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Haloxyl is essentially a component that’s incorporated into some modern skin care treatments. The company that developed this substance is called Sederma, and was founded in 1964. The official website states that they specialize in natural ingredients, that are extracted from vegetables, in addition to molecular synthesis, as well as biotechnology. The ingredient Haloxyl is claimed to minimize the appearance of dark under eye circles. There are two products addressed on the website that contain Haloxyl. These are an Eye Gel and Eye Cream. It’s difficult to determine what other treatments may offer this component.

Similar to many contemporary active ingredients found in cosmetics, Haloxyl is stated to be synthetic. Other than reducing the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, there are no other benefits addressed concerning Haloxyl. Moreover, customer testimonials concerning this key component are not presented on the official website. However, the website does claim that certain testing has been done on the ingredient. Unlike many cosmetic/skin care product manufacturing companies, Sederma seems to be more of a testing laboratory. They additionally take credit for developing other respected ingredients such as Dermaxyl, Matrixyl 3000, Oxylastil and Biopeptide CL. Although free trial samples of eye cream/gel containing Haloxyl are not available through the website, a convenient contact link is offered.

Product Details

Haloxyl is an active ingredient found in certain skin care remedies. Two products noted on the official Sederma website are an Eye Cream and an Eye Gel. Basically Haloxyl is an added component that aims to assist users by reducing dark under eye circles, which are commonly related to lack of sleep, genetics and diet. In regards to a money-back guarantee, this would depend on the company offering the product. It is not specified on the website whether or not Haloxyl is only suitable for women or men. Although clinical testing has apparently been done, it is not possible for curious consumers to view this data on the Sederma website.

The Good

  • There is an actual official website available for Haloxyl.
  • There have been clinical studies done for Haloxyl.
  • Haloxyl endeavors to minimize the appearance of dark circles.
  • The official Sederma website that produces Haloxyl, has additionally developed other key ingredients, which are noted on the website.

The Bad

  • There are no customer testimonials found on the website for products that contain Haloxyl.
  • It’s tough to determine if Haloxyl will cause an allergic reaction in some users, especially since it’s applied to the sensitive eye area.
  • There do not appear to be very many skin care products that contain the active ingredient Haloxyl.
  • Free trial samples of eye care products containing Haloxyl are not offered on the website.
  • Clinical studies are not found on the official website, but the site claims that they’ve been done.

The Bottom Line

Like many new-age “active” ingredients, Haloxyl is claimed to do something desirable. Unfortunately it’s difficult to tell if Haloxyl actually gets rid of dark circles. In reality, different users will likely have different reactions to the key ingredient. Since it’s difficult to determine if treatments containing Haloxyl will benefit you, it would be nice to see some actual trial samples offered via the website. However, there do not appear to be any available at this time, nor are there any customer testimonials or warnings pertaining to Haloxyl.

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  1. what r the components of molecule called haloxyl …. how they work & why they work ……
    can i get some samples to make trails

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