Facemaster Review


The Facemaster is a “facial toning system” that’s marketed toward women to potentially help with anti-aging. While the official website features the Facemaster product, there are also several accessories that can be acquired separately. These are the Collagen Enhancing Serum with Peptides ($59.90), Conductive Solution ($19.95), Foam Caps ($9.95), Facemaster Step-by-Step Instructional DVD ($14.95), and Replacement Wands ($19.95). For those who purchase this beauty system, there is an extended warranty available for $25. As for the Facemaster itself, this item sells for $119.95. There is a standard guarantee that applies to any damaged Facemaster products. This beauty product is endorsed by Suzanne Somers.

The purpose of the Facemaster system is to “tone up the facial muscles.” While many individuals workout to tone up the muscles in their bodies, this product endeavors to tone the muscles in the face. Aside from mere muscle toning, the Collagen Enhancing Serum with Peptides contains key ingredients like Sea Algae Extracts, Antioxidants, and “unique anti-aging ingredients.” Essentially this serum aims to assist with both collagen and elastin production. Ideally the user will attain a toner, firmer, and more radiant complexion with fewer wrinkles and fine lines. Suzanne Somers is quoted saying she has used the Facemaster for over a decade.

Product Details

The Facemaster is an at-home beauty system that’s claimed to assist with facial toning, collagen production, wrinkle reduction, boosted elastin levels, skin hydration, and facial firming. It’s touted as the “18 minute facial toning system” and Suzanne Somers’ “number one beauty secret.” Although it does come with an instructional DVD or VHS tape, there is also operating instructions posted on the official website. In order for the Facemaster to work at toning your face, it sends electrical currents into the user’s facial muscles to stimulate them. This is stated to be painless and safe (was clinically tested). Fortunately there are some testimonials presented on the official website for this beauty system, not to mention a helpful FAQ page.

The Good

  • There is an instructional DVD or VHS tape included with the Facemaster so that users will understand how to use it.
  • An FAQ page is presented on the official website.
  • Testimonials are offered on the website for the Facemaster.

The Bad

  • There is no full disclosure of ingredients for the Collagen Enhancing Serum with Peptides.
  • Some individuals may not care for the idea of electrical pulses going into their face.
  • Using the Facemaster takes at least 18 minutes each time (and that’s once you become fully proficient with using it) which may be a tad time consuming for some people.
  • At $119.95 for the Facemaster alone, some individuals may find this system rather pricey.

The Bottom Line

In the end, the Facemaster is without a doubt a unique and interesting beauty system overall. It’s amazing to see all of the products that constantly hit the market these days. However, while electrical pulses may assist the facial muscles to some extent, some users may not care for the daily regimen that goes along with this product, and may prefer a simple topical cream. Plus there’s the fact that the Facemaster alone sells for $119.95.


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