GM Collin Review

Have a few questions about whether or not GM Collin works?

GM Collin is a skincare company that sells products to spas and aestheticians. They are, in turn, sold to customers. Some are used in a professional setting. The business started in 1957 in France and expanded to Canada in the 1990s.

What is GM Collin?

GM Collin is a beauty business that claims to focus on giving customers “more radiant, healthier, younger-looking skin.” There is very little information on the formulas available to visitors of the official website because the company does not sell direct. You have to find a professional in your area. There are no ingredients listed, but you can find some on outside retail websites.

Quick Facts on GM Collin

  • Irritants like lemon peel oil, lime oil and grapefruit peel oil are used.
  • It looks like products are paraben free.
  • You cannot order directly from GM Collin.
  • Prices are not listed, so professionals can likely set their own prices.
  • Online sales are considered fraudulent, though they appear to be connected with GM Collin.
  • There is no mention of clinical or animal testing.
  • The line is for both men and women.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take?

“GM Collin appears to be a decent company and they have been around for decades, but there’s something about a line that’s sold only to professionals that scares us,” explained our Skincare Editor. “There are no prices listed and that means one thing – the seller can set the price and that could mean you’re spending far too much.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

Two issues that came up time and again deal with lack of results and difficulty purchasing.

  • “Not a good product. Don’t buy it. It won’t do anything for your face.”

But, there are positive reviews, as well.

  • “It truly removes dead skin cells and leaves your face feeling refreshed after application.”
  • “Am an older woman and this product softens my skin…no drying like other cleansers.”

Difficulty purchasing was another common complaint.

  • “Be careful ordering online. Gm Collin does not authorize online sales, unless from a spa/salon that carries the line. What you’re getting if purchasing online is most likely expired products, especially if you get it from Amazon or eBay.”
  • “GM Collin is only available from your aesthetician. They only sell to aestheticians. That is why you will not see prices or ingredients on their site.”

We did find one review that claimed online orders are safe.

  • “I bought some of the GM Collins from Amazon early in the year of 2015. The expiration date on three of my purchase were March 2018.”

Is Now the Time to Order from GM Collin?

Here’s where things get confusing. There are clearly products in the GM Collin line that people love, but there are also those that customers want to learn more about without having to visit a spa to talk with someone face to face. Partner that with the lack of results mentioned by some users and you have reason to be skeptical.

What Do We Like Better Than GM Collin?

In 2016, the best anti-aging product we’ve found is BioGeniste. It’s hydrating and it works with clinically tested ingredients to fight the signs of aging. We love the large number of amazing reviews and you can order easily online.

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