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Exfolderm is a product offered by the brand Esthetic Privilege, a European company that offers products from technologies like mesotherapy and aesthetical cosmetology, based on the company website. Exfolderm is a line of amenocosmetic skin products, which means that the formulas are designed to penetrate the epidermis to work deeply into the dermis for best results. Products like these are meant to replace more invasive skin therapies like chemical peels and laser rejuvenation. The Exfolderm products primarily achieve this goal through the use of alpha hydroxy acids that eliminate the top layer of dead, dry skin to reveal smoother, younger looking skin underneath.

The Exfolderm line includes a number of creams and gels that are used for a variety of purposes. The product that we will examine for this review is the Vitamin C Facial Mask, because it is listed as an anti-aging product. Unfortunately, we were unable to find the Vitamin C Facial Mask available for sale through any online retailers based in the United States. Some of the European retailers did offer service to the US, however. Neither the company nor the product website offered the products for sale. We were also unable to find any sort of money back guarantee or customer testimonials listed for the Exfolderm products. We are concerned about this fact, since information like this provides the consumer with necessary facts to make an educated purchase and it also shows confidence on the part of the company in the products that they offer.

Product Details

The active ingredients for the Exfolderm Vitamin C Facial Mask include vitamins A, C and E, chamomile, bisabolol and aloe extracts. We are very disappointed to find that a complete ingredient list was not available for this product. We believe that disclosing all of the ingredients in a formula allows a consumer to make the best choice in skin care products in terms of both effectiveness and safety. Without such essential knowledge, shopping for skin care becomes a case of buyer beware. We were equally disappointed in the ingredients that are listed on the product website, since none of them have been proven to be very effective in reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. We would encourage consumers to look for formulas that contain proven anti-aging ingredients like argireline, matrixyl or soluble collagen. The Exfolderm Vitamin C Facial Mask does not seem to include any of these.

The Good

  • The products contain many nutrients that are effective in moisturizing and protecting the skin.

The Bad

  • The products may be difficult to find in the United States.
  • The Exfolderm Vitamin C Mask does not appear to contain any proven anti-aging ingredients.
  • The company does not provide essential information like ingredient lists, customer testimonials or a money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

We are always hesitant to recommend a product where important information is not freely disclosed by the manufacturing company. In the case of the Exfolderm Vitamin C Facial Mask, the little bit of information we can get about the product is less than impressive. We would urge consumers to look for skin care that comes with the full backing of the company, plenty of secondary information, and proven anti-aging ingredients.

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