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It’s certainly common to encounter all sorts of organic skin care lines and treatments in this day and age. Apparently people are shooting more for the all-natural approach to skin care. Or maybe they no longer care for the countless potentially irritating synthetic components that can be found in some products. Just take a look at the Eminence “Organic Skin Care” line. This is a European beauty line that’s claimed to offer the “highest levels of organically grown vegetables, fruits and herbs.” Furthermore, this line is addressed as a “professional spa brand,” that has over 40 years of research behind it.

Since Eminence treatments are “hand-made” in Hungary and created for health spa environments, it doesn’t appear that they’re sold through the official website at all. The full line of these products include categories like Herbal Spa Teas, Treatments & Body Wraps, Masques, Brushes & Supplies, Eye and Lip Care, Body Lotions & Massage Creams, Serums & Face Oils, Sun Defense SPF 30, Creams & Moisturizers, Toniques & Hydrators, and Gift sets. Not only are Eminence products “plant-based,” but the farming is done with “100 percent wind power energy.” Under their Serums and Face Oils, you’ll find products like the Stone Drop Serum, Yarrow Oil, Herbal Spot Serum, Calendula Oil, Grape Antioxidant Serum and Couperose-C Serum.

Product Details

The Eminence brand is essentially a skin and body care line of treatments sold in select spas. As with many skin care lines and topical treatments available today, these all-natural products endeavor to assist with anti-aging, free radical damage prevention, fine lines, skin hydration, age spots, hyper pigmentation and more. Some of the key active ingredients incorporated into Eminence serums and oils are Calendula (calms skin), Wheat Oil (contains Vitamins E and F), Vitamin C, Pectin, Gooseberry, Black Currant, Algae, Grape Juice, Willow Bark (anti-inflammatory), and Biocomplex (helps with boosting antioxidants). There are some testimonials provided on the official website, however, there doesn’t appear to be real clinical research. A convenient 1-800 number is posted on the website.

The Good

  • All of the Eminence skin care products are made with all-natural ingredients.
  • The farming that’s done to acquire the ingredients for these products is accomplished with 100% wind power energy.
  • The active ingredients for each product are discussed and explained on the website.

    The Bad

    • There is no mention of a refund option or money-back guarantee with Eminence skin care products.
    • Full ingredient lists are not provided on the website with each product description.
    • None of these products are attainable through the official website.
    • It may be difficult to determine if certain individuals are allergic to some of the ingredients found in these topical treatments.
    • The prices are not posted.

    The Bottom Line

    All in all, the Eminence skin care or beauty line is very similar to many other “organic” or all-natural skin care lines available these days. It’s actually tough to determine what makes this brand stand out from the many others. One the plus side, their ingredients are grown with 100% wind power energy, which is good for the environment. However, an important factor to keep in mind is that none of the Eminence products are available through the official website and cost is unknown at this time.

9 thoughts on “Eminence Review”

  1. The fact that you cannot buy Eminence over the internet is a plus for retailers. Why would people drive to a spa when they can order it from a website. There are clinical tests being done and the results are on their website. A full ingredient list is provided when you are a member.

  2. They claim to be organic, but USDA ORGANIC is the way to go when it comes to organic products and yu can buy it over the internet, just do a search and hundreds of websites selling them will pop up.

  3. Buyer beware, there is not refund or exchange or customer satisfaction policy available with this company. Any issue with the product, after purchase, is done at the retailer/spa, so ask. This is a very big issue especially at the cost of each product. I am a very unhappy consumer and will not buy any of their products again.

  4. I’ve been using the Eminence Neroli Age Corrective Eye Serum & Lavender Age Correcting Night Cream for about 2 weeks. The bagging/sagging on my upper right eye lid has completely disappeared. Prior to Eminence I was using Vivier eye cream – much better results with Eminence.

  5. Eminence is now available for purchase at online stores. I found it after buying their eye make-up remover and found it was absolutely the best. Now planning to try other products.

  6. Many spa’s do carry the Eminence products , as well as Amazon, Ebay, and so on..
    They are quite expensive, so trying it out for at least a few days to a week maybe a good idea. I was able to do that with a masque that I really love and now purchase on Amazon.

  7. If you contact Eminence directly they will send you a list of the line retailers and local spas where products are sold. They are specific websites that the Eminence Company sells products. Be careful when purchasing from other websites (Amazon, eBay,etc.) as those products maybe watered down or knockoffs.

  8. I absolutely love these products. They are natural and no chemicals and fillers added. Some people complain about reacting ;but let me tell you I reacted to other very expensive brands that was not pleasant. If you want to find negatives you always will. I will continue to use their products,it’s worth every $. Also their list of ingredients is fully disclosed.

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