The Good

  • The website boasts of vast research and development going into each product produced.
  • The products contain vitamins that have been proven effective for anti-aging care. Antioxidant properties associated with Vitamins A, C, and E are all well documented and researched.
  • There are several lines of skin care to suit the individual’s needs. Almost all skin care issues are addressed with each different line.

The Bad

  • The website does not have a full list of ingredients for any of the products. This can be problematic for anyone who is sensitive to certain ingredients or preservatives.
    It will take further investigation to discover who develops these products and what their credentials are. The website discusses where the products are made, but there is no company story or information on who is behind the Hormeta formulations.
  • Purchasing any item from the ARL line of products can become expensive. Each of the three products lists well over $60 per item and it’s not a large supply. This can become pricey for the average consumer.
  • It’s recommended that users incorporate multiple Hormeta products into their beauty regimen, which can be expensive and time-consuming.
  • The products seemed to lack the “IT” factor. We found no patented, proven wrinkle fighter such as Matryxil 3000 or Argireline incorporated into any of the anti-wrinkle formulas.

    The Bottom Line

    Above all, Hormeta seems dedicated to quality and authenticity with their products. However, the company would do well to offer a full list of ingredients. People want to know what they are putting onto their skin and want to make sure it’s free from any potential hazards. Hormeta would also benefit from offering more information on the company itself. Consumers today are very interested in who is making their products, and this can influence a purchasing decision. While Hormeta offers us great information regarding their policies on animal testing, there is little else to go on. Having a doctor’s name or research laboratory to refer to can often make all the difference in choosing Hormeta’s product over the competitors. Overall, Hormeta looks like a more promising general skin health line than a dedicated wrinkle fighter.

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    1. You can go to their new store in Soho, or call the store and order it…they will ship it for free.
      Ask for Nancy she will take care of you…the collagen cream is awesome, and try the eye gel too!

  1. Yes !! Dora !! Email Mary !! I have been using Hormeta for 2 years and was introduced to it at the bellagio. I worked with Mary who was so educated both in skin and make-up. I don’t purchase under pressure and so I told her I had to think about it. I came back 2 days later to purchase both a night treatment and an eye treatment. The product is a little pricey for me but I always am adding a few treatments at a time. My dermatologist asked me last month what have I been doing different since my last app last year !!! I just made a whole new order and was told that The line is opening it’s own retail shops in Manhattan. Super excited bc it’s right by me 🙂 apparently Bellagio will not be caring Hormeta anymore.

  2. Get rid of your over the top pushy salesman who flipped on a dime after I firmly said no after he was all full of sexual innuendoes. Told me to take my luggage and go…I walked away laughing with my money intact and a melted chocolate in the trash.

  3. Very pushy salesman gave us samples I had a allergic reaction to product ask for a refund they said no. dont buy this product make sure you get the receipt in your hands not in bag

    1. I had the same experience. They were really pushy: they made it impossible to walk past the entrance and then I would have had to physically push the saleswoman to get back out. When she cut the price of the products in half after I kept saying its too expensive, I bought one of the products. She put the receipt in the bag so I did not discover until I got home that they over charged me. When I called to ask them to refund the over charged they claimed that had told me that about all along. I seriously question the effectiveness of a skin care line that relies on such aggressive and dishonest sales practices. Avoid walking anywhere near the store in Soho.

  4. It is really such a shame that a beauty line that’s apparently been marketed for over 50 years in Switzerland uses such OFFENSIVE sales tactics in the US. I was “accosted” by a sales woman from whom, I am ashamed to say, I bought a $130 Lip Design product. The product doesn’t rock my world; I won’t buy it again, but the thing that’s really unforgivably is the way they make you feel as a customer in the Hormeta store. (I visited the store in SOHO in New York). RUN in the other direction, before subjecting yourself to this pushy, demeaning treatment… and before parting with way more cash that you’ll feel good about.

    1. Nancy, I Agree. The same thing happened to me. Noa is very insulting and thankfully- I didn’t cave into her tactics.
      She would not give me any samples to try and expected me to buy a $500 set.
      Keep walking by this store…

  5. Same experience here too! Keep walking past the store in Soho NYC! Ignore her- she is not giving you a gift. Walked away very insulted by Noa- but still have $500 in my pocket :)) Glad I didn’t cave into her tactics.

  6. I am so glad the “pushy” woman accosted me as I passed the Soho store while on vacation in NY. I’ve been very subconscious about the wrinkles under my eyes that have accumulated over the past six months and my lack of success at concealing them. This salesperson was not rude and she actually put the eye serum/ gel and the cream under one eye. As she spoke to me, my daughter noticed the product working as my wrinkles improved significantly under that eye. I looked in the mirror and noticed it too. I was still skeptical so I had the sales person put the sample product on the other eye and told her that I needed to think about it over lunch with my daughter. Well, an hour later, my daughter and I were so impressed with the results that I went back and purchased the exact products she used on my eyes. Since I’ve been using it, my makeup no longer seeps into my under eye wrinkles like it has in the past. Finally, I actually looked in the mirror (something I dread after a day of work) and for the first time in a long time I didn’t look ltired and run down. The products are pricey, but for me it was well worth it. It’s only been two days since I’ve been using it and I never imagined I could see results so quickly. On a side note, the sales person was aggressive, but not obnoxious or offensive. I made it very clear that I was only interested in whether they had an effective eye treatment. I have NO REGRETS regarding my $300. Eye treatment purchase. She also threw in the cleansing milk that I am enjoying.

    1. Similar experience but well worth it. Once they applied the eye mask and I started discussing facail products a bit, they were helpfully engaging.

  7. I saw a sign outside of the store at Soho, come and get a sample of the best eye treatment of 2015, and as much as I have a problem with puffines under my eyes I walked inside. They explained me about some award they just won in Europe for the mask specifically for my problem, and they convinced me to get it. I’ve been using it already for maybe 2 weeks and I really see nice changes. I like the result now, and I will go to check more products there as much as I never heard of the product before.

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