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Guerlain offers an official website in four languages – French, English, Japanese and Chinese. The English website contains many French words but is easy to navigate and understand. When entering the website, a pop up showing a slide show of the Guerlain storefront and interior was displayed on the screen. This was a bit unprofessional as pop ups are generally viewed as ad based or spammy.

The prodcut line offered on the Guerlain website includes skin care, perfume and makeup. There are thirteen anti-aging skin care products listed on the Guerlain website. These include the Happylogy Glowing Skin Treatment, Happylogy Night Glowing Overnight Treatment and Happylogy Ultra-Penetrating Glowing Skin Essence.

Prodcut Features

With thirteen products listed in the antiaging category alone, there is doubt that any of the products work effectively as a standalone antiaging skin care product. The antiaging products seem to be divided into three categories – 1st wrinkles and radiance, firming & anti-wrinkle and nutrition &density. The website is very difficult to read as the words are small on the page.

There are parts of the website that are not in working order including some of the antiaging product descriptions. There are no ingredient lists offered on any Guerlain products. This is disheartening because the products claim to fade away wrinkles and repair the face. Without knowing any of the ingredients, how is the consumer supposed to choose the product?

The confusion on the Guerlain website continues when it comes to finding out the ordering process for the Guerlain products. There is no pricing information on the website and thus the consumer is forced to search the Internet for the product. The Guerlain products were found at Neiman Marcus, which means this prodcut line is aimed at fine retailers. The Orchidee Imperiale Treatment, which we did not find listed in the antiaging section of the Guerlain website, is priced $1,500 for a four week treatment.

The Good

  • There is an official website.
  • The products can be easily ordered through third party retailers.

The Bad

  • There are no ingredient lists on the Guerlain website.
  • The products are no available directly from Guerlain.
  • The Guerlain website is difficult to navigate.
  • The price for the Guerlain products is outrageous.

The Bottom Line

When a skin care company wants to charge $1,500 for an antiaging product, there should be an entire website dedicated to the scientific research surrounding the ingredients. There is no such website, or one that we found, on the Guerlain products. What we did find was a main website that offered hype and talk with nothing to back up the claims. The consumer has to search to find the products online and then they are priced far above what the normal consumer can pay. We cannot support any product line that does not prove their ingredients work and then wants to charge $1,500 a treatment.

2 thoughts on “Guerlain Review”

  1. I bought a few of their cosmetics (two mascara: blue and purple) and the quality was horrible and not only that it was like $35 (which is probably the most expensive mascara in the world, not even dior or the other top name brands sell their mascara that expensive, I know because I’ve bought it from them before) on top of being expensive, the quality isnt that great. I dont suggest buying their product.

  2. LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE Guerlain!!! Best foundation, powder, bronzer, mascara EVER!!!I tried EVERYTHING on the market but nothing comes close to guerlain. Its expensive but worth every penny

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