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Dr Jeanette Graf is a dermatologist who started her own line of skin care products to potentially assist with afflictions like acne blemishes, anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, and daily maintenance. She earned a National Institutes of Health patent back in 1987 for discovering a penta-peptide. There is a short video presented on her official website that offers some background on the dermatologist and her accolades. At this point, she offers four different lines of skin care products, which are called Vita-Peptide, Rejuvenation, Skin Deep, and Specialty Care. She is touted as specializing in dermatology, science and skin care. Unfortunately customer testimonials are not provided.

It appears that all Dr Jeanette Graf products are available directly through the official website. Some of these are the Vita-Peptide Protein Action Cleanser with AMLA, Vita-Peptide Eye Serum with AMLA, Rejuvenation Retinol Facial Cleanser, Rejuvenation Retinol Resurfacing Complex, Skin Deep hand and Body Lotion, Skin Deep Concentrate, Copper Collagen Infusion, and Brighten Up Instant Brightening Peel. To focus more specifically on one Dr Jeanette Graf treatment, we will look at the Skin Deep Wrinkle Eye Cream ($37.50). This product is likely supposed to be applied to the under-eye area daily to help minimize the appearance of crow’s feet, dark circles and fine lines. The primary active ingredient found in this treatment is Matrixyl.

Product Details

The Dr Jeanette Graf skin care line is primarily marketed toward women with concerns like fine lines, acne blemishes, deep facial wrinkles, elastin loss, dull skin and dryness. Unfortunately the individual description for each product is very minimal. While there may be a key ingredient revealed, there is not any elaboration on how to use the treatment or what skin type it is geared toward (may be suitable for all). Dr Jeanette Graf skin care products have been discussed in magazines like Elle, Ladies Home Journal, Allure, Cosmopolitan, Fitness, and People. There is no mention of a satisfaction guarantee with these products at this time.

The Good

  • The creator of Dr Jeanette Graf skin care treatments is a licensed dermatologist.
  • None of these topical skin remedies require a prescription for usage.
  • All prices for Dr Jeanette Graf products are revealed on the website.

The Bad

  • There are no full lists of ingredients disclosed on the website for these products.
  • The description for each Dr Jeanette Graf treatment is very minimal.
  • There are no application directions for these skin care products.
  • Some individuals may experience irritation to certain unknown ingredients in Dr Jeanette Graf products.

The Bottom Line

In the end, the Dr Jeanette Graf skin care line is rather vague. Meaning that the official website offers very little to really pitch these topical treatments. This may work as a red flag for some women considering the products. Also, there are no ingredients really discussed on the website. This may make you wonder what all is in Dr Jeanette Graf products, and whether or not they will be irritating to some skin types. You should certainly contact her to learn more before buying any of them.

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23 Comments/Questions/Answers to Dr Jeanette Graf

  • 1


    I won a basket of Dr graf skincare products, confused as to how to use them, I agree, her website gives no directions as to usage. I e-mailed for guidance, got no response. I definitely would not purchase these products.

  • 2


    I had purchased Dr Graf products a couple of years ago & liked them. I decided to try them again. I can say I am really happy with them. I especially love the rejuvenation complex. It feel unlike anything else I’ve felt, very smooth & luxurious feeling. FYI, 1st step cleanse, 2nd rejuvenation, 3rd EP complex, 4th eye cream, 5th skin deep(night only). It feels so great, my skin is so soft. There are extra products to use 2 to 3 times a week too. I love the cleanser, mine is called Protein Action Cleanser with AMLA, it has a little medicated smell, but feels really soothing to my skin.

  • 3


    I have used her microdermabraison skin product & also a renewal cleanser…i like both products. the first product helped clean & eliminate some clogged pores on side of nose. the renewal cleanser keeps skin clean & feels refreshed. the prices were reasonable in today’s market. I recommend her products.

  • 4


    i have been useing her products for 5 weeks and i see a big difference in my skin. i have used many anti products seriouse skin wei east

  • 5


    These products are ahead of their time often,with ingredients that are active and proven!! I have used several products from her line,my fav..thephytoelstique cream and the microdermabrasion night revive complex.these products are unique and work!!! If someone doesnt think so,they’re possibly using the wrong products for their shin type within the line.i personally have used creams at 200$.they did not do tomy skin..softeningmoisture,firmness,than thesse do..sooo much better and a value!! I love Dr.Graff,never met her,would love to..so i couldthank her for my beautiful skin that looks15 yrs younger than I am.!!!!!

  • 6



  • 7


    im a dialysis patient it makes my skin dark will your brighten up make my skin look the way it use to before i started dialysis

  • 8


    Dr. Graff,
    Where are your INSTRUCTIONS detailing how to apply your wonderful products???? Your website is not helpful to purchasing consumers. Please UPDATE ASAP.

    Thank you,

  • 9


    I just ordered the deep wrinkle kit. What do I need for sagging skin that really works? It can be Dr. Graf or any skin care line.

  • 10


    I just received 2 kits, 1 is the rejuvenation kit and the other is the collagen kit. I want to use as many of both items as possible in the morning and evening. In which order would I use all of these items?

  • 11


    I just purchased the 4 piece collagen set. I am applying the collagen serum first and then the collagen creme directly after. Is it the skin sloughing off or the collagen creme? It seems like the creme.

  • 12


    Just used the Vita-Peptide Copper Collagen Infusion. I do not have sensitive skin at all, but something in it caused a burning sensation. Frustrating that there is no info on ingredients in Dr. Graf products.

  • 13


    i have but FREO COOL FROM DR JEANNETTE GRAF and like to now if they still haves

  • 14

    Pauline Baker

    I have been using Dr Grafs products for a year now im age 46 but everyone thinks early 30’s I love the copper collagen and brightner peel and the deep wrinkle cream I cant tell you how many other lines of products i tried with no results. I continue to have great skin with Dr Grafs products and highly suggest compared to high priced items that do nothing she has put science to skin and it works

  • 15


    I purchased Microdermabrasion & lotion from HSN and would like to know if I can use it on broken skin and I would like to have some written info about her products if this is possible please let me know & I will give u my mailing address. I am interested in exfoliating products for my face also.

  • 16


    I picked up a unused bottle of the Brightening Peel and it has instructions on how to use and it does brighten my face. Can hardly believe it myself

  • 17


    Love her products! all of them!

  • 18


    does any one ship to Canada I used to use dr Jeanette graft but it is hard to get delivery here. Please let me know as I was very happy with the products

  • 19


    Are her products fragrance free?

  • 20


    I have just purchased the collagen set and when I rub it in my skin peels (like crumbly) Why is this?

  • 21


    HSN.com will ship to u

  • 22


    Hi Arden,
    Not sure if you received an answer to your Canada question.
    Rodan and Fields has amazing, quality products that yield try results and they are launching in Canada soon.

  • 23

    margarette fritz

    do i use a sunscreen with it I love in Pa.

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