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Elemis claims to be the leader in British luxury spa and skincare and is reportedly favored by over five and a half million spa users each year. Elemis uses holistic ingredients combined with state of the art technology and claims to create very effective anti-aging products and a line of spa therapies that are hard for competitor products to match.

As a brand, Elemis has giant stores in London, Hong Kong, and Miami that are well known for their spa therapies and beauty salon treatments. Elemis sells many products online and has a very nice official website that lists each product and gives a short description of it. You will be hard pressed to find a website with so much information on a company and what it does, and we definitely appreciate the company’s attention to detail. The thorough history and product creation details that are offered are second to none.

Product Details

Elemis offers many different products on its official website and the categories of their anti-aging products are: Anti-Pollution Detox, Active Cellular Delivery, and Extra-Cellular Restructuring. The manufacturer recommends that you use a product from each category to achieve the ideal results described by the manufacturer.

The anti-pollution detox products clear your skin of harmful toxins from smoking, disease, stress, and other types of daily environmental pollution. The active cellular delivery products are claimed to improve the collagen and elastin in your skin to help it look smoother and younger. The Extra Cellular Restructuring products are the finishing touches that hydrate and firm your skin while supporting collagen production. Using all of these separate product lines is necessary to achieve maximum results.

The official website does not include a full list of ingredients for each product, nor does it list product prices.

The Good

  • Tons of products available.
  • Well known spa company with locations all over the world.


The Bad

  • No testimonials or ingredients listed on the official website.
  • Expensive. The Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream retails for $167.00 on its own.
  • Can’t find many reviews on newer products.
  • No money-back return policies are discussed.

The Bottom Line

Elemis is a respected spa therapy company and, by creating a spa spin-off product line for home use, they are sure to find an already established customer base. Elemis offers tons of products available and recommends you use them in tandem. Typically, this results in a 3-step process that is detailed on the official website. This should increase the overall effectiveness but will end up being fairly expensive and time-consuming. You may want to try these products if you are familiar with Elemis and like what their spas offer. Others not so familiar will want to buy a single product to try out or seek something they are more familiar with. It’s hard to form an opinion on a product when the official website doesn’t list any of the ingredients and only hints at what the wrinkle fighters may be. If you live near an Elemis spa, you may want to forgo buying the pricey products and see if you can score any free samples at the spa’s brick-and-mortar location.

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  1. Do not order from elegises online uk as they use inferior delivery companies, who leave your parcel outside in the recycle bin or with a complete stranger!!
    Don’t bother with customer care as they are bad as the delivery company!
    Good product rubbish service.

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