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Erborian is a Korean skin care product company that manufactures and markets a number of creams that claim to correct “skin fatigue”. According to Erborian, skin fatigue occurs when the “qi” in the body has slowed down. The Erborian products are said to detoxify and energize fatigued skin. Clearly, this is a different sales-pitch than we’ve seen for many American wrinkle fighting products.

The Erborian website is a bit difficult to understand as it appears that the English is written by someone for whom the language is not their primary one. Erborian markets three main products: the Yuza Sorbet, the Ginseng Infusion and the Ginseng Infusion Total Eye. All Erborian products can be purchased directly from the website. There is no money-back guarantee apparent. The Erborian products are priced in euros, but there is nothing stating that they’re not available to ship to the US.

roduct Details

There is very little detail about the Erborian products available on the English website. The Ginseng Infusion and the Yuza Sorbet come in both day and night formulations but there is no indication of any of the included ingredients. In fact, none of the Erborian products give any indication on the website of their ingredients except to say that they are blends of traditional Korean herbs and botanicals that have been scientifically tested in the Erborian laboratories.

Although the product descriptions for all of the products are similar, the website does have a section that clarifies that the Yuza Sorbet is generally for customers 25-35 years old and that the Ginseng Infusion is for older women. Without knowing any of the ingredients in these products, it is very difficult to assess their effectiveness when it comes to moisturizing the skin and correcting “skin fatigue”. Those with skin allergies and sensitivities should exercise caution with these products until a full ingredient list can be reviewed. These products may contain synthetic colors, fragrances or “fillers”.

The Good

  • Can purchase directly from the manufacturer.
  • May contain natural ingredients that may help moisturize damaged skin.

The Bad

  • No full ingredient list available.
  • No money-back guarantee offered.
  • May not contain proven anti-aging ingredients like collagen and hyaluronic acid.
  • Not labeled as non-allergenic.
  • Cost in US dollars and shipping availability to the US is not clear.

The Bottom Line

With all of the choices available today in the anti-aging and anti-wrinkle product arena, it is almost impossible to recommend a product such as Erborian that provides so little in the way of information or proof of effectiveness, at least for English-only speakers. Many of the higher-quality and effective anti-wrinkle formulations include clinically-proven ingredients like collagen, hyaluronic acid and peptides. There is no indication that any of these are present in the Erborian products. Keep in mind that if you purchase these skin care products and they don’t live up to your expectations, you may not be able to get your money back.

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