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Editor's Review: 3.0 / 5.0

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The Facemaster is a “facial toning system” that’s marketed toward women to potentially help with anti-aging. While the official website features the Facemaster product, there are also several accessories that can be acquired separately. These are the Collagen Enhancing Serum with Peptides ($59.90), Conductive Solution ($19.95), Foam Caps ($9.95), Facemaster Step-by-Step Instructional DVD ($14.95), and Replacement Wands ($19.95). For those who purchase this beauty system, there is an extended warranty available for $25. As for the Facemaster itself, this item sells for $119.95. There is a standard guarantee that applies to any damaged Facemaster products. This beauty product is endorsed by Suzanne Somers.

The purpose of the Facemaster system is to “tone up the facial muscles.” While many individuals workout to tone up the muscles in their bodies, this product endeavors to tone the muscles in the face. Aside from mere muscle toning, the Collagen Enhancing Serum with Peptides contains key ingredients like Sea Algae Extracts, Antioxidants, and “unique anti-aging ingredients.” Essentially this serum aims to assist with both collagen and elastin production. Ideally the user will attain a toner, firmer, and more radiant complexion with fewer wrinkles and fine lines. Suzanne Somers is quoted saying she has used the Facemaster for over a decade.

Product Details

The Facemaster is an at-home beauty system that’s claimed to assist with facial toning, collagen production, wrinkle reduction, boosted elastin levels, skin hydration, and facial firming. It’s touted as the “18 minute facial toning system” and Suzanne Somers’ “number one beauty secret.” Although it does come with an instructional DVD or VHS tape, there is also operating instructions posted on the official website. In order for the Facemaster to work at toning your face, it sends electrical currents into the user’s facial muscles to stimulate them. This is stated to be painless and safe (was clinically tested). Fortunately there are some testimonials presented on the official website for this beauty system, not to mention a helpful FAQ page.

The Good

  • There is an instructional DVD or VHS tape included with the Facemaster so that users will understand how to use it.
  • An FAQ page is presented on the official website.
  • Testimonials are offered on the website for the Facemaster.

The Bad

  • There is no full disclosure of ingredients for the Collagen Enhancing Serum with Peptides.
  • Some individuals may not care for the idea of electrical pulses going into their face.
  • Using the Facemaster takes at least 18 minutes each time (and that’s once you become fully proficient with using it) which may be a tad time consuming for some people.
  • At $119.95 for the Facemaster alone, some individuals may find this system rather pricey.

The Bottom Line

In the end, the Facemaster is without a doubt a unique and interesting beauty system overall. It’s amazing to see all of the products that constantly hit the market these days. However, while electrical pulses may assist the facial muscles to some extent, some users may not care for the daily regimen that goes along with this product, and may prefer a simple topical cream. Plus there’s the fact that the Facemaster alone sells for $119.95.

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27 Comments/Questions/Answers to Facemaster

  • 1

    Ellen Lavigne

    Do you sell the Platinum version of Facemaster with the finger leads??

  • 2


    does facemaster platinum really work?

  • 3

    Marie Miller

    I have used the Facemaster for
    years I bought my first one on
    HSN during Suzanne’s first show, I purchase the new one
    with the finger tips. I love
    this product and never go anywhere without it I use it
    daily you can adjust the electrical pluses and it is not painful.I am 65 and my
    skin is beautiful and look
    much younger, my husbands loves the way I look. You can
    have this done in a doctors
    office once for what you would pay for the entire kit,
    do yourself a favor and try it. It is less than the high
    end creams that don’t do what
    this does for your skin.

  • 4

    Janice Derks

    I’ve been using my facemaster for 6 yrs. & it just quit working last nite; new batteries won’t help it. What does the standard quarantee apply to? Thank you for your help…..

  • 5

    nancy giles

    I would like to purchase facemaster but do not have a account. I need phone # or address. Thanks for any help.

  • 6


    is it a must to use the soothing conductive serum with the facemaster machine, could i nit use baby oil with the machine

  • 7


    home shopper’s was selling it go on line to the shopping channel

  • 8

    penelope dietor

    used my face master today aan hour ago and my face was red right after and still is after an hour I even put an ice pack on my face .But it is still red and warm. Has anyone else had this experience with the face master. I am worried I have done damage to my face . I wonder if it broke capilaries in my skin.
    Please reply !!

  • 9


    I have used the system for years. I put a liquid clanser in the tray and use it. It works just fine. I take my morning shower afterwards and wash my face.

