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Editor's Review: 3.8 / 5.0

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Amongst the many skin care brands available today, you will find GM Collin. This is a company that was founded in 1957, and is located in France. The official website states that this brand is known for first using collagen pellicles. Currently they offer Dermo-Cosmetik Laboratories, which is located in Montreal. As with many contemporary skin care brands these days, GM Collin claims to incorporate both the finest ingredients and latest science/technology into their treatments. The goal of this line is to restore radiance and a youthful glow to the complexions of both women and men.

The five main categories listed on the official GM Collin website at this time are Clinical Treatments, Gentlemen Only, Body Care, Sun Care, and Home Skin Care. Under the Home Skin Care category, you will find Exfoliation products, Environmental Protection, Surface Cleansing products, Make-up Removers, and Treating Lotions. Many of these topical treatments appear to be fragrance-free and alcohol-free. Other than assisting with anti-aging, GM Collin products like the Puracne Oxygen Gel aim to treat acne blemishes and blackheads. The key ingredient incorporated is Salicylic Acid, which sloughs away dead skin cells to prevent and reduce pimples. Another common ingredient found in some GM Collin products is Glycolic Acid. It is known for exfoliating dead skin cells and aiding with anti-aging.

Product Details

The GM Collin skin care line addresses both the daily skin care regimens of women and men. Not only is this line supposed to help with daily skin maintenance, but it is additionally claimed to combat wrinkles, reverse sun damage, hydrate the skin, and treat acne blemishes and pimples. Unfortunately the prices for these skin treatments are not posted on the official website, and it is unclear whether or not they can be acquired online or not. There is a convenient 1-800 number and email address offered to assist consumers with learning more about GM Collin skin care. There is also a skin care tips page provided to give some insight regarding regular skin care.

The Good

  • The official website provides a convenient email address and 1-800 number.
  • Some of the key ingredients for GM Collin treatments are listed out on the website.
  • There are skin care products for both women and men available through this line.

The Bad

  • No actual prices are posted on the website, which may be a problem for some individuals.
  • It does not appear that any of the GM Collin treatments are sold conveniently via the website.
  • All of the ingredients found in these skin care products are not listed out on the website for review.
  • GM Collin treatments may only be available in Canada.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the GM Collin line of skincare is interesting in some ways. It is generally nice to see that they aim to incorporate both fine ingredients and the latest technology. However, it would be even better if all of these ingredients were revealed on the website. Not to mention it would be nice to see the skin care products for sale through the site with the prices posted next to them. Information like this is generally expected from modern consumers.

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13 Comments/Questions/Answers to GM Collin

  • 1

    Dr. Sonya Friedman

    Didn’t find an email or phone number on their site, could you provide one for GM Collins

  • 2


    You can purchase GM Collin products at Donato Salon and Spa in Ontario, Canada. I’ve tried the skincare products for a month now. Nothing is cheap nor lower than CAD37.00 I invested on it to see if it will really work. In the 1month that I’ve been using 8 items AM/PM i have not actually seen a significant improvement on my face yet. Neither did my friends notice it too. We’ll see after 6months ..

  • 3


    GM Collins is sold at salons around the US. I am from massachusetts and they sell the brand at Millenium in Beverly. I have also seen it in Melrose and Ipswich

  • 4


    GM Collin is only available from your aesthetician. They only sell to aestheticians. That is why you will not see prices or ingredients on their site. Their products for home use are amazing and their spa treatments are absolutely incredible!!! The results I have achieved in a few short months from combining spa treatments and using the products at home have been the best I have ever experienced and I have always used the highest echelon skincare.

  • 5


    i have been having CONSTANT, cystic (and other) acne, mostly around my chin area, for at least a year or more. i have tried basically every over the counter drug store version and proactiv. proactiv worked for awhile but then stopped. I got so fed up i went and got a ‘dermasound facial'(not every place has them, and it ran me about $125+tip); the aesthetitian gave me some samples of the GM collin face wash, toner and moisturizer. also a repair cream. almost instantly, my face started clearing up and i have had no more pimples, except for the ones that were already forming before i bought the product. she said some would probably come to the surface and then it would start to get better. also, there is oxygen in the products, which she said will not let bacteria grow in the pores, hence eliminating acne. I bought the face wash, toner (she said toner is extremely important; you spray it on, and while your face is still wet, you use just a small amount of lotion. using the toner allows you to lock in the moisturizer and you actually use less of it. that is good since the moisturizer is $50. So the face wash, toner and moisturizer were $30, $30 and $50. i’ll tell you, i am NOT made of money, but i was desperate to get rid of this acne. i am 33 and had just started developing it and NOTHING was working!. the repair cream (which i havent bought and i think is around $65) helps fade acne and age spots too; you use a tiny bit every other night (and dont use the moisturizer on those nights); this is like a mini peel she said. all in all, i will pay the money if it clears my skin….and so far so good. i havent gone a week without developing new pimples since i can remember. i think i will be purchasing the repair cream as well. she also said that i would probably not have to use the acne line forever, maybe 6 months or so. even so though, it is very mild and smells very clean. not harsh like proactiv. Hope this helps to anyone who’s feeling desperate for a cure for (adult) acne.

  • 6


    Hi Kerri,

    What other GM Colin products do you recommend? I want to prevent necklines and lines around my eyes area. I’m 28 but I want use good products to prevent these. Thx

  • 7


    Hi Kerri,
    My girlfriend got me hooked on GM Collin, and I will never go back. It is quite pricey, but it is the best product out there. I am also 28 and use some of their anti-aging line more for prevention. I use their hydramucine line as I have dehydrated skin. For my eyes (to prevent wrinkles) I use the Bota-Peptide 5 Concentrate and 2x a week I use the Phyto Stem Cell Mask. Like I said, the products are pricy, but in my opinion definitely worth it. I would recommend finding a Spa in your area that carries the GM Collin products where you can get a skin consultation. Good luck!

  • 8


    I received GM Collin samples for line reducing and hydration creams with an order I placed for Dermalogica. I tried them one night and just the smell and feel had me using them the next few nights. I am so happy with the results from just the samples, I am online now to place an order for their products, and based on the comments here re: acne, I will go with the entire line for skin care. I am anxious to see if the results improve using all the products together. Very happy with the creams, and the smell and feel are some of the best, and I’ve had spa treatments at some of the finest spas around the country. Mostly, the lines around my eyes visibly softened with only a few nights. I am 45, with only crows feet and initial signs of neck lines…hoping to stop and stall right here and now.

  • 9


    re. Hydramucine Treating Lotion

    company shrinked above-mentioned product: from 238mLs – 200????????

  • 10


    u must be rolling in the dough to be able to afford all that product;-|

  • 11


    Coud you pls tell me where online you oder you products? THank you, Natalia

  • 12


    Hi Kerri,
    I’m curious which product line you use? It seems like there are a few different cleanser/toner/moisturizer. Today are you still using the product? I bought the small travel kit of the hyramucine line and liked it, but was thinking of buying the acne complex as I aswell have the acne on my chin!!

  • 13


    hello – really need a good moisturizer for mature skin – very dry skin and am senior

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