Flavo C Review


Flavo C is a “moisturizing anti-aging cream” that can be acquired online through websites like Auriga International, a company/vendor that bills itself as “Advance in Dermo-Cosmetology.” It appears that this company is the manufacturer of Flavo C Cream, but this is not clarified. Basically, like most other ant-aging treatments flooding the skin care market, this cream aims to moisturize dehydrated or dry skin, protect the epidermis by making it stronger and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while improving the overall skin texture. It is stated that Flavo C Cream is to be used in conjunction with Flavo C Serum. It is directed to be applied to clean skin, but after the Serum is applied. Numerous distributors offer this ant-aging treatment in several different countries. Since Flavo C is not sold directly through the official website, there is a “distributor apparatus” offered to help consumers find a dealer.

In regards to this particular topical cream, it’s encouraged to be used on normal to dry complexions. Flavo C is claimed to work as a powerful moisturizer that compliments the effects of Flavo C Serum, which contains the key active ingredient Vitamin C (helps with skin cell renewal). The purpose of applying Flavo C Cream each morning and night after the Serum is to restore moisture to the user’s complexion and lock it in. Eventually the facial skin is supposed to become smoother, softer and more youthful. The user should see a reduction in facial lines and deep expression creases.

Product Details

Flavo C is a topical cream that’s claimed to assist mature women with wrinkle reduction, daily moisturizing, and protecting the facial skin. Although there is no actual price posted for this treatment cream, the directions for daily usage are revealed. It doesn’t appear that Flavo C Cream offers a particular active component, however, the Flavo C Serum that’s intended to be used in conjunction with this product contains Vitamin C to potentially renew and heal the skin. No customer testimonials or clinical research are provided on the website where Flavo C is sold. Furthermore, there doesn’t seem to be any kind of money-back/satisfaction guarantee presented either.

The Good

  • Simple directions are offered online that state how Flavo C is used.
  • There is a tool on the website where Flavo C is sold that directs consumers to nearby distributors.

The Bad

  • There are no primary active ingredients revealed for Flavo C Cream.
  • A satisfaction guarantee is not offered with this treatment, therefore you may not be able to get a refund if you’re not satisfied with this topical cream.
  • No clinical trials are presented on the website to support the claimed effectiveness of Flavo C.
  • No ingredients for this facial moisturizer are listed at all on the website.

The Bottom Line

In the vast world of facial creams, Flavo C does not stand out a great deal in comparison to many others out there. First of all, there is no key active ingredient listed on the website for Flavo C. Also, there is no information on the manufacturer of this facial cream, nor are there any clinical trials supporting it. If there were at least some testimonials from other users or maybe a money-back guarantee offered with Flavo C Cream, then this anti-wrinkle product would probably appear more appealing.


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