Dr Jeanette Graf Review

Do you have a few questions about Dr. Jeanette Graf?

Dr. Jeanette Graf is a dermatologist that runs a Q&A website. It looks as though she has a history of appearing on the Home Shopping Network. It doesn’t look like the official website has been updated since 2014 and the skincare line that was once associated with the doctor is no longer listed. We did find the items for sale on websites like HSN and Amazon.

Who is Dr. Jeanette Graf?

She is a “board-certified, clinical and research dermatologist.” Dr. Graf sells peptide-based anti-aging solutions. Some ingredients included in her formulas include hyaluronic acid, 2-propanol, hexapeptide-8, aloe vera gel, caffeine, copper peptide and lavender oil. That oil is considered an irritant, which could cause problems for people, especially if they have sensitive skin. Some formulas are free of parabens and gluten.

Quick Facts on Dr. Jeanette Graf

  • She is a licensed dermatologist.
  • Her skincare line is based on peptides.
  • Ingredients are listed on some retail websites.
  • You cannot buy directly from the official website.
  • Irritants are used in some formulas.
  • Propylparaben and methylparaben are found in some products.
  • We were unable to find ingredient lists for all formulas.
  • There are both positive and negative reviews.

What’s Our Skincare Editor’s Take on Dr. Jeanette Graf?

“We like that this line is created by a doctor, but that doesn’t mean it is effective or free from irritants,” said our Skincare Editor. “We’re a bit worried about ingredients like lavender oil and the use of parabens is a red flag for some consumers.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

Two of the more common issues that’ve come up with Dr. Jeanette Graf products are effectiveness and irritation. In both cases, there are users on either side of the fence.

Customers who saw no results said:

  • “Another anti-aging product that doesn’t live up to its claims of ‘helping to reduce the look of medium and deep wrinkles.”
  • “There has been absolutely no change whatsoever. No reductions in fine lines. No collagen increase. Nothing.”

However, an equal number appeared to like the formulas.

  • “I love this cream it makes your face soft and smooth.”
  • “I had been trying different ones along the line but i keep coming back to this.”

We also found issues with skin irritation in some cases, but not with others.

  • “The first thing I noticed is that there was a burning sensation on my face…I ignored this at first (thinking that it must mean that the product is working) Well that was a mistake! The next morning, I woke up to red blotchy skin.”
  • “Did not work well for me. Sticky and broke me out.”

To the opposite:

  • “I have very dry skin and in conjunction with Dr. Graf Collagen cleanser the brighten up is wonderful. My skin feels wonderful!”
  • “Not a big change in my skin, but it feels good.”

Have We Chosen to Give Dr. Jeanette Graf Products a Try?

We like that parabens are not used in all formulas and some users are happy with the results they achieved, but we are skeptical about recommending the line because of some significant issues. Parabens and irritants are used in some formulas, quite a few users report irritation and lack of results. These are just enough to give us pause.

What Do We Like Better Than Dr. Jeanette Graf?

We’ve reviewed hundreds of products in 2016 and the one with the best ingredients we’ve found is BioGeniste. The formula is packed with clinically proven pieces of the anti-aging puzzle. Plus, we found tons of user reviews that talk about some truly amazing results.

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