Environ Skin Care Review

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Environ Skin Care is a premium brand with a history spanning back to the 1980s. It was created by Dr. Des Fernandes, a plastic surgeon. There are a number of products mentioned on the official website, but there’s no information on where to purchase the formulas. We did find some on an Amazon website in the UK, but they are not currently delivered to the US. The line covers everything from basic care to anti-aging.

What is Environ Skin Care?

The Environ Skin Care line is packed with products that contain Matrixyl 3000, Matrixyl Synthe 6, Trylagen and others. We did not find a complete ingredient list, so we’ve no idea if irritants or parabens are used in any formula. We also have no idea about animal testing.

Quick Facts on Environ Skin Care

  • There are no complete ingredient lists.
  • You cannot purchase online in the US, as far as we can tell.
  • There are no product reviews to be found.
  • The active ingredients are beneficial.
  • No prices are listed.
  • There’s no return policy or guarantee from Environ Skin Care.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Environ Skin Care?

“There are far too many questions to support Environ Skin Care 100%. Where are they sold? Are they available in the US? What are the prices like? What about ingredients?” explains our Skincare Editor. “This means we are highly skeptical about the line.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

This is where we typically offer comments and experiences from real people like you, but in this case there are none. We found no reviews of any kind either on a US or UK website.

  • “This is just another nail in the coffin for Environ Skin Care,” says our Skincare Editor.

Are We Ready to Suggest Environ Skin Care?

There is just no way to back this line. We have reservations because there’s no information about ingredients, prices or where the products are available online. With all these unknowns, we’d rather point the customer in another direction.

What Do We Like Better Than Environ Skin Care?

In 2016, we’ve been through hundreds of products and of them all we like BioGeniste. It contains clinically tested ingredients that show real promise, according to user reviews.

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52 thoughts on “Environ Skin Care Review”

  1. I love your products but the owner of the company I was purchasing them from passed away and they closed the store. Could you let me know where in Honolulu I could purchase Environ products? I would appreciate this very much. Again, I’m very happy with the Environ Skin Care Products.

    Vida Ann Miyahira

  2. There used to be a stock at Musgrave Centre, Durban. Are they still there, and what is their contact details?

  3. I don’t agree with this review. I live in south Africa and have viwed ther website many times. Environ ahs a special page showing proven results in the form of pictures of people with wrinkles and damaged skin. Also I had terribel acne scarring in my twenties. Environ took it all away and today my skin is just amazing.

  4. Good day

    I would like to start using this product, but I don’t know which products to purchase.

    Please help!!

    1. Hi there, I’ve been using environ for years now. It’s a great product. If you live in Durban South Africa, Dr Enslin @ north beach medical is a rep for the product. Also, when you go to purchase the product the staff will talk you through the program. Really easy! Good luck!

  5. I have been using Environ since purchasing it from “All Eyes” in Mandurah Western Australia a year ago. I loved the product so much and saw such dramatic reversal results that I sought to sell it myself. I live in a town of 200 people in the area and I know this product will sell. I want to make it available to everyone because I haven’t felt this good about my skin and self worth ever! And remember it is not available easily to the public because the consumer needs to be gradually introduced to the ‘step-up’ system as it contains Vitamin A and lots of other fantistic little goodies! Don’t be put off by bad comments, if you want the product go to the official website and from there over a period of just a few days someone will call you that is nearest to your town to discuss it further. Thank you ENVIRON….you have turned my 40 yr old skin around and many people comment on my looks now than they did 20yrs ago!!

  6. I have been using Environ for a few years. I love the product, I use the AVST line and went up to #5 but the gal that I get it from doesn’t always have it in stock so she put me on the #4 again. I guess I have to go to #5 again but what do I use after that?

  7. About ten years ago I used Environ gel moisturiser, and it caused a reaction in my skin which turned into Psoriasis which has spread further over my face, over the past ten years. Environ ruined my life. What Environ doesn’t tell you is that they use terrible chemical agents in all there products, there is nothing “Environ-mental” about it. Stay away from Environ, just look at the back of the tube and all the ingredients/chemicals you can’t pronounce. Environ skincare sucks, its the worst product on the planet. It should be banned. IF YOU WANT CRUSTED FLAKING SKIN FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE USE ENVIRON, IT WILL RUIN YOUR SKIN LIKE IT RUINED MINE.

    1. Totally disagree with you. I’ve been using the product for years and my skin has only gotten better. Maybe it was because of another reason that you got Psorisis.

    2. Hi Susan
      I’ve suffered a similar experience after using their AVST range and it has taken almost 2 years for my face to clear up. My face developed pussing infected cystic acne, it totally destroyed my confidence and I agree with you there is nothing Environ-mental about their product. I regret the day I was talked into using their products! !!

