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The FaceMaster Facial Toning System is an anti-aging machine endorsed by Suzanne Somers. It claims to exercise the facial muscles to “take care of wrinkles” and to tone and tighten sagging, aging skin. The system includes a two ounce bottle of the FaceMaster Conductive Solution, one hundred FaceMaster Foam Caps, a step-by-step instructional DVD, and a bottle of Collagen Enhancing Serum With Peptides. Also, batteries are included. Suzanne Somers says on the official website, “I have been using the FaceMaster religiously for over a decade. It’s my best kept secret for a youthful, ageless look. I couldn’t live without it.”

Product Details

The FaceMaster is supposed to be used every other day and it is an eighteen minute treatment once users have mastered the technique. The machine is used with foam caps that are dipped into the Conductive Solution. The FaceMaster machine then administers small doses of electricity that are applied to the facial skin. The “mild electrical stimulation” is said to tone the skin, making it appear smoother and less wrinkled. The FaceMaster can not be used by everyone, however. Cautions include warnings to anyone with cardiac arrhythmias, pacemakers, implanted defibrillators, or other implanted metallic or metal devices. There is an entire list of contra-indicated uses listed on the label that should be read to ensure safe operation. The website also states that men with a beard can not use it over the beard, only on the rest of the face, as the FaceMaster has to have contact with the skin.

The Good

  • The FaceMaster Toning System comes with a guarantee and an extended warranty in case the product does not work. There is a 100% money back guarantee within thirty days.
  • Replacements and refills are easily available online so that users can re-order foam caps, Conductive Solution, and Collagen Enhancing Serum With Peptides.

The Bad

  • The website does not provide customer testimonials or any before and after photos.
  • The product is expensive to try at $169.00 for the complete kit.
  • There are no scientific studies available to verify the claims made by the FaceMaster Toning System. Electricity based wrinkle fighting machines have often enjoyed a faddish popularity, especially in Europe, but there is little conclusive evidence to back them up.

The Bottom Line

It is good to be especially leery of any product endorsed by a celebrity. Without customer testimonials or before and after pictures, it is difficult to substantiate claims that the product works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. There are similar products on the market that administer electricity to the skin and users report swelling, dark circles under the eyes, and broken blood vessels. Consumers who have used electrical toning systems similar to the FaceMaster do say that it works to tone the facial muscles and reduce wrinkles, but since there are other adverse side-effects, it is difficult to get behind such a treatment.

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  1. How long do I have to use FaceMaster Toning System before I see measurably results? Is this something I have to do everyday for the rest of my life? What the difference in your system and facial exercise?

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