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Epicuren bills itself as “the best skin care system available anywhere in the world”. Epicuren began when Dr. Abraham Minton and Dr. James Baker began using enzyme technology to treat burn victims in the 1970’s. Both doctors are respected cosmetic chemists and bio-pharmacists and have been presidents of the World Cosmetic Association. Together, they helped create the Epicuren Live Enzyme Skin Care & Nutrition system, which is used around the world by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and physicians to create “Ageless Beauty”.

Today, Epicuren claims that its state of the art skin care system can increase skin’s firmness and elasticity with its enzyme proteins and uses products tailored to your individual needs. There are many different products shown on the official website and these range from aromatherapy products to peptide based facial creams.

You can’t purchase any products directly from the Epicuren website and must instead find a distributor near you. There is a simple search tool you can use directly from the website that will list retailers in your area (if there are any).

Product Details

There are products available that cater to those looking for anti-aging and wrinkle fighting products. Epicuren offers a 6-step system that includes the Facial cleanser, Facial scrub, Enzyme Conditioner, Enzyme Concentrate, Enzyme Gel, and a moisturizer. This looks like the best deal they offer, and it contains everything you will need for the Epicuren regimen.

The ingredient that sets Epicuren apart from other skin care brands is the use of enzymes. The website claims the Epicuren enzymes encourage your dermal cells to repair and rejuvenate themselves but not much information is given about their exact composition. Instead, you are encouraged to try it for yourself. All of the ingredients for each product are conveniently listed along with the usage directions.

Epicuren does warn that the use of their products may cause initial reactions including dry skin and bumps but that they will go away after a short time. You will need to keep all Epicuren products in the refrigerator.

The Good

  • The official website lists all of the ingredients.
  • Each product has a MSDS sheet you can download and view.
  • Many products contain known wrinkle fighting substances.

The Bad

  • You can only purchase Epicuren products from an authorized dealer.
  • Many people experience side effects such as dryness and bumps.
  • No testimonials are posted on the official website.
  • Expensive. Products start at around $35 and some are more than $400.

The Bottom Line

Epicuren products seem to contain quite a few known wrinkle fighters such as collagen and hyuralonic acid which is nice. The side effects may put off a lot of potential buyers as you can easily find similar products that won’t irritate your skin. It’s hard to know how well Epicuren products work because there are no testimonials or clinical trial results posted on the official website. We recommend finding an alternative or starting with a cheap, small Epicuren product to see how you react to it.

12 thoughts on “Epicuren Review”

  1. I have used epicuren for five years. I love this stuff. It’s pricey but well worth it. My face is always well hydrated and looks silky smooth!

  2. I had been a hard core devotee
    Of Chanel for yrs. It did nothing for my wrinkles and prices are astronomical. Had a facial on vacation with Epicuren. Wrinkles disappeared. I switched totally to Epicuren and after six months, wrinkles stay diminished. The prices are reasonable and the most amazing results I’ve ever seen. I have to order it from a spa 1800 miles away, hard to find on East coast. I’ll never
    Go back. Had no bad reactions.

    1. Had a facial in puerta Rico at theW hotel. Love the hydadrating lotion and mask. Agree as it was economical and I love the results. Better Than murad facial which I had in Scottsdale. I want to try more of the line. Hope I can find it in Canada.

  3. Are epicuren products cruelty-free – does epicuren do any animal testing of their products? If they don’t, why is there no “bunny” on their product packaging?

  4. i have been using Epicuren products for at least 15 yrs. my products source has gone out of business. I live in Naples, Florida. Please send info as to a distributor here..

  5. I wish I could post a photo of how awful my skin is after using this product line. Red, bumpy, weeping. I have chemical burns from it.

    If I had sensitive skin this would be more understandable. I have never reacted to skin care as badly as I do to this line of products.

    I strongly reccomend against using these products.

  6. I really wanted to like the company, but every product i tried burned my skin, discoloration of facial and eye skin and sudden ongoing environmental sensitivities now. 🙁 Now i just get pure products like straight up Retinol, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C Amino Acids etc.

    Not only me but my partner is currently recovering from this and her skin is oposite from mine. Im mediterranean skin and hers is basically anglo, French and Danish.
    hoper this add two cents to the whole.
    Pablo Cohen

  7. Hello my name is Barbara , I have been using your product epiceuren and I think it’s fab !! I go to the spa here in Dubai ,u.a.e I just wanted to find out example if I was on holidays and I ran out of my epiceurn , can you use any other products ??
    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment
    Many thanks
    Barbara x

  8. Stumbled on Epicurean at a spa in Santa FeNM. I am blessed with great skin but time is time. I had a facial and just some minor pampering, I came out looking a decade younger.Wrinkles that were not minor were just gone. I get the products either by mail order from the spa or Amazon. I will say the higher end heavy duty products I needed to sort of titrate to use. But the apricot scrub, cleanser, protein mist, moisturizer are in my opinion a bargain compared to say Chanel which doesn’t deliver. Been 4 years, am not trying something else. Luv the line.

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