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The Europe based product company, Glysomed, is a partner with the Canadian Blistex company. The Blistex name is most commonly linked to lip care products, but the Glysomed products have little to do with lip care. The company offers a list of products aimed at skin health. These products boast of being hand formulated with vitamins, essential oils and alcohols. The most popular Glysomed products include the hand creams and facial creams.

The official Glysomed website is full of skin tips and healthy information regarding keeping the skin healthier and more vibrant. The website can be reached directly or through a link on the official Blistex website. The website provides detailed information on each of the Glysomed products as well as an ingredient list. The facial moisturizing product claims to reduce the signs of aging with two collagen enhancing complexes, but does not name these ingredients by name. This leaves the consumer to research the entire list of more than 20 ingredients to find out which ones are collagen supporting and if they work.

Product Features

The Glysomed products contain many ingredients which vary by product. The facial moisturizer, the main focus of the website contains water, cyclomethicone, glyceryl stearate, peg-100 stearate, cetyl alcohol, arachidyl alcohol, polysorbate 60, myristyl Myristate, stearic acid, phenoxyethanol, behenyl alcohol, chamomilla recutita flower extract, magnesium aluminum silicate, arachidyl glucoside, sodium pca, supalmitoyl hydroxyproline, glycerin, panthenol, butyrospermum parkii fruit, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, tocopheryl acetate, triethanolamine, c12-15 alkyl benzoate, tribehenin, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, ceraminde 2, peg-10 rapeseed sterol, pvm / ma decadiene crosspolymer, palmitoyl oligopeptide and parfum.

This list of ingredients is overpowering for a consumer and with no notations as to which ingredients are helpful for the antiaging of the skin, the consumer is left up in the air. The Tocopheryl acetate is Vitamin E and that is a good ingredient to include in an antiaging skin care cream. The listed Vitamin C and Chamomile noted in the description are named in the list in scientific form.

The Bad

  • The Glysomed products offer ingredient lists online.
  • There is an official website with contact information.
  • There are testimonials for the products.

The Bad

  • There is no proof any of the products work to reduce aging.
  • The claims are a bit over the top.
  • There is no return policy listed on the website.
  • No free samples are available online.

The Bottom Line

The Glysomed products have the backing of a known company – Blistex. But, this backing does not mean the products offer enough information to the consumer to support their claims of antiaging and skin health benefits. From the outside looking in, the Glysomed products have claimed more than they can prove. We are not supporting this product or line of products at this time.

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  1. I would like to buy the Glysomed Unscented hand cream in a bigger formula than the 50 ml which is fine for travelling but to expensive for day to day use. Is it available and if so where can I buy it. I live in Ottawa, Canada. (I know a lot of other people that are also interested since our building is encouraging employees not to wear perfume and the green one has too much of a strong smell). Thank you

  2. Recently I purchased a glysomed gift pack of 4 products. Yes your product works well, but have you ever tried to open your round hand cream foil cover? I realized this is on for hygiene purposes, but an elderly hand having to take out a knife or sissors to open a hand cream container!! Come on, could there not be a pull tab placed on this hand cream. Just wondering if one of your parents (or yourself) could give it a whirl. Good product….Bad design. Stacia Berneche, Windsor ontario canada

  3. Recently I purchased a glysomed 4 pack gift box. Yes your product works well, but have you ever tried to open your round 5oz hand cream round container? I realize the foil on top is for hygiene purposes, but have you ever had a elderly person try to take the foil off without using a knife or sissors? A pull tab could have been brought to the design rooms attention. Maybe you should let their parents (or themselves) try to take the foil off their product. Come on folks, who do you think uses this product. God product….BAD design. Stacia Berneche Windsor ontario

  4. I live in Goderich On., I really like the unscented glysomed hand cream but I can only find it in the 50ml,all the stores sell the scented in the larger container, why, there are so many of us that can`t use scented anything, can you please send the unscented to the stores that carry your product, thank tou

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