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Elizabeth Grant is a skincare company out of Canada. The history stretches back to 1948 in London, England, but the business wasn’t established until 1958. There are a ton of products to choose from, including a line dedicated to anti-aging.

What is Elizabeth Grant?

Elizabeth Grant is a product line established by a woman of the same name. She suffered from skin damage during World War II and that’s where the idea began. Only the key ingredients are listed for the formulas. These include Torricelumn, marine collagen, spilanthes acmella plant extract, coenzyme Q10 and hyaluronic acid. There is no animal testing, but also no mention of parabens, fragrance or other irritants.

Quick Facts on Elizabeth Grant

  • The skincare line has been available since 1958.
  • There are fewer than 10 products for anti-aging.
  • No complete ingredient lists are available.
  • Product reviews are few and far between.
  • Prices for some products are comparable, but others are a little high.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Elizabeth Grant?

“Without a complete ingredient list, there is absolutely no way to research whether or not the formulas are effective,” says our Skincare Editor. “That’s not the best selling point.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

Third-party websites, like Amazon, sell the Elizabeth Grant line, but reviews are nearly non-existent. We found a few here and there.

One buyer claimed the bronzer didn’t exactly meet their expectations.

  • “The product is a fake. You don’t look tanned, you look yellow. It smells bad, don’t buy it!!!”

Another customer said the Z.I.T. zapper worked well to reduce redness, but not everyone agreed.

  • “Sticky, messy, and doesn’t actually work when I do manage to keep it on for hours.”

Here and there we did find customers who loved the Elizabeth Grant line.

  • “Absolutely love this cream….wouldnt use anythng else.”

Are We Sold on Elizabeth Grant?

The simple answer is…not really. We are hesitant because we have no idea what ingredients are used, other than the key elements the company wants you to know. Plus, the number of reviews leave us wondering if there’s really a customer base.

What Do We Suggest?

If you’re looking for anti-aging and you want something that just works, our top pick in 2016 is BioGeniste. It’s made with clinically tested ingredients and user reviews are amazing.

Click here and read more on BioGeniste.

21 thoughts on “Elizabeth Grant Review”

  1. My overall opinion on the whole range is it isn’t worth the money, its sticky when on the skin, and hasn’t done anything to improve the lines & certainly hasn’t given results as I was led to believe it would, all in all disappointing

  2. Elizabeth,

    Please stop making your products with PARABENS, SULFATE, PARFUM, PETROLATUM, SLS,PHENOXYETHANOL and all the other harmful toxins.

      1. I have several of her products that do not have those ingredients in them. Some of the items are in another language. So I hope there is not any in those. Thanks for the info. But I must say what ever I have received has been superior.

  3. I have been using Elizabeth Grants products for a number of years now. I am 50 years of age and it seems I don’t look more than 40 so I am quite sure that her products have somehing to do with it. I do my routime morning and night. I use my sérums, toners, milk cleansers and masks as indicated. I have had some pimples at the beginnig of menopause but I reduced the use of the torricelum serum and only kept the standard skin care for a couple of weeks for my skin to adjust to hormonal changes and all is fine. I am continually complimentend on the glow and lack of wrinkles on my face. I highly recomend her skincare.

  4. I am very disappointed. This product is very sticky and never seems to dry.I do not think I will buy anymore. Thank you.

  5. if you love your money please, please don’t buy Elizabeth Grant pord’s and if you want to try it be very careful. I ordered items on line and they gave me a very bad reaction and when I contacted customer service I was told can’t be returned even when the web site says 30 money back if not happy with prod’s… so please don’t waist your money.. if you want amazing prod’s go with Pur Minerals and they have amazing customer service.

    1. I just noticed your comment because I have an issue with the caviar line. I bought them during te cyber Monday sale. I got the e-mail and I did check the terms as well as my invoice that I got.

      No where did it say final sale on either .I contacted AmAnda who does the receptionist I take it. Anyway I emailed her about the issue. She then tod me that it was a final sale. So I went to the flyer o got and the invoice as well.

