Face Doctor Rejuvenating Soap Review

What You Should Know

There are all sorts of skincare products at your disposal today that aim to address a number of different issues and concerns. While some are moisturizers, others are cleansers, toners, masks, serums, and under-eye treatments. The key is to find the products that really work for you, and make your skin look wonderful. In this review, we are going to take a look at one product in particular, which is Face Doctor Rejuvenating Soap. It can be acquired online through websites like Lucky Vitamin, and it retails for $18.99 per bar.

Product Details

Face Doctor Rejuvenating Soap is a facial cleanser that can be used daily on most skin types. It may last up to four months, and it aims to address several skin care issues. Some problems this soap may assist with are acne blemishes and breakouts, skin redness, premature aging and fine lines, skin blotchiness, rosacea, and enlarged pores. As far as active ingredients are concerned, this soap contains Seabuckthorn Oil, which is stated to kill the Human Demodex parasite. In other words, Face Doctor Rejuvenating Soap can help rid the face of certain parasites and germs, which may improve the overall condition of skin. This face product also contains Aloe Vera, Glycerin, and Coconut Oil to help hydrate the skin and prevent common signs of aging. It is free of alcohol. However, there are no clinical studies presented to support this face soap, and no satisfaction guarantee is mentioned.

Here are all of the ingredients used in this rejuvenating soap: Water, glycerin, solid soap base, sodium silicate, tetrasodium edta, aloe vera, tocopherol, astragalus membranaceus, coconut oil, spirodela polyrrhiza, seabuckthorn oil, and fragrance.

The Good

  • This face soap contains natural oils.
  • Face Doctor Rejuvenating Soap may be gentle enough for daily facial cleansing.
  • This product is supposed to last up to three or four months.

The Bad

  • Unfortunately Face Doctor Rejuvenating Soap contains fragrance, which can irritate some skin types.
  • It is unclear how this soap really encourages anti-aging.
  • The cost of this face soap is $18.99, which is pretty high for a bar of soap.
  • One customer review stated that this soap made her eyelids very sore.
  • A topical cream, lotion or serum will likely work more effectively for anti-aging.

The Bottom Line

In the end, Face Doctor Rejuvenating Soap is basically a type of daily facial cleanser. Whether or not it actually assists with breakouts, skin redness, premature aging, skin blotchiness, rosacea, and enlarged pores is uncertain. After all, this product is not supported by any clinical proof, nor is it even backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Therefore you may want to do a little more research when it comes to anti-aging cleansers and rejuvenating soaps, before you select one.

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