Estee Lauder Verite Review


The Verite Moisture Relief Cream, Verite Special Eye Care, Verite Light Lotion Cleanser and the Verite Calming Fluid is in the line of Estee Lauder’s Verite products and are all created for sensitive skins. Since 1946, Estee Lauder has succeeded in the business and provides many products for skin care and cosmetics for almost every type of skin.

Product Details

To have a firm and smooth skin which creates its own natural guard is what Verite Moisture Relief Cream promises as it aids sensitive skin that are likely to be dry. The redness linked with elements like alcohol, emulsifiers and scents that are left from these skin treatments can be lessened by special anti-irritants. The Verite Lotion Cleanser will surely wipe the impurity and cosmetics away. The product preserves the fine moisture balance in the skin and does not dry it, remove its natural moisture or develop irritation. To quickly soothe plus hydrate the sensitive skin surrounding the eye area is what Verite Special Eye Care is made for. Age-defying elements are claimed to lessen wrinkles and fine lines nowadays and in the future. Lessening puffiness and the dark parts near the eyes is what Verite Special Eye Care does. The centre of the Verite system, aiding sensitive skin to have a soothing sensation is the Estee Lauder Verite Calming Fluid. The feat “TriLipid Complex” helps repair missing lipids along with fix its moisture barrier. Shielding skin from environmental damage, boost skin’s softness and firmness, and protecting against signs of aging is the role of Antioxidants.

The Good

  • Clients in the market looking for anti-aging products who have sensitive skin can choose the Estee Lauder Verite.
  • The complete line of offered products is in the company’s official site and they as well provide free shipping for a purchase of $50.00.

The Bad

  • Client comments about their experiences with the product are not provided in Estee Lauder’s site.
  • In order to acquire the desired results, Estee Lauder proposes that the products should be used solely (it should not be used with other brands).
  • The clients’ comments on the site about the product are “ok” and “barely extraordinary.”

The Bottom Line

Since 1946, Estee Lauder has already been thriving in the industry. Since they have a reliable name for providing the newest products to the people always looking for skin improvement, they have a dependable customer centre that will probably purchase Estee Lauder Verite line. To make the products more saleable and accessible, they need to put up client comments on their site in order to grab interests from likely clienteles. If you are left dissatisfied, though they provide free shipping policies for purchases of above $50.00, you must also return them to Estee Lauder via internet or online. When you buy from a particular Estee Lauder counter, you should also return them there because they will not be accepted in other stores. Different mall stores have their own return and refund policies and they vary diversely from branch to branch.

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