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Environ is a skin care company based in Cape Town, South Africa that was founded in 1990. The founder was one Dr. Des Fernandes, who is a plastic surgeon. Environ has three skin care institutes located around Cape Town and Illovo and these offices offer various skin care treatments, as well as spa treatments that claim to aid with the general well being of the entire body.

Environ views aging as a chronic disease that should be treated every single day. This manufacturer puts the focus firmly on prevention. This treatment needs to be increased as we age because the effects of aging will become more visible. Environ offers skin care products and cosmetics on its official website that range from elaborate daily regimens to more simple sunblocks.

The skin care products created by Environ are supposed to relieve harmful effects caused by today’s environment. Dr. Fernandes blames factors such as pollution and environmental radiation for causing the symptoms of aging. Environ products claim to give you a regimen that will help nourish, protect, and maintain healthy, younger looking skin.

Product Details

Environ’s products claim to be “mostly” fragrance, preservative, colorant, and animal extract free. The company has over forty products divided between seven distinct categories. The website, however, has fourteen categories. Many products use vitamin A as their main ingredient, as well as tea tree oil, vitamins C and E, and other anti-oxidants.

A product that caught our eye is called the Ionzyme Machine. This electrical device claims to be able to encourage vitamin absorption and collagen and elastin rebuilding. It does this through electric currents and high frequency sound waves. The website states it’s the same sound used by dolphins to communicate.

Unfortunately, there are no full lists of ingredients on the official website so it’s hard to determine what is in each product. You will also have to call a toll free number to find out where the closest Environ dealer to you is located because you can’t order the products anywhere. Given that the company is based out of South Africa, these products could prove difficult to obtain.

The Good

  • Very informative and history rich website.
  • Created by a doctor.

The Bad

  • No ingredients or prices listed on the official website.
  • You must find an authorized Environ dealer on your own.
  • Environ products can’t be ordered online and are not sold in stores.
  • Return policies or satisfaction guarantees are unclear.

The Bottom Line

Environ is a bit of a mystery. The main ingredient for most of the products seems to be vitamin A in a very high dose that reminds us of Retin A and similar Vitamin A based products. Vitamin A can prove harsh an inflammatory for users with sensitive skin, so this is a bit troubling. Environ is much harder to obtain than most other skin care products and many people won’t go through the trouble of finding an authorized Environ dealer.

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