  • 10


    My Q is: what the order to use Face master,washing face, exfoliate, toning, serum etc. I bought Suzanne Somers skin care line and face master on shoping channel.Please reply!!

  • 11

    Diane Vogt

    I used the FM in my mid to late 30’s all the time and saw great results and loved it. Stopped using it for a long time and I am 48 now and capillaries are breaking out in my face after using it. Are you still experiencing capillary break outs?

  • 12

    valerie spencer

    My face master platinum 2nd purchase is not functioning and it is very annoying and frustrating having to remove turn off, remove the wands and try again so many times. In addition this problem also wastes the expensive collegen and conducting gel. What is your advice?

  • 13

    valerie spencer

    My 2 nd face mater which is jut over one year old is not functioning. It beeps and beeps and I have to remove and reinstall the wands many times during the process. There is no signal mostvtimes and sometimes it is vey weak most times and strong sometimes.I have changed batteries and nothing changes. It is very annoying and irritating because I really need it. The problems causes a waste of the expensive collegen and inductive serum. What is your advice?

  • 14


    I purchased a FaceMaster and returned it. For one, I think it is highly overpriced for what it actually is. It simply is a battery hooked up to two wires. I don’t have a lot of money and found this item hard to afford. Second, I could taste a metal taste in my mouth after I used it.

  • 15


    I bought the facemaster about 5 months ago. Used it properly as per instructions.
    Yeah right. Ok, I had also done facial exercises once and I’m afraid this is no different.
    Yes it does tone muscles – unfortunately it also creates wrinkles – just like facial exercises- especially the frown lines.
    What a pain!or See I think this would be great or people with more fat in their face – yes very good for fat faces- but not good for normal sized.
    I just wish they told you that.
    I used mine past the stupid 30 daY GUARANTEE.
    Just a few days too.
    That S. Sommers so obviously has had plastic surgery.
    Cant all of us who hate the product band together and demand our money back???
    Im sick of being ripped off by lying ,cheesy hollywood wannabes.

  • 16

    eric huth

    I used to sell(Hundreds of machines and treatements) and use the original(if its the same system) in the late 80’s early 90’s. i used machine for 2-3 years on and off im 57 now, still after all these years i look 40 something,no wrikles or lines…if someone would please let me know if its the original facemasters machine that Marlea used to sell,i would like to know please.a long maybe old customer.Thankyou

  • 17


    There are many new and used ones on eBay.

  • 18

    Connie Moore

    Is this device FDA approved? I have a closed head injury and this device made me DEATHLY ill, migraine so bad I ended up in the hospital. My neurologist had a fit. So, I’d rather have a few wrinkles than get that ill. Suzanne should warn people with health problems DO NOT USE until you check with your doctor. All I got from this machine was a pain in the “head”

  • 19

    JoAnn Nemoir

    How can I get the Face Master for 119.00?

  • 20

    lody zavod

    I have purchase the facemaster 4 years ago used for a while and then forgot about it. is the serum in the bottle still good to use. pleae advise.

  • 21


    How long do you have to use the facemaster before you see results

  • 22

    Linda ingle

    Been using since 1998, I almost 62, no droopy face….love it. Oh, I never use the serum either…I use water and it gives me great results.

  • 23

    Sharon Stockman

    been using the face master for over 6 yrs. the machine rocks; I’m 69 and I don’t look it..fact!

  • 24

    Pamela Strada

    How long before I see a result in the hollows around my eyes?

  • 25

    linda bruscino

    mine just started to do the samething, i’ve been using it for about 10 yrs. & it really works, lately it keeps on beeping, i tried everything, removed the wands, changed batteries & still i can’t get it to stop,i’m very frustrated, & also i buy this ultrasound gel on Amazon, which lasted me over 4 yrs. & i buy those round cotton pads that u use for nail polish remover at Dollar Tree & cut them in half & wrap around the wand & use a bread twistee to keep it in place & works just fine, by the way the ultrasound gel only costs about $24 includes shipping but lasts over 4yrs. i got tired of making Susanne Sommers rich, became too costly. if anyone knows how to fix the beeping problem, please let me know i would really appreciate it!!! THANKS!

  • 26


    Have you noticed any broken capillaries? What is the setting’s (high or low) around your eyes and checks?

  • 27


    I too, have product that I am wondering if I can use in place of the serum or if you can use wands dry if you have makeup on and just want a pickup?

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