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Dr. R. A. Eckstein Biosmetik is a brand of German skin care that is named after its developer Dr. R. A. Eckstein, a German doctor. Their website is currently under construction during the time of this review. Fortunately, there are some basic product details present on their upcoming US website. Among the Dr. R. A. Eckstein products, there are some interesting anti-aging treatments in the lineup including Dr. R. A. Eckstein’s Night Cream and Active Intensive Treatments. Their skin care line is currently within the Germany region.

Product Details

The US website and German website for the skin care range of Dr. R. A. Eckstein Biometik products are separate, but the US website still isn’t finished. For people that wish to contact Dr. R. A. Eckstein Biosmetik should head to their main homepage where corporate information about their head office in Germany and office in the United States can be found along with the range of products it offers. There is also some information regarding their worldwide distributors of the Dr. R. A. Eckstein product. So far, Australia, Austria, Greece, and the United Kingdom, are in the list of distributors.

The Dr. R. A. Eckstein Night Cream is one of the anti-aging products in the lineup. Unfortunately, there is no price information indicated on the website making it impossible to judge how it compares with its competitors. However, there is some information on the product ingredients, which includes Vitamin A and Vitamin E along with Chamomille oil, Marine Collagen, and various other Plant Oils. These Plant Oils do not include specifics, however. The Marine Collagen ingredient isn’t found exclusively in Dr. R. A. Eckstein Night Cream products. Active Concentrate Intensive Remedies are included in the range as well. According to their main website, these intensive treatments were made to combat environmental and daily stress by boosting the skin’s natural protective capabilities.

The Good

  • Their website has complete contact information regarding their company head office.
  • Two separate websites available in English and German respectively.
  • Some of the products in the Dr. R. A. Eckstein range are exclusively made for anti-aging.

The Bad

  • The US website is still incomplete and lacks sufficient details.
  • None of the products have any price information.
  • There are no given details on how the Dr. R. A. Eckstein Night Cream differs from the other products that have Collagen present.
  • No indication of a money-back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Since there is no price given, the status of competition of Dr. R. A. Eckstein’s range of products is still unknown. Curious people are encouraged to wait until these products have more exposure in the US and for all the details to be complete before trying out their skin care products.

3 thoughts on “Dr. R. A. Eckstein Review”

  1. Hi
    I wonder if you could help. I have used the Sensitive supreme ( which included lanolin) it appears to have changed. The ingredients on the internet say that it includes lanolin but the new sensitive supreme doesn’t seem to . Could you check this out for me as the one with lanolin was much more suitable please
    Mrs J Oxley

    1. I have men clients that loved the men’s line. Is it no longer available?
      Would love a reply.
      Kind Regards,
      Derma Therapy by Cecilia

  2. I am a german esthetician and based in Las Vegas.I work with Eckstein since 37 Years,know the products from inside out.Never ever we had a problem.In germany the products just were sold in beauty salons or pharmacies ,to get the right product. Dont like the internet buy because people dont know what skin type they are.Wrong product no happy clients.Love Eckstein

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