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Interestingly, Frownies was developed over 120 years ago when a mother wanted to help her daughter get rid of her wrinkles and frown lines. Frownies would go on to become very popular among actresses in early Hollywood and those endorsements went a long way and helped Frownies’ marketing tremendously. The brand has recently experienced a revival in popularity after since new generation of actresses have been overheard talking up the benefits of their mother’s anti-wrinkle treatment.

Frownies is most widely known for its facial pads, which claim to teach the muscles under the skin to remain in their normal position. These pads remain on your face for a minimum of three hours and the result is a claimed reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Usually pads are applied in the evening, when the user has a few quiet hours indoors.

Frownies offers a unique and different approach to your standard creams and serums, and also offers a few products that you would expect to find in your anti-aging department. There are five products you can purchase from the official website. According to the manufacturer, these have all been formulated to work together. These products include the ph Balancing Complexion Wash, Immune Perfect Wrinkle Cream, Frownies Facial Patches, and the Immune Shield Serum. These are all part of a four-step daily regimen (using all products is most likely to get you ideal results) and there is also a Frownies Hydrator Spray, which seems to be the brand’s toner.

Product Details

The Frownies Facial Patches are basically sticky pads you apply to your face to help smooth out your skin. You stick them on where you want to treat your wrinkles and the patches hold your skin smoothly in place. This allegedly encourages your skin cells to shift to the position they originally held before the wrinkles developed. The only ingredients are Kraft paper and gum adhesive so they should be safe for most people to use without worry of side effects or allergic reactions.

The other products created by Frownies contain many anti-oxidants and vitamins and the Immune Perfect contains water-soluble melanin, which we found unique and interesting.

The Good

  • Very long history with a great reputation.
  • Frownies offers a money-back guarantee.2


The Bad

  • You must wear a patch on your face for at least three hours per day.
  • There are no clinical trials or research posted on the official website.
  • Some people may sweat while wearing Frownies patches and become uncomfortable.
  • It is necessary to buy all of this manufacturer’s line in order to see the ideal claimed results.

The Bottom Line

It’s nice to come across a product with such a rich and exciting history. Unfortunately, this technology is just seems too outdated. You can essentially accomplish the same thing with some duct tape. The addition of products to accompany the patches is nice, but there just aren’t enough people around with the time to hide out at home for three hours a day while they wait for a patch to help smooth their skin.

13 thoughts on “Frownies Review”

  1. This product is an absolute miracle for the crease bewtween my eyebrows. I have been using these for years, and nothing takes away that line like Frownies. I see immediate results after just three or four nights. I sleep in them.

  2. This product is the only product that gets rid of the lines between my brows. No other product does. I can wear them for about three nights in a row and it is gone.

  3. I looked like someone had ironed a crease btw my eyes. Now after consistent use of frownies, I have almost smooth skin there now. Tried using duct tape….HUGE mistake. Made the crease so much deeper, back to frownies.

  4. Can frownies cause eyelash loss. I have very deep lines between my brows, will frownies help. they are very deep.

  5. Reading reviews about the Frownies lip/Mouth Patches the majority of users are finding them very difficult to put and stay on. Any comments please

  6. I put my frownies strip on everytime before going to bed. I use it daily since 6 months. Can it cause any side effect or anything like that?

  7. I have been using frownies since 6 months for my galbella frowns (no.11 lines) on my forehead. I cant see any difference. How long will it take to show visible signs?

  8. I have been using frownies now for a couple of weeks for the lines between my brows, even though they are still there the deep red lines are fading, I’m definitely gonna keep using them as they are slowly working and nothing else has

  9. I have been using frownies for a few years and as a woman 50 plus – I took it as a compliment when I was accused of using botox although offended, it was a compliment. -as Frownies have removed my frown line. Excellent product.

  10. Anyone else using these for deep “11s”, do they actually work? If so how long did it take til you saw proper results? Want to try these as i’m only 20 and have lines, but a bit sceptical….

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