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Guinot is a French line of cosmetics, which was founded by a chemist, Rene Guinot. This product line has a background of over 40 years, and aims to create treatments comparable to those you might get in a spa setting. Guinot products take advantage of a now well-known hydradermie treatment (aids in the hydration of the skin). These “high-end” face and body products incorporate a wide array of vitamins, natural plant extracts and essential oils that focus on anti-aging and natural beauty. Guinot offers a variety of skin care treatments available to women and men alike.

There are numerous Guinot products available to assist consumers with common skin dilemmas such as fine lines, dry skin and pale complexions. Guinot appears to encourage self-tanning over the natural sun. This way no harmful premature aging is done to the skin. However, it’s worth remember that some self-tanning agents-at lest, the cheap ones-can be as harmful to skin at actual UV rays. Guinot treatments are available across the globe in fine spas and salons. This company aims to combine professional knowledge regarding skin care with daily treatments consumers require in order to look younger, healthier. Guinot endeavors to provide customers with a skin care line that produces salon quality results, but in the privacy of their own home.

Product Details

Guinot offers a variety of “spa-grade” topical products that are formulated and developed to assist consumers with facial and body skin care. These treatments incorporate natural plant extracts, essential oils and numerous vitamins to help address anti-aging concerns. A key aspect of Guinot products is the hydradermie treatment, which assists in the necessary hydration of the skin’s outer layers. Basically, Guinot creates a wide selection of skin care treatments geared toward those interested in anti-aging and smoother skin.

The Good

  • Guinot has been in business for over 40 years.
  • The official website offers skin care tips.
  • Guinot products contain natural moisturizers.
  • The official website has a “spa finder” tool on it to assist potential consumers.
  • Some Guinot products contain sunscreens.

The Bad

  • The official Guinot website does not offer online ordering.
  • No product prices are found on the official website.
  • More conclusive product studies would be nice.
  • No money-back guarantee can be found on the website.
  • Full ingredient lists are absent from the website.
  • No specials or discounts are offered via the website.
  • No testimonials are found on the official website.

The Bottom Line

Guinot is essentially a skin care line that was developed with spa treatments as a model. These products are focused on anti-aging and youthful radiance. Although they offer a considerable amount of skin treatments for the face and body, their official website is lacking. Potential customers will not only have trouble acquiring the products without going to the spa anyway, but they can’t even see what sort of prices they’re sold for in these “finer” salons and spas. Another downfall of this website is the fact that it lacks ingredient lists and testimonials. There is really nothing for consumers to go on other than the notion that Guinot has been in the business for over 40 years. In the end, it may be wise to choose a skin care regimen that offers more information and a money-back guarantee.


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