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Skin care is always a big issue in the modern world we live in. So much seems to depend on our appearances. Unfortunately not all skin care brands are very affordable for the average consumer. Well, one skin care line that claims to be “skin care for less” is called Dr Renaud. This brand aims to supply you by offering the basic skin care regimens you need, but at an affordable price. Some of the product categories offered on the Dr Renaud official website are Toners/Lotions, Night Creams, Masks, Acne Treatments, Daily Cleansers, Moisturizers and Anti-Aging treatments.

The Dr Renaud skin care line endeavors to address all common skin types, whether they be oily, dry, combination, problematic, sensitive, normal or aging complexions. The Anti-Aging product line specifically offers five different treatments, which are the Intervention Age-Defying Hydrafluid ($49.95), MenoActive Skin Treatment Care ($65.95), Pure Anti-Aging Eye Contour ($119), Pure Anti-Aging Lip Contour ($44.95) and Pure Complete ($145). While the official Dr Renaud website does state that this company wants all customers to be “100% satisfied,” they do not specify if there is a refund guarantee. The Pure Complete facial treatment is claimed to be a gentle alternative to more extreme procedures like Botox injections. This product is supposed to correct three different types of wrinkles, which are deep, superficial and expression lines.

Product Details

Dr Renaud skin care products are geared towards all individuals with skin types like normal, aging, oily, sensitive, combination and problematic. One of their premiere treatments offered in the Anti-Aging category is Pure Complete. This facial treatment utilizes key ingredients like Serine, Acacia Polysaccharides, Kronoxyl-3, Tensor Biopolymer from sweet almond proteins, B-Glucans, Alginates, HSC Complex and Fucogel 1000. Dr Renaud Pure Complete aims to minimize three different kinds of wrinkles, as well as improve overall skin elasticity, radiance and texture. This treatment should be applied to the facial skin day and night after cleansing. Testimonials are not offered on the official website to support the effectiveness of Dr Renaud products.

The Good

  • All Dr Renaud products are available online without a dermatologist’s prescription.
  • The Dr Renaud brand offers treatments and regimens for all general skin types.
  • Some key active ingredients are revealed on the official website.

The Bad

  • There is no solid money-back guarantee presented on the official Dr Renaud website.
  • Major anti-aging treatments like Pure Complete sell for $145, which may be quite costly for some individuals.
  • Testimonials and free samples of Dr Renaud products are not offered.
  • All ingredients for all products are not posted on the website.
  • It may be difficult to determine if Dr Renaud skin care treatments will irritate your complexion, since all ingredients are not revealed.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Dr Renaud skin care line comes across in an interesting fashion. It’s nice to see that this line offers a variety of treatments for all common skin types. However, the “skin care for less” slogan seems odd considering facial treatments like Pure Complete sell for $145. That doesn’t seem so affordable in comparison to other products offered by other brand names. You may want to inquire about the brand’s guarantee prior to ordering anything from them. This way you will at least know if you can get your money back if you’d like it.

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  1. I ask for the treatment of pigmentation in the skin and the front where the dark colors and face its many patches of freckling, and what I use to treat

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