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Welcome to the age of youth and radiance! Well, at least that’s what’s commonly desired these days. So many women and men are searching high and low for an ideal anti-aging remedy. Fortunately companies like Chamonix “All-Natural Skin Care Products” offer anti-aging treatments like Esotique. This topical cream is claimed to help treat wrinkles; not merely cover them up. The official website pitches it as an “advanced anti-aging treatment.” This company additionally offers two other Esotique skin care products called Esotique-RF and Esotique-RF Masque.

There is a before and after photo posted on the official website, displaying how Esotique cream works to minimize facial wrinkles and crow’s feet (after four weeks of usage). The three primary active ingredients infused into Esotique are Grape Seed Extract, Hyaluronic Acid (relaxes facial muscles to help smooth out deep wrinkles) and Retinol (sloughs away dead skin cells to reveal the new skin beneath). This facial treatment also offers Vitamin E, which is supposed to sooth and heal the skin. A single jar of Esotique, which is a two-month supply, can be purchased through the official website for $99. There are some testimonials presented on the official website. Esotique can be used in conjunction with a Vitamin C Deep Firming Serum that’s also offered through Chamonix.

Product Details

Esotique is essentially an anti-wrinkle cream that’s applied to the face daily after cleansing. The goal of this product is to assist with crow’s feet, minimize fine lines and smooth out deep facial creases, while also hydrating the skin and healing past damage. Unfortunately a full list of Esotique ingredients are not provided on the official website; therefore it’s difficult to determine what all is in this anti-aging cream. Chamonix does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with their skin care treatments. Actual clinical testing for this topical product is not addressed on the website. Esotique is primarily marketed toward middle-aged/mature women.

The Good

  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee for those who purchase Esotique.
  • This anti-aging cream contains moisturizers like Vitamin E.
  • A before and after photo is displayed on the website to give consumers an idea of what may be accomplished after four weeks of using Esotique.

The Bad

  • Esotique cream sells for $99 for only a two-once jar, which may get a tad pricey for some users since it works out to $600 a year to get the recommended dosage.
  • No real scientific studies are presented on the official website to support the claimed effectiveness of Esotique cream.
  • There is no full list of ingredients offered for this anti-wrinkle product, which may not be good for users with allergies.
  • Ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid may cause a feeling of discomfort and skin “tightness” for some users.

The Bottom Line

Esotique appears to be an interesting potential remedy for wrinkles and crow’s feet. While ingredients like Grape Seed Extract and Vitamin E are commonly utilized in skin care products these days and may benefit some complexions, it’s tough to tell if Retinol is right for all individuals. This ingredient definitely may cause irritation, especially to sensitive skin. Naturally it would be nice to see a smaller price tag on Esotique, as well as some clinical study results to help support this anti-aging cream.

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  1. I purchased this Chamonix and it ruined my skin! I was left with swelling and redness. It is overpriced considering the small amount you pay for and when I tried to get refunded they refused! So much for ‘Money Back Guarantee.’ Customer service was aggressive and rude they would only give me store credit so now I’m stuck with useless product.

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