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Gisele Delorme is a well known international cosmetic and beauty firm. This French firm has always designed exclusive high-end products for clients all over the world. The basic concept of the company is to develop skincare and beauty products based on the utilization of essential oils and aromatherapy. Gisele Delorme has now ventured into the anti-aging market and they offer various creams and lotions that are claimed to remove all the fine facial lines a user may suffer from and to also prevent the development of more wrinkles.

Gisele claims that each product is custom designed to bring out the maximum beauty of an individual. The end result is a refreshed skin tone that looks firm, young and exceptionally beautiful. Other Gisele Delorme products include lotions, makeup, shampoos, hair products, non-medicated soaps, face and body scrubs, cleansing lotions and body creams.

Product Details

Unfortunately Gisele Delorme has made no effort to list the ingredients in any of their formulas. There is a French website, but for the North American consumer, this is simply not adequate. If Gisele wants to sell products in North America, then the firm must make an attempt to have an English website. Simply saying that the formulas contain essential oils is pretty meaningless.

The Good

  • Many different products available.

The Bad

  • No English website.
  • No testimonials.
  • Very vague information on all Gisele products.
  • Very expensive.
  • No photos .
  • No listing of ingredients.
  • No clinical trial data.

The Bottom line

The majority of European cosmetic and beauty firms still believe that simply having a good past reputation is enough to sell their products. This may have been so 10 years ago, but it is not true today. Gisele Delorme many make great creams and lotions, but it is difficult to find out any information. There are no ingredients listed, there is no English website and it is difficult even to know where to buy the products. The majority of sites in cyberspace are international and it seems foolhardy to order a product from Europe about which so little is known. In addition, Gisele products are prohibitively expensive. With the current economic situation in North America, I would be hard pressed to recommend such expensive products to any consumer without knowing what the ingredients are. There are a lot of North American products with decent anti-aging ingredients available at a much cheaper price. Just to be fair to Gisele Delorme, we did call many department stores in around the country and some products are only available at the high-end department stores. But unfortunately, the stores would not release the ingredient list unless the product was purchased.

However, there is some information on Gisele Facials when you go to Paris. So for those who can still afford a vacation to Paris, try out a Gisele Facial at one of the many salons advertised in cyberspace. It is claimed that this “once in a life time” refreshing facial booster will make you beautiful and refreshed in a matter of hours, and prices typically run around $200.

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  1. what are your prices of the products? do i have to be a member to purchase products? I am interestd in purchasing the 2B Bio Beauty peels and oxygel. i would like to knw all prices for all 2b bio beuaty products

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