      1. I completely agree!! Environ destroyed my skin and I’m not confident anymore, I’m down and depressed all the time and this is the worst my face has been in my whole life!!! That should say something!
        I thought because my friends and people on the net – their skin looked amazing and no flaws or nothing – that my skin would look like that too… But honestly, worst decision to ever touch the product. I hate myself for it.

  8. Hi there, my Son used to take Environ capsules for acne, I cannot remember what they were called, do you still supply them?

  9. I love the Environ products I use. The results have been amazing. I order them on line and they take forever to get here. I will be in Paris at the end of the month and would like to know if I can purchase the products anywhere while there?

  10. Can anyone tell me if they suffered with an out break of spots when first using avst environ stage 1 ,I’m on day 7 of using this cream

      1. They are NOT tested on animals – the owner of the company and his team pride themselves on being the first to test them out. Colostrum is the only animal bi-product

        1. Gelatin is a product used in Environ. Gelatin is the binding substance taken from dissolved cattle/pig/chicken bones used to bind ‘runny’ substances to make them less ‘runny’. Its quite disgusting when you think about it, and this what you’re actually putting on your face…

    1. I find that the ‘moisturiser’ dries my skin
      I’ve stopped using it after going up to 3! It was actually having a detrimental affect on my skin. Probably good if you have greasy skin, then again. ‘washing up liquid’ would do the same
      thing at a fraction of the cost!

  11. Hi I am wondering ca you get a breakout of spots from moving up a level in the environ AVAST I went form 2 to 3 and i have breakout. I dont usually get spots only once a month in the same area (hormonal) now I have some on my forehead, cheaks and chin. its unusual for me and slightly irritating.

    many thanks

    1. I suggest u go back down to avst1 as avst2 has twice the levels of vit than 1 and avst3 has about triple the levels hence your breakouts your skins jus not a climatiated to the high dosages. After 1bottle of avst1 you can go on to 2 but before you move up again to 3 do at least x2/3 bottles of avst2

  12. Hello,
    Can someone give me an adress from south afica where i can buy the envorin products ?
    thank you.

  13. Anybody know if Environ products are tested on animals? Or if they allocate a 3rd party which tests on animals? Finally, are all the products suitable for vegans, specifically interested in Derma Lac but worry the lac insect is utilised in the process.
    Thanks, Amanda

    1. Morning

      I would also like to know if your Environ products are tested on any animals.
      I try to find it on you website but can’t find any answers.
      Hope to hear back from you

      1. I would also like to know if the products have been tested on animals.
        I know that if products are sold in China in a store then they would have had to be tested – Chinese govt regulations.
        I might try to find out if they are sold in China.

        1. Just go straight to the environ website and you will find in absolute detail everything you need to know. I’m a therapist in Australia that has used so successfully on hundreds of clients for years…. No reactions , only positive skin changes. Not tested anywhere near animals….. Please read their website.

      2. “I would also like to know if your Environ products are tested on any animals”

    2. Hi
      Environ does not test its products on animals, but it is NOT suitable for vegans as it contains Gelatin (binding substance obtained from cattle/pigs/fish/chickens). Hope this helps, Mary

  14. Hello I’ve been using the AVST 1 moisturizer since December. I was in Florida last month and being in the sun for a short time I developed an itchy rash on my cheeks chin and neck, I took Benadryl for a few days and used some anti-itch cream on my face. It finally went away. I noticed again this weekend I have the rash back again after being in the sun, I wasn’t even out for long. Is this typical?

    1. My supplier told me to wear the highest factor spf when using this moisturiser. Literally slatherbjtnivwr the top as the moisturiser makes your skin super sun sensitive.

  15. Environ is all about vitamin delivery. You must start with the lowest number and only move up when you think you’re ready – usually after a year. If you have a reaction, go back down. You can mix the one with a two to increase slowly. You can buy your products from Environ or Canyon Ranch Resort/Spa.

  16. Hi I’m using environ 5 months I’m on level 3 and my skin is so bad now cystic acne I’ve never had bad skin until now in also have developed rosacea on both cheeks. I’m getting married in 3 weeks and I’m kinda in a panic now over my skin. Started taking accumax tabs anyone else skin get worse from using this??

    1. You should also remember that acne is not curable overnight. Try going for environ DF purifying facial or a series of their problematic cool peel facials for one a week. I have cured many many people of this.
      Using products in correctly can also make your skin worse. Stay away from any Vit C products at this stage till your skin has calmed down. Try introduce colostrum gel it helps to soothe

    2. I’ve been using the c-quence line for 4 mos and my skin is incredibly smooth, radiant, firm.
      Are you sure you’re using the right Environ range for your skin type ?

  17. I’ve used and worked with Environ for over 14 years. I love it and so do our clients. Thank you Des Fernandes for all of your research and knowledge, and devoting your time to help strengthen our skin immunity.

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