Elizabeth Arden Skin Care Review


Elizabeth Arden skin care and cosmetics have been around for many years now. This commonly found department store brand offers “high-end” skin treatments for women of all ages. Elizabeth Arden additionally offers a Men’s Skincare line to potentially address common skin dilemmas that apply to men of various ages. The several different Elizabeth Arden Skin Care beauty lines offered for women are Prevage, Ceramide, Arden Basic Skincare, Eight Hour Cream and Intervene. Prevage is suited specifically for older or more mature ladies. This line of seven treatments aims to assist users with skin afflictions like collagen loss, deep facial wrinkles, under-eye circles, expressional lines and sagging.

One popular topical treatment offered by Elizabeth Arden skin care is the Prevage Anti-Aging Night Cream ($125). As stated on the official website, this product endeavors to improve moisture levels, skin radiance and resilience. It uses key active components like Idebenone, Mega Complex-A and several moisturizers. Some clinical studies showed that the Anti-Aging Night Cream provided 92% of users with refreshed, softer, smoother and more revitalized complexions. All Elizabeth Arden skin care products can be acquired via the official website or in most common departments stores where they are sold. A refund is possible if the user is not satisfied with the Elizabeth Arden skin care treatment that has been purchased.

Product Details

Like many other skin care brands, Elizabeth Arden addresses current issues like anti-aging, fine lines and sun damage. This cosmetic brand offers treatment categories like Primers, Night Creams, Masks, Cleansers/Toners, Moisturizers and Eye & Lip Care, as well as Targeted Treatments. Elizabeth Arden skin care products are claimed to be high-end and do sell for higher prices than many other treatment lines. Other than skin care, Elizabeth Arden offers an array of make-up products geared toward women of all skin types. There do not appear to be product reviews posted on the official website. Although free trial samples are not offered online, you may be able to attain samples of some Elizabeth Arden skin care treatments in department stores where they are sold.

The Good

  • Elizabeth Arden skin care products are readily available in fine department stores.
  • Some Elizabeth Arden skin care treatments contain moisturizers.
  • Elizabeth Arden offers a wide array of treatments suitable for all common skin types.

The Bad

  • Elizabeth Arden skin care products are higher priced than some other skin care brands.
  • Free samples are not available through the official website.
  • Each Elizabeth Arden skin care treatment is not posted with a full list of ingredients on the website.
  • Success stories for these products are not offered on the official website.
  • It doesn’t appear that any coupons are posted on the website for consumers.

The Bottom Line

There are clearly a number of competitive skin care and cosmetic lines out there these days like Elizabeth Arden. Most of these can be found in high-end department stores. While these brands have been around for some time, they are certainly not the only skin care companies out there and, what’s more, treating wrinkles isn’t usually their primary concern. In reality, there are more affordable skin care treatments on the market today that also endeavor to accomplish the same anti-aging goals as Elizabeth Arden skin care.

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  1. I have been using elizabeth arden products for 10 years, does it produce collagen and elasticity to the skin or is it to much fagrance?

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