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Helena Rubinstein is a global company, and also the name of a skin care pioneer. Helena herself was born in 1872 in Poland. Through many travels and opportunities, Helena started her own beauty house in 1902 where she promoted her first ointment sfor clients and performed facials. She is famous for giving us the first skin type classification and analysis (1910), the first waterproof mascara (1939), and the first lipstick in a tube (1956). The company Helena Rubinstein has taken cues from their namesake, and they continue to produce lines of cosmetics, body and skin care.

Product Details

The Global Anti-Aging line has seven products. They are:

  • Prodigy: This is a cream that has Helena Rubinstein’s very own formulation of “Bio-Sap” and 13 other ingredients. Neither the Bio-Sap or the 13 ingredients are listed.
  • Prodigy Night Tissular: This is a cream that has a stress-relieving perfume in it derived from ylang-ylang. It also has 1-Chron Algae, which Helena Rubinstein gives no further information on.
  • Prodigy Eyes: This cream has essential oils, polyamide micro-fibers, Vitamin B5, Green Seaweed Extract, Gatuline, Acacia Honey, Ruscus, Caffeine, Rice Peptides, Soybean Extract, and Vitamin C.
  • Prodigy Tissular: This has Japanese Cedar Bud and Indian Vigna Seed for firming up the skin.
  • Prodigy Age Spot Reducer: Dark spots are diminished and the Peruvian Tara and Gentian Root Extract contained in this Helena Rubinstein product are known for their evening-out of skin tone.
  • Prodigy Mask: Made with natural fibers this is a mask that you actually unfold and place on your face. This mask also features Bio-Sap.
  • Prodigy Lotion: This is for hydrating the skin. This has Bio-Sap, Gatuline, Rice Peptides, Soybean, Acacia Honey, and Caffenine as part of the ingredients.

The Good

  • Demi Moore is this company’s spokeswoman. Whether or not she actually uses Helena Rubinstein is probably irrelevant. Everybody knows her face and her flawless skin. She’s the poster child for youth.
  • The company is well known and has been around for a very long time. Familiarity goes a long way.
  • The website is easy to navigate.

The Bad

  • The company does not list their ingredients for their products. This can be a problem for those of us who suffer from sensitive skin or are allergic to certain ingredients.
  • We got the feeling that every product had to be talked up in exquisite terms, as if the products alone couldn’t speak for themselves.
  • There were no clinical trials, scientific studies, or any information regarding product testing and development.
  • There does not seem to be any free trial samples of Helena Rubinstein products available from the manufacturer.

The Bottom Line

We really like the historical background of this company. It’s very interesting to hear about a true beauty pioneer. However, since Helena herself has passed on, we don’t really know who’s running the company and if they have the same commitment to quality and innovation as she did. The Helena Rubinstein website was easy enough to navigate, but some words were misspelled and there were parts of paragraphs that were completely left off the page. The products themselves seem luxurious enough with all their language, but we don’t really know much about the products or what “Bio-Sap” even is.

7 thoughts on “Helena Rubinstein Review”

  1. how can I find out if Helena Rubenstein’s ‘Heaven Scent’ product is still being produced. I am 78 and have never found a scent in all these years, that I like better. Hope to get an answer.

  2. How I can use the day creme collagenist with pro-fill rep lumping filling care anti-wrinkle-firmness with the collagist refiner with pro-fill, please advise I can use both in one time or I should separate them.

  3. I have a brass helena rubinstein lipstick tube that I found on the beach. It is stamped helena rubinstein, do you know when it was manufactured?

  4. My mother bought a bottle of Helena Rubenstein nail polish for her wedding in 1968 and isle still uses it today for special occasions. Other than being a little thicker than it was 47 years ago, it’s still good and has a lovely finish. Quite amazing!

  5. Anyone interested in Helena Rubenstein and her products/history, I just finished a great book about her – it’s called “War Paint” by author Lindy Woodhead. I recommend.

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