Glycogel Review


Glycogel is a European cosmetic skin care product sold by dealers in North America. Glycogel is made by Mesoesthetic. The entire product line made by Mesoesthetic is geared towards the treatment of aged skin. Besides Glycogel, Mesoesthetic makes many other skincare products like Hydra vital, Regenerating gel, Anti aging control and Facial Mask just to name a few. The Glycogel product has been widely touted as a miracle product to fight nature. Regular use of this cream is said to heal minor skin lesions, shed the dead skin and debris, open the pores and hydrate the lower layers of the skin. Mesoesthetic claims that this gel can significantly improve the elasticity and tone of the skin. The cream has to be used twice daily for the best results. Besides working on aging skin, the cream can also help remove pigmented spots, sun damaged skin, and erase the fine lines and wrinkles. The end result of using Glycogel is claimed to be a naturally looking healthy skin that appears vibrant and radiant.

Product Details

There is no website so it is difficult to know what all the ingredients in Glycogel are. The majority of dealers do not list the ingredients. Some dealers do mention that Glycogel contains Glycolic acid (8%), vegetable extract complex and ammonium hydroxide. Some dealers also mention that other mesoesthetic formulas contain proteoglycangs (5%) avocado oil, allantoin and hydroviton.

The Good

  • Contains Glycolic acid.

The Bad

  • No website.
  • Very expensive.
  • Product ingredient list not available.
  • Few testimonials.
  • No photos.
  • No clinical trials.
  • No refunds.

The Bottom Line

Glycogel is a bit of a disappointment. Like most European cosmetics, the manufacturers somehow feel that they do not need a website to sell the product. Secondly, the product ingredients are not listed. Other minor negatives include very few testimonials, no refunds, no innovative anti-aging ingredients, no photos, no clinical trials and, most importantly, there is nothing special about Glycogel. All Glycogel contains is glycolic acid which has been used as a peeling agent for the last 30 years.

Glycolic acid at 8% does very little for the skin and is only for home use. Concentrations greater than 15% do have a moderate effect on the skin and are used at spas and massage parlors. Glycolic acid acts like a superficial peeling agent and does remove dead skin and debris. However, Mesoesthetic wants to sell the same Glycolic acid in Glycogel for more than $80 and other Mesoesthetic anti-aging creams cost more than $120. On the internet, glycolic acid can be bought for less than $30. There is no question that glycolic acid works in rejuvenation of the skin. But to pay $80 for a few ounces is insane. I definitely do not recommend Glycogel to any consumer. There are a lot better anti-aging products available in the USA which are more effective and a lot cheaper than this European product.

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