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Feiya Cosmetics is a skin care line that appears to be out of California and caters to women specifically. This cosmetic line is offered by Hong Kong Fashion. Some treatments provided by this brand are Day Cream, Eye Gel, All-Day Lipstick, Pimple Mask, Cellular Serum, Night Cream, Exp Serum, Acne Lotion, Valanna Day Cream, Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Sun Block Lotion, Cleanser, Batsuna day Cream, Aloe Gel Mask, and the Feiya Wrinkle Mask. Currently the official Feiya website does not offer a great deal of information regarding their products. Although the treatments are listed on the website, there are no descriptions; only photos. On the other hand, there is an allergy warning posted on the site.

To place more focus on a specific treatment from Feiya Cosmetics, here’s the scoop on the Batsuna Day Cream. This is a facial moisturizer that aims to reduce acne blemishes, fade out age spots, minimize freckles and lighten the complexion. Some of the main ingredients offered in this product are Vitamins E, A and D. These are antioxidants that may help with damaged skin tissue. Furthermore, like other Feiya Cosmetics, the Batsuna Day Cream hydrates the skin and utilizes the key ingredient Bearberry Extract, which is said to reduce bacteria and lead to fewer acne breakouts. All in all, Feiya Cosmetics are claimed to assist women with anti-aging, blemishes, dry skin, hyper pigmentation, facial sagging, sun damage, wrinkles and daily maintenance.

Product Details

Feiya Cosmetics are a niche skin care line out of San Jose, California. Their topical treatments address issues like freckles, wrinkles, age spots, redness, dry complexions and irritation from pollutants. By incorporating Bearberry Extract, along with Vitamins A, E and D, Feiya Cosmetics endeavor to improve the user’s overall skin texture and radiance. There are no customer testimonials or rave reviews posted on the official Feiya Cosmetics website, nor is their any kind of clinical data presented. It’s not stated whether or not Feiya Cosmetics come with a guarantee of any kind. Since there are no product descriptions or prices posted on the website, it may be difficult to determine if any Feiya Cosmetics are right for you.

The Good

  • Feiya Cosmetics aim to assist women with anti-aging, blemishes, dry skin, hyper pigmentation, facial sagging, sun damage, wrinkles and daily maintenance.
  • Some Feiya Cosmetics contain ingredients like Vitamins A, D and E.

The Bad

  • There is an allergy warning posted clearly on the official website.
  • Customer testimonials or before/after photos are not offered on the Feiya Cosmetics website.
  • No product descriptions or prices are posted for Feiya Cosmetics at this time.
  • There is little to no background information presented on the company that manufactures Feiya Cosmetics.
  • A satisfaction guarantee is not mentioned on the official website.

The Bottom Line

Considering the countless cosmetic and skin care lines available these days, there isn’t much of a reason to choose Feiya Cosmetics. Not only does the official website lack descriptions of the products, but there is no real information provided on the company’s background. It would surely be nice to see some testimonials for Feiya Cosmetics, along with some real clinical data and a money-back guarantee with these products. Unfortunately none of this policy information is actually offered.

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