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Editor's Review: 3.0 / 5.0

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Environ Skin Care is a skincare company operating from Cape Town, South Africa. Environ Skin Care offers over 40 products designed to treat various skin care issues, including wrinkle reduction and skin firming. The Environ Skin Care lines are separated into ranges. There are 14 different ranges in the Environ Skin Care Company. The Environ Skin Care ranges include the Alpha Hydroxy Range, B- Active Range, Colour Range, Eau de Toilette, Evenescence Range, Intensive Range, Interactive Range, Ionzyme Range, Ionzyme DF Machine, Men’s Range, Original Range, Professional Range, Roll-CIT, and Sun Care Range. The range most consumers look toward for wrinkle reduction and skin firming is the Intensive Range. This line of products from Environ Skin Care includes C-Boost, Anti-Oxidant Gel, Colostrum Gel, Hydrating Oil Capsules, Retinol 1, 2, & 3, EssentiA Forte, and Body Profile.

There is a dedicated website for Environ Skin care products. This website is rather strange and confusing. It offers little information on the products such as how to properly apply the product or a full list of ingredients included in each product. The website doe give information though on the distribution of their products and how long of a shelf life each product has. Environ Skin Care claims it products are “mostly free from fragrances, preservatives, colourants and animal extracts.” They also list Bovine Colostrum as the key ingredients in at least two of their products in the Intensive Range.

Product Details

Environ Skin Care products are manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa and are only available for sale through authorized dealers. The Environ Skin Care website cautions consumers that their products are not available through online sales and any product purchased through unauthorized dealers are not guarantee to be safe or effective. The website offers a list of unauthorized dealers but does not list where their products can be officially purchased from. This makes comparing the products difficult since prices can not be compared accurately. Information from third party websites suggest that the Environ Skin care line of products are rather expensive and not worth the money for the achieved results.

Environ Skin Care suggests that wrinkle and anti-aging efforts must be made as early as one’s twenties. The key to their skin care is early defense rather than reversal of already aged skin. This can be a problem for those looking to reverse the signs of aging rather than preventing further aging. The key ingredients list in their products does not seem to include any of the proven ingredients to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and to firm aging skin. These products like Matrixyl 3000 or Argatensyl have clinical trials to back their claims of anti-aging. Environ Skin care products do not seem to include either of these products. They also use Alpha Hydroxy Acid which has been proven to dry the skin and even cause rashes for some consumers. Consumers should be aware of the products they are using on their skin and the possible side effects associated with those products. The Environ Skin care company makes this impossible by not listing a full list of ingredients for their products.

The Good

  • There is a dedicated website for the Environ Skin Care products.

The Bad

  • The dedicated website does not list authorized sellers of their products.
  • The dedicated website does not offer a satisfaction guarantee for Environ Skin Care products or a free trial offer for any of the Environ Skin Care products.
  • The Environ Skin Care products do not seem to include proven ingredients like Matrixyl 3000 or Argatensyl.

The Bottom Line

The Environ Skin Care line leaves more questions about their products than they answer. Consumers are warned against purchasing their products from unauthorized dealers , but they do not list their authorized dealers. This also makes it impossible to compare the Environ Skin Care line of products to similar products, which also offer anti-aging results. This problem is only compounded by the Environ Skin Care company’s lack of information about the individual products. They do not provide a full list of ingredients to the consumer through their dedicated website.

Consumers looking for anti-aging products for wrinkle reduction and increased firmness of the skin should look for products containing ingredients such as Matrixyl 3000 or Argatensyl. Both of these ingredients have been proven through clinical trials to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is important for a full list of ingredients be disclosed about the product to ensure safety from allergies and to be able to compare to other products. Consumers should also look for products which offer a money back guarantee or a free trial of the products before purchasing to guarantee their satisfaction with the products. This shows the company is confident in their products quality and abilities to fulfill its consumer’s needs.

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29 Comments/Questions/Answers to Environ Skin Care

  • 1

    Vida Ann Miyahira

    I love your products but the owner of the company I was purchasing them from passed away and they closed the store. Could you let me know where in Honolulu I could purchase Environ products? I would appreciate this very much. Again, I’m very happy with the Environ Skin Care Products.

    Vida Ann Miyahira

  • 2


    In Kailua, Oahu Dr. Julie Kenner at Castle hospital sells the environ products.

  • 3

    anna brover

    set up account

  • 4


    i want to sell Environ Products at my beauty spa

  • 5

    Bonney Kohlman

    Do any of the Environ products contain ingredients derived from animals?

  • 6

    Pam Rose

    Environ Stockists in Australia do supply samples to their clients.

  • 7

    Cassandra Perry

    There used to be a stock at Musgrave Centre, Durban. Are they still there, and what is their contact details?

  • 8


    Do you offer trial sizes in South Africa

  • 9


    I don’t agree with this review. I live in south Africa and have viwed ther website many times. Environ ahs a special page showing proven results in the form of pictures of people with wrinkles and damaged skin. Also I had terribel acne scarring in my twenties. Environ took it all away and today my skin is just amazing.

  • 10

    Marcienne Henry

    Good day

    I would like to start using this product, but I don’t know which products to purchase.

    Please help!!

  • 11

    caroline collins-ramsay

    I have been using Environ since purchasing it from “All Eyes” in Mandurah Western Australia a year ago. I loved the product so much and saw such dramatic reversal results that I sought to sell it myself. I live in a town of 200 people in the area and I know this product will sell. I want to make it available to everyone because I haven’t felt this good about my skin and self worth ever! And remember it is not available easily to the public because the consumer needs to be gradually introduced to the ‘step-up’ system as it contains Vitamin A and lots of other fantistic little goodies! Don’t be put off by bad comments, if you want the product go to the official website and from there over a period of just a few days someone will call you that is nearest to your town to discuss it further. Thank you ENVIRON….you have turned my 40 yr old skin around and many people comment on my looks now than they did 20yrs ago!!

  • 12


    yes, the AVST1 sample I have lists gelatin as an ingredient

  • 13


    I have been using Environ for a few years. I love the product, I use the AVST line and went up to #5 but the gal that I get it from doesn’t always have it in stock so she put me on the #4 again. I guess I have to go to #5 again but what do I use after that?

  • 14


    About ten years ago I used Environ gel moisturiser, and it caused a reaction in my skin which turned into Psoriasis which has spread further over my face, over the past ten years. Environ ruined my life. What Environ doesn’t tell you is that they use terrible chemical agents in all there products, there is nothing “Environ-mental” about it. Stay away from Environ, just look at the back of the tube and all the ingredients/chemicals you can’t pronounce. Environ skincare sucks, its the worst product on the planet. It should be banned. IF YOU WANT CRUSTED FLAKING SKIN FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE USE ENVIRON, IT WILL RUIN YOUR SKIN LIKE IT RUINED MINE.

  • 15


    Perhaps Environ is just not for you.

  • 16


    Matrixyl 3000 is also called Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7: this is in Environ products.

  • 17


    Hi there, I’ve been using environ for years now. It’s a great product. If you live in Durban South Africa, Dr Enslin @ north beach medical is a rep for the product. Also, when you go to purchase the product the staff will talk you through the program. Really easy! Good luck!

  • 18


    Totally disagree with you. I’ve been using the product for years and my skin has only gotten better. Maybe it was because of another reason that you got Psorisis.

  • 19


    I noticed that AVSt2 I am using contains parabens which i try to avoid.

  • 20

    Paula Nobre

    Hi there, my Son used to take Environ capsules for acne, I cannot remember what they were called, do you still supply them?

  • 21


    I love the Environ products I use. The results have been amazing. I order them on line and they take forever to get here. I will be in Paris at the end of the month and would like to know if I can purchase the products anywhere while there?

  • 22

    Warren B

    Is there a cheaper place to buy Environ products.

  • 23


    Can anyone tell me if they suffered with an out break of spots when first using avst environ stage 1 ,I’m on day 7 of using this cream

  • 24


    People need to learn about parabens! They are in strawberrys?

  • 25

    Lesley Bradley

    Can anyone tell me if these products are tested on animals please?

  • 26


    Yes they do contain animal by products

  • 27


    I tried their sebuwash cleanser and avst1 (moisturiser) My skin is flaking on my nose after just a few days :(

  • 28


    Hi I am wondering ca you get a breakout of spots from moving up a level in the environ AVAST I went form 2 to 3 and i have breakout. I dont usually get spots only once a month in the same area (hormonal) now I have some on my forehead, cheaks and chin. its unusual for me and slightly irritating.

    many thanks

  • 29


    Can someone give me an adress from south afica where i can buy the envorin products ?
    thank you.

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