Enfuselle Review


Enfuselle is a line of skin and facial care items that can be purchased through the Shaklee network. This distributing and manufacturing giant handles products as varied as dietary supplements and home cleaning agents. All of these items are sold globally by means of a multi level marketing network. Enfuselle is only one of the many lines of consumer goods currently sold by Shaklee. The products sold under the Enfuselle label include facial toners and facial cleaners, a facemask, moisturizers and skin repair products.

Due to their size and astounding number of products, it is hard to believe that this company is committed to a small skin care product line. Enfuselle products cannot be obtained at the Shaklee online site. Consumers must purchase Enfuselle products by contacting someone in the company network. There are several Enfuselle products that are primarily intended to address wrinkles and fine lines. These items include: Enfutox Instant Firming Serum, Enfuselle Eye Treatment, Time Repair AM, and the popular C + E Repair PM. None of these products has a complete list of ingredients available for consumers. The website for these skin care items does not appear to have any samples or trial packages of their products available. There is also no hint of any refund or money back policy, or satisfaction guarantee.

Product Details

The company website reveals few details and little information about the Enfuselle brand of facial care products. For our review, it is good to take a close look the products that are designed to repair the skin. First up is the Instant Firming Serum, which lists peptides as an active ingredient. Peptides are found in some of the finest skin care products, but unless we are told what peptides are in the Enfutox, we cannot asses the product’s level of effectiveness.

Another patented ingredient is called Vital Repair+ but we are never told what this is. The Time Repair product lists the main ingredient as an extract obtained from beech trees. This ingredient is said to encourage natural cell renewal and regeneration much like AHA, but minus the irritating reactions. The description claims that this skin care ingredient has been proven to work in clinical tests but does not give any details to back the claim. There are no listed studies connected to this unique ingredient. The other products in the skin care line have no new, unusual, or proven ingredients. There may be “filler” ingredients added to these skin care products but this is uncertain because there is not a detailed list of all ingredients in the formulas.

The Good

  • There are a few effective ingredients noted.
  • Shaklee has a long history of developing good products.

The Bad

  • Company has an online site but products cannot be bought online.
  • Ingredients could be quite ineffective.
  • Only partial ingredient lists are available.
  • Lack of a refund policy.

The Bottom Line

Shaklee is a jack of all trades site and it has little inclination to promote the Enfuselle products to the exclusion of others that may be more profitable. Some wonder if this is just an oversight or if it is because these skin care products don’t have any cutting edge ingredients that make it competitive in the cosmetic industry. When people search for anti-aging products, they want the ones with clinically proved additives like collagen or an ingredient like Matrixyl 3000. Top skin care lines will also back products with guarantees and refund policies, but Enfuselle seems to lack any of these consumer safety nets.


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