Environ Review

Do mixed reviews and poor customer service ruin the deal?

Bottom Line: Environ is a skincare line that appears to only be available through outside retailers. Information is shared on the website, but only a little. We like some of the product claims, but we’ve nothing solid that backs up these promises.

What is Environ?

Environ products are likely designed as high-end and sold only in spas, beauty shops and similar locations. Ingredients we found mentioned include kaolin, rooibos, honeybush, vitamins and antioxidants. There is no complete formula listed for any product. There are detailed instructions, but no mention of how long it takes to see results.

It looks like Environ Skincare is the company responsible for the line. The website was purchased in 2011, but we have no other details. You cannot buy directly from the business. You have to find a reseller.

Here’s What People Are Saying

Reviews are a big deal when it comes to reviewing a company or product line. For Environ, feelings are mixed about the formulas, results and the customer service department.

When it came to products, customers report problems with feeling on the skin and flaking.

  • "Made my skin so shiny and greasy."
  • "My skin is flaking on my nose after just a few days."

Customers who liked the line were also quite vocal.

  • "I’ve tried Environ its really good."
  • "Environ skin care equals ongoing improvement. Money well spent."

As for the customer service department, we also found mixed reviews.

Some had negative experiences:

  • "The reason I am giving your company a 1-star rating is I emailed your South African Environ and their response to my reaction mail was atrocious."
  • "Environ are useless at responding to questions/queries."

Some didn’t:

  • "When you go to purchase the product the staff will talk you through the program."

Environ Customer Service – Did We Find Contact Details?

We did find a contact form for Environ customer service, but nothing more.

Is There a Guarantee?

The company does not sell the products directly so they don’t offer a guarantee. You’ll have to contact your “stockist” for return details.

What’s Our Take – Will Environ Work as Promised?

Are we sold on this product line? From the get go we have to say we have reservations about Environ. We found no ingredient lists, no prices and no means of contacting the company other than a form on the official website. Partner that with complaints about customer service and skin issues and it’s hard to give the thumbs up.

Our top pick for 2016 is a product called BioGeniste. The formula is made with clinically tested ingredients and the reviews we found talked about some amazing results.

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