Growth Factor Serum Review


Growth Factor Serum is an anti wrinkle treatment manufactured by Rhonda Allison Clinical Enterprises. This manufacturer is also responsible for the development of several lines of retail beauty products, as well as a line geared toward skin care professionals that is only dispensed with a prescription. Growth Factor Serum was developed by Rhonda Allison, who began her skin care career approximately 28 years ago. A professional aesthetician, Rhonda Allison established a devoted clientele for her skin peeling treatments, a procedure that she’s been performing since its development. Her practice eventually turned into Rhonda Allison Clinical Enterprises. Today, she gives “age management” seminars across the country, and the official Growth Factor Serum website will keep you informed about any seminars scheduled in your area.

The stated goal of Rhonda Allison Clinical Enterprises is to provide “skin nutrition,” and their Growth Factor Serum is one example of this goal. While this treatment remains popular, many of the company’s recently developed products seem to make use of vitamin synthesis technology. So what makes the Growth Factor Serum so popular? This product claims to be a solid moisturizer that also offers an array of beneficial antioxidants and several other natural ingredients.

Product Details

Staying in character with it’s name, Growth Factor Serum claims to contain a high concentrate of “epidermal growth factor.” Unfortunately, the official product website does not explain why this is desirable, nor does it explain what effects this enhanced growth factor has to offer product users. Rhonda Allison’s Growth Factor Serum is meant to be used as a follow-up treatment for microdermabrasion or other potentially harsh chemical peels or exfoliants. This product is claimed to be suitable for all skin types. It can also be used as part of a daily regimen to build up healthy, new skin.

Active ingredients found in Rhonda Allison Growth Factor Serum are: Water, epidermal growth factor complex, aloe vera gel, fumaric acid, superoxide dismutase, essential oils, (tangerine, lemon, rosewood, bergamot) xanthan gum, and benzyl alcohol.

Unfortunately, no full product ingredient list is given, meaning that users with sensitive skin will want to conduct a skin test prior to use.

The Good

  • Official website offers a directory of locations where this product can be purchased.
  • Product contains patented new ingredient.
  • Product was developed by a skin care professional.

The Bad

  • No free product sample available from official website.
  • No money back guarantee available.
  • Product seems to have a finite area of availability and is not offered in many states,
  • Little info is offered on product’s active ingredients, making it difficult for us to determine what they actually do for your skin.

The Bottom Line

When we started researching Growth Factor Serum, we really liked where it was going. The company founder seems to be a hands-on skin care professional keeping up with the industry. Sadly, the company does not use this expertise to address the concerns of potential product users. For example, Growth Factor Serum contains an ingredient called “epidermal growth factor,” but no details about this ingredient are given. Additionally, the product seems to suffer from limited availability in the USA.

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