Fraxel Review


Fraxel is one type of “laser skin treatment” available to women and men these days at professional spas and clinics. This particular procedure is stated to be “safe and non-invasive.” One of the benefits of Fraxel treatments is that there isn’t supposed to be any downtime. Now, about the purpose of this skin treatment. Basically Fraxel is suitable for those with deep facial wrinkles, severe sun damage, irksome age spots, skin discoloration, crow’s feet, acne scars, and even scarring from past surgeries. As with most anti-aging treatments such as Fraxel, the goal is to “get back the radiant skin of your youth.”

At this point there are four different types of Fraxel treatments. These are the Fraxel re:fine treatment (this one is for skin damage prevention), re:store treatment (geared toward those with mild to severe skin damage), re:pair treatment (this procedure is for the most severe skin damage), and Fraxel Skin Ecology System (this is for post-treatment care). To give potential patients an idea, there is a photo gallery posted on the official website. Furthermore, there are “patient stories” provided on the website for review. To give people an idea of what the skin endures and why it changes in appearance, there is a page provided that discusses what the skin is like in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and later on. Even if you do not acquire Fraxel treatments, this data is informative.

Product Details

Amongst the many anti-aging treatments available these days, you’ll find Fraxel Laser Treatments. Although these are professional skin procedures, they do not require downtime for the patient to heal afterwards. Since this beauty procedure is professional, you’ll want to utilize the convenient “find a doctor” apparatus, which is located on the official website. The primary purposes of Fraxel treatments are to help with deep facial wrinkles, severe sun damage, irksome age spots, skin discoloration, crow’s feet, acne scars, and even scarring from past surgeries. Naturally there is no money-back guarantee provided with this skin care procedure, since it’s acquired in a professional atmosphere as a service.

The Good

  • Fraxel Laser Treatments are a professional type of procedure, which means that they are overseen by real medical professionals.
  • There are patient stories, as well as before and after photos presented on the official website.

The Bad

  • Since Fraxel Laser Treatments are “professional,” they are not suitable for home use.
  • There is no refund guarantee with a procedure like this.
  • It’s unclear if there are side effects that go along with Fraxel Laser Treatments.
  • The cost of this procedure is unknown since it is not specified on the official website.
  • The spa or doctor’s visits necessary to undergo Fraxel could become expensive and time-consuming.

The Bottom Line

All in all, there are some individuals that may appreciate an anti-aging procedure such as Fraxel Laser Treatments. On one hand, these procedures are more of a quick fix to certain aging dilemmas like age spots, crow’s feet, sun damage, facial wrinkles and collagen loss. On the other hand, you can bet that Fraxel Laser Treatments will be more pricey than many at-home topical treatments that can be acquired online or in stores. It all comes down to which type of treatment suits you best. This is a pretty involved treatment, though, and you may want to try out one of the cutting-edge topical creams out there before committing to laser treatments.

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