      I called and of course I never got an answer to my call. So I left a message saying that she was incorrect about the final sale because it has to be stated on the email as well as the flier. And I have the 30 day return.

      I am not going to let this go. I did call te credit card being from Scotia Bank. I was told I had to send an email documentingg that tete was an issue and send trm a copy of the flier and invoice as poof.

      No call back yet. But I will despute this. They have to have it on the promotion and the invoice as well . And to top it off she was rude and that I do not put up with. I rum my own company and if this happened with my employer they would be out the door.

      If no result then I will contact the granddaughter Margo about what is going on. If you go to their site you will see her e-mail listed.

      Anyway you should send them an email or at least to Margo about what was said to you. If you just go to the contact us this girl will get your note.
      As I mentioned it would be worth your while doing it. She can’t get away with stuff like this. I have seen other complaints on Facebook about her. TSC had a few that had issues when going through her and their orders.

      I am doing this on phone and it is a little tricky trying to scroll up to check the wording and spelling so please excuse the errors if there are any.

  6. I just received my order of Elizabeth grant products and was very excited to start using them until I just read some of these reviews. I hope they work, I spent a couple hundred on them and noticed I didn’t even get a eye cream. One of the products was opened Ana had spilled all over and did seem sticky like some reviews stated. I will start my new ritual tonight after taking a before photo and after 28 days if I don’t notice a difference as promised I will be returning all of it. Wish me luck

    1. I found that her, Elizabeth’s first times on the shopping channel, several years ago, when I ordered Elizabeth’s products, that they were miraculous !!! I was so impressed and kept buying them all from the Shopping Channel, and was very happy. But as the years went on, they were not the same, and I saw less and less, and now none, of Elizabeth, so I quit…Today, I watched the Shopping Channel again of Elizabeth Grant products, and ordered.. Elizabeth was not there, her daughter in law was, and has been for a long time. I don’t expect much, but I always hope. She, Elizabeth, and her products were wonderful. I do believe she cared. She called us all her girls…I truly hope this show stopper works once again. If not, or even if, I will be back commenting again

  7. I absolutely love the E.G. line. I have tried numerous lines, including Peter Thomas Roth, SKINN, Dr. Denesse,you name it, I tried it. I am 51 yrs young, and EG has made my skin look better than it has in years. it is so luxurious, and my skin feels so hydrated. it gives my skin a terrific glow and my makeup just glides right on I feel I am really pampering myself with her line. I am hooked.I have been using this line for over 2 yrs and will not give it up. it actually is not expensive at all. I received an entire kit, 8 products and 2 lipsticks for 69.00.

    1. Where did you purchase your product? The only way I can order is on Evine Live which is a T>V> Shopping show and it is not a good selection at all.. Then on e-bay. I loved her Retinal eye cream, Day and night cream with retinal and a small bottle of the Retinal and the torecilem and I loved it. This time I found a great deal on e-bay. So far that is the only place I can order. I even got on her shopping channel in Canada but they will not sell to me being in the U.S. And they had a huge collection. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Tonya West

  8. I have used very expensive name brand creams, lotions and potions during my 66 years. I have been disappointed in all except Elizabeth Grant. I am also an esthetician and skin care professional. The sticky feel some mention is from an ingredient used as a humectant, meaning it draws moisture to the skin. Elizabeth’s products are not oily or pore blocking and leave my skin translucent and dewey. I do not look my age and have been mistaken very recently as being in my late fourties’. Such compliments I take with gratitude and owe a good deal of it to the use of Elizabeth Grants products.

  9. I have tried a lot of different products over the years but EG is the one that I’m sticking with.
    Not expensive & it works.
    My skin definitely looks younger & dewier. I look back on photo’s taken years ago & I look younger now than I did then & it’s not just my imagination, people have commented on how great my skin looks.
    I’ll definitely won’t be changing brands.


  11. Please! I like the Supreme skin care set but would love to see a show on how to use the products and what to expect as a result. Is there one available? So far I can’t find anything on-line.

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