Florame Review


Florame Aromatherapy is a brand of skin care that provides “essential oil-based products” to women and men around the world. This company was founded back in 1990 and claims to specialize in aromatic raw materials. Although Florame appears to be based in Texas, they additionally offer a UK website. Unlike some other modern lines, this brand embraces “organic farming principles.” At this time there are several different categories of Florame products, which rage from Organic Skin Care, to Essential Oils, to Home Fragrances, to Organic Well-Being, to Organic Herbal Teas, to Soaps, to a men’s line, to The Pure Pleasure of Plants. All Florame products are sold through the website.

In regards to the Organic Skin Care line of Florame treatments, there are massage oils, floral waters, aromatic bath oils with essential oils, skin-care soaps and anti-aging oils. The two different anti-aging oils are for combination skin and dry skin. These oils contain ingredients like vegetable oils, musk rose essential oils, distilled lemon, clary sage, true lavender, rosewood, hazelnut oil, sweet almond, absorbic acid, Frankincense and blue chamomile. The purpose of these anti-aging oils is to assist users with combating fine lines, reducing hyper pigmentation, smoothing out rough patches, hydrating the skin, and boosting collagen levels. These two oils sell for $42 each for 1.6 fluid ounces. Free trial samples of Florame Aromatherapy products are not offered.

Product Details

Florame is a line of face and body treatments that focus on essential oils and organic components. These products are geared towards women and men alike and endeavor to assist with common signs of aging like wrinkles, dry skin, hyper pigmentation, sun damage and acne. The major ingredients offered in these topical treatments are vegetable oils, musk rose essential oils, distilled lemon, clary sage, true lavender, rosewood, hazelnut oil, sweet almond, absorbic acid, Frankincense and blue chamomile. There doesn’t appear to be and type of guarantee offered with Florame Aromatherapy products. There is no clinical testing results posted on the official website, nor are there any user testimonials.

The Good

  • The official website for Florame Aromatherapy products offers decent descriptions of each product and what they aim to do.
  • Any of the Florame Aromatherapy products can be easily acquired through the website.

The Bad

  • There are no positive reviews posted on the Florame Aromatherapy website for their skin care treatments.
  • No kind of refund option is mentioned on the website.
  • It doesn’t appear that all ingredients found in the anti-aging oils are listed on the website.
  • Those who have allergic reactions to plant oils may not want to use Florame Aromatherapy products.
  • Similar to many other skin care brands, no free samples of Florame Aromatherapy are offered.

The Bottom Line

As far as offering unique natural ingredients, Florame Aromatherapy is somewhat interesting. The age of all-natural products and organic materials is certainly in full effect. While it’s great to see that Florame Aromatherapy endorses “organic farming principles,” this doesn’t necessarily mean all of their skin care products are effective as claimed. Also, since there are no free samples of Florame Aromatherapy products offered at this time, it’s impossible to give them a try without spending money. Finally, the fact that no testimonials are posted to support Florame may raise a few suspicions amongst some men and women.

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