Ellen Lange Review


Ellen Lange comes from a family of plastic surgeons. At a young age she became intrigued and passionate about skin care. Eventually she joined her father (Alvin Glasgold) and brother (Mark Glasgold) as a skin care specialist at their plastic surgery business. Soon after, she created her very own line of skin care treatments known as Ellen Lange Skin Science. She formulated and developed skin care products and tested them on her patients (upon their request) at her father and brother’s practice.

Unlike many modern skin care professionals, Ellen Lange endorses cosmetic procedures such as Botox, chemical peels and microderm abrasion. In fact, some of her products provide consumers with the option of performing facial peels and exfoliation treatments in their homes. Some key ingredients used in these products are ceremide III, sodium hyaluronate, ellastin and collagen. Ellen Lange Skin Science aims to rejuvenate sun-damaged and aged complexions, which his intended to reduce fine lines, age spots and wrinkles. Skin care treatments are offered for those grappling with acne-prone complexions and others fighting the common and redundant signs of aging. Although Ellen Lange was raised with and works with medical doctors (plastic surgeons), the official website for her “exclusive” products additionally advertises spa services and pricing.

Product Details

Skin care treatments by Ellen Lange are geared toward those with problematic and/or aging complexions. While there doesn’t seem to be a “magical” active ingredient that appears throughout her skin care line, she does include components such as ceremide III, sodium hyaluronate, ellastin and collagen in some products. These treatments aim to correct common skin afflictions like acne pimples and wrinkles that countless individuals deal with regularly.

The Good

      Ellen Lange has an extensive background with skin care and cosmetic correction.


      The products are available through the official website.


      A toll free number is provided for anyone with questions regarding Ellen Lange skin care.


    Customers can acquire a 25 percent discount on their first order or treatment.

The Bad

  • Ellen Lange treatments are somewhat pricey for the average consumer and few products are offered.
  • No testimonials are provided on the website.
  • There are no clinical studies given to prove the effectiveness of these products.
  • Ellen Lange fails to address animal testing issues and natural ingredients.
  • The official website promotes plastic surgery.
  • No full ingredient lists are provided for the products.

The Bottom Line

All in all Ellen Lange claims to be a skin care professional, aiming to develop skin care treatments that benefit those with aging and acne dilemmas. She offers a small selection of skin care products that lack real descriptions and crucial ingredients. It’s difficult to tell whether she’s endorsing her skin care regimen or plastic surgery procedures as an way to obtain youthful skin. Either way, her lack of testimonials and a money-back guarantee hardly pitch her skin products very well. The official website for Ellen Lange Skin Science is severely lacking and hardly contains enough valid information to go on. It’s tough to see why anyone would choose her products out of the countless other skin care lines that actually offer guarantees, ingredient lists and ample background information.

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