Dr. Michelle Copeland Skin Care Review


Dr. Michelle Copeland is an internationally recognized plastic surgeon who was trained at Harvard University. She is also a biochemist and bestselling author and has created a line of best-in-class skin care products. These skin care products have been developed by Dr. Copeland by evaluating hundreds of formulas over many years. The products are so effective because they contain medical grade ingredients. Dr. Copeland is quoted on her official website as saying, “As a plastic surgeon, I know the skin from the inside out, and I see what happens when skin is left uncared for. My knowledge of biochemistry and my passion for skin care allowed me to formulate effective yet gentle products that work together to give you the youngest looking, healthiest skin possible. Healthy skin is a vital component of cosmetic wellness.

Product Details

Dr. Copeland’s skin care products contain many natural ingredients including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, thyme, zinc, arbutin, soy and cucumber. The results of using these natural ingredients are younger looking and healthy skin. You will not find any artificial dyes, fragrances or perfumes in Dr. Copeland’s skin care products. In addition to helping you maintain healthy skin these products will help to fight wrinkles, acnes and dryness. Dr. Copeland’s skin care system is designed to help you do the following: Maintain healthy looking, vibrant and supple skin; Erase fine lines and reduce signs of aging; Restore and protect your skin from damage due to environmental pollutants, sunlight and free radicals; Help discoloration and age spots fade away. The products listed on the website are: Basic Regimen products, Advanced Regimen products, Anti-Aging products, Acne products, Body products, Exfoliation products, Lip products, products for Scars and Discolorations, Sun Care products, Makeup, Dental Whitener, Specialty Kits, Jet Set Sizes, products for men, Books and DVD’s, Jet Set Kits and Hair and Scalp products.

The Good

  • If your order totals $75 or more you will receive free shipping.
  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee offered. If you are not satisfied for any reason with your skin care products you may return them for a full refund less shipping fees. The products must be at least 75% full to receive a refund.
  • The website offers an option to contact Dr. Copeland to ask any questions about her products before placing your order.
  • There is a detailed ingredient list for each product which can be found on the website.

The Bad

  • The only Dr. Copeland’s product that can be found that is made to specifically reduce wrinkles is the Rewind Advanced Wrinkle Defense cream and it sells for high cost of $88 for a 0.5 ounce tube.
  • The other anti-aging products offered are also rather expensive starting at $115 and going up to $247.

The Bottom Line

Dr. Copeland offers a wide variety of skin care products to meet the needs of most individuals. The website offers a great amount of detailed information and also the option to ask questions before purchasing. While the products appear to be effective, the cost is quite expensive compared to other products. If cost is a concern, you may prefer to continue to research to find a more affordable option.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Michelle Copeland Skin Care Review”

  1. Too expensive to do much good unless you have 1000s to spend. Her plastic surgery may be a better buy since NO RESULTS after 60 days with the full kit.

  2. I have been using your Magnolia Fresh Eyes for 3 weeks and 4 days. According to the box, the product brightens and strenghtens weak capillaries around the eye area. It goes on to mention all the good ingredients in the product – green coffee, Daisy Flower…., yet your eye cream cause the same side effects that Clinique and EB5 do. It causes floaters in my eyes, no noticeable difference in the dark area, and muscle spasms on the upper lids. The one noticeable difference among the three that after 2 weeks of using the EB5, my skin was was lighter. If your product contains so many healthy ingredients, why does it not work and why do I experience the same negative effects that I do from the products that contain a number of chemicals? Next, I want a refund of 34.00 for a product that does not work and disguises its chemical content